“I really want to be in this power……death,That’s right the breath of death!”

http://www.sxhyxlh.cn There is actually this kind of power!”
Chen Xiu was surprised,Suddenly became alert。
A force like this with a breath of death is far stronger than ordinary laws of heaven and earth,The blessing of your own physical strength can’t completely crush him。
While Chen Xiu was shocked,Grandmaster Qingyun was also surprised:“After passing the thunder, I have rebuilt the way of killing,There are no less than a hundred people in my hands。
This kid is so domineering physical power,It’s a lot better than last time,Can withstand my blow!This kid is too talented,Can’t keep him!”
Chen Xianxian wants to attack again,Suddenly a murderous aura surged over。
This murderous spirit is mighty,Like the water in the ocean, it comes endlessly,Tightly surround Chen Xiu in one place,Cold body。
This murderous,It’s the air of killing and killing from the ancestor http://www.shenzhen-jipiao.cnQingyun!“This breath is terrible,Can actually interfere with my soul,Make me unable http://www.zgwhjl.cn to exert my strength!”
Chen Xiu dare not act rashly,Build up,Ready to take the thunderous blow from Master Qingyun and then counterattack。
“Quack quack!”
The aura of death on Patriarch Qingyun is getting stronger and stronger,Let Chen Xiu’s pressure double,Just about to give up and escape,Suddenly the skin on Patriarch Qingyun exploded like a crack,Blood seeps from it,Yelled in his heart:“not good,My body was struck by lightning,The injury is not healed,Can’t bear to use the method of killing!”
“What is this trick,Qishangquan??
Hurt yourself before hurting others?”
Chen Xiu was taken aback,But he dare not attack,With the more blood on Master Qingyun,The weaker the breath,Reacted immediately,Laughed:“The tricks used are too domineering,You can’t bear it, right?。”

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