From the afternoon to night。
I don’t know how many words I said.,How much wine is drinking?。
Even the summer gone is amazing,Some are drunk at this moment.。
The cannon and three cows are even more,Among them, I also spit several times.,Easy to be drunk。
Summer laughs,Hold one hand one hand,I walked out of the flies.,I have entered a hotel nearby,A room。
Everything is properly arranged,He left the hotel again,Enter a nearby bar。
Wine is not drinking enough,Alone。
This time,He doesn’t know how much it is.,Finally drunk。
Fall down and leave the bar,Bloody double looks at the stars of the sky,Mutter muttering in the mouth。
Cloud,Fang Dang,Hou Guangming……“My brother……”Summer soft in the street,Tears, sleep。
……At the same time。
Su Hang。
Golden house。
Although it is late,Jinjia House is still clear。
In the lobby,Figure。
Golden house owner is sitting in the master position,Although the face is with a smile,There is a smooth worry between the eyebrows.。
His eyes swept in the lobby。
Finally, look to a four-year-old man on the left side.,Then I swept the rest of the people。
They are all three people。
This team,It is the main part of the three-education law enforcement hall.,Guo Qi。
It is said to come from shape。
“Thank you for giving a face。”
Golden stone arch,“After learning this,Not far away from the night,Jinmou is here.。”
“Mr. Jin is serious。”
Middle-aged faint smile named Guo Qi,“In fact,Even with Mr. Jin’s phone notice,We will come here。”
Toned,He also,“This is the duties of my three education.,In recent years,There are always some foreign warries to come to our Huaxia provocation.,One export is not inferior to challenge,In the end, it is not to set out the tail gray.。”
“Guo Tang is the right。”
It is a old man who is in a gray rob.,Being white,Looks like a fairy style。

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