Without being blocked,Spread around,Caused the earth to shake and the mountains to shake。

“You are okay?
Do not,impossible,It is absolutely impossible。”
After the attack,A Xing was confident at first。
But who knows,Own full blow,He didn’t even touch the other party’s clothes。
“What is impossible?”
Hear this,Lin Yu showed his strength in an instant。
Feet,Also left the ground at this moment,No need to levitate in mid-air with a little bit of aura。
See this,A Xing who was arrogant before,Finally can’t show any arrogance。
Because you can float your feet without aura,Only Xuanjie masters can do it。
In other words,The one in front of you,It’s not even a Huang-level cultivation base,But a profound master。
“you,You turned out to be a master at the profound level。”
While saying this,A Xing’s face is full of fear。
Because of the self at the moment,Just an ordinary person,And the other party wants to kill himself,That is simply a breeze。
“This one is not important now,I’m just curious,Who sent you to ask for my hands?”
Lin Yu saw that the other party didn’t want to run,Not in a hurry。
A Xing who heard this,I know I don’t even say,With Lin Yu’s power,Can investigate at any time。
Frowned and thought about it,Open road:“I can tell you,Who sent me,But I have a request,Hope you don’t kill this person。
As for you to abolish this person,Whatever,Just don’t kill。”

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