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Female summer health is expensive in the Qing dynasty

Female summer health is expensive in the Qing dynasty


Female summer health is expensive in the Qing dynasty

Health care system is a systematic project because of people’s health from time to time. It is also a long-term process. Through the principle of dialectic due to people’s time and place, the best health goal can be achieved.

Professor Ma Lieguang from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that health care is an alternative to health care, diet, and physical health. Because people vary from place to place, through long-term exercise and practice, they can maintain their body, reduce disease and enhance their health.Health and longevity technology and methodologies.

In general, different people, different seasons, different places, and health are different.

Summer health should generally pay attention to the spirit, diet, and living.

Spiritual care in the hot summer, to be refreshed, happy and happy, broad-minded, so that the mind is raised.

Therefore, you should take part in some cultural activities, travel, summer and summer, so that people can feel good and exercise.

In the hot summer, you should sleep late and get up early, adapt to nature and maintain yang.

Due to the high temperature in summer and the reduced sleep time at night, it is necessary to take a proper nap to maintain sufficient energy.

In summer, people’s digestive function is weak, and food should be taken care of in heat and heat, spleen and qi.

Therefore, the diet should be light and refreshing, less greasy and digestible food.

Summer heat, because of sweating, often feel thirsty, appropriate use of cold drinks, can help the body to emit transformation, add water, salt and vitamins, help to clear the heat.

However, eating cold drinks can cause cold in vitro and can cause diseases.

Especially for the elderly, the spleen and stomach are weak, and more attention should be paid to the maintenance of rehabilitation.

銆€銆€Modern science has found that the body’s metabolism is very strong in the summer.

Chinese medicine also believes that summer yang is outdated, and blood and blood operations are correspondingly vigorous, and active on the surface of the body.

Then the pores of the skin are excreted, the sweat is discharged, and the body temperature is adjusted by sweating to adapt to the hot climate.

People in the hot summer are prone to general malaise, loss of appetite, sweating, dizziness, upset, drowsiness and other symptoms, even by heatstroke, diarrhea and other diseases.

Therefore, summer health has become a topic of great concern to people, so how to maintain health in summer?

銆€銆€Summer chat health is expensive in the spirit of God and according to Professor Ma, summer health, the overall program is a “clear” word.

This clear word contains three meanings: the meaning is that the mind must be clear, that is, the spirit must be quiet.

Summer is hot and hot, and the body is prone to sultry and sleepy irritability.

Therefore, we must first calm down our thoughts, be refreshed, avoid temper and temper, avoid the heat caused by dryness, and prevent the heart from being endogenous, calm and natural.

Such a person is not easy to get angry and his mind is clear.

銆€銆€The second is to clear the heat, this refers to diet and drugs.

Summer diet should be light and soft, easy to digest, eat less high-fat and spicy and spicy.

A light diet can clear the heat, prevent heat, converge sweat, replenish fluid, and increase appetite.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to meet the nutrients needed and prevent heat stroke.

The staple food is rare, such as mung bean porridge, lotus porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on.

Drink some refreshing drinks thoroughly, such as sour plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc.

However, cold drinks should be moderate, and you should not be biased towards cold and cold products, otherwise you will hurt the body and damage your body.

If there is heat in the body, you can also take some medicines for clearing away heat and heat, such as sangju drink, Xuanmai Gantang granules and other proprietary Chinese medicines.

銆€銆€The third is to cool, this refers to the wearing and living environment.

Don’t wear too thick in summer, many young people like to wear denim, and summer is not suitable for wearing this kind of clothing.

The color of the clothes should be light-colored as much as possible so that it can absorb less heat.

The fabric of the clothes should be cotton and linen as much as possible, so that it is easy to absorb sweat and breath.

The room should be cool, and the indoor temperature should be low in the morning and evening. The doors and windows should be opened and the air should be ventilated.

The maximum temperature at noon is higher than indoors, and the doors and windows should be closed and the curtains should be pulled.

The shady environment tends to calm people.Take a walk to avoid long distances and should be close to you.

In the morning, the first light, the air is fresh, you can walk to the lush gardens, and vomit the new.

In the evening, you can stroll along the banks of the river. The cool breeze points to your heart and calms down, and the heat is relieved.

銆€銆€Modern science has found that the body’s metabolism is very strong in the summer.
Chinese medicine also believes that summer yang is outdated, and blood and blood operations are correspondingly vigorous, and active on the surface of the body.

Then the pores of the skin are excreted, the sweat is discharged, and the body temperature is adjusted by sweating to adapt to the hot climate.
People in the hot summer are prone to general malaise, loss of appetite, sweating, dizziness, upset, drowsiness and other symptoms, even by heatstroke, diarrhea and other diseases.

Therefore, summer health has become a topic of great concern to people, so how to maintain health in summer?
銆€銆€There are many ways to maintain a healthy way to drink sour plum soup and swim in the summer. Everyone can choose according to their own hobbies and characteristics.

Professor Ma in his many summer regimens, the most recommended is to drink sour plum soup on the diet, swimming more in sports.

鈥?Among the many summer foods, my favorite is the sour plum soup.

Acidic foods can appetite and increase appetite, just to solve the problem of poor appetite in summer.

At the same time, it can also gather the sweat and soothe the nerves to prevent the danger of human body collapse caused by sweat.

銆€銆€In summer, many people are prone to irritability and temper. These are caused by liver gas.

Chinese medicine believes that the acid performance of liver and liver protection can solve this problem well.

Professor Ma’s thesis, 鈥淭he summer climate is hot and it is penetrating the human body. If you exercise in the sun for a long time, it may cause heat stroke.

Therefore, it is best to exercise and choose the right item to exercise when the weather is cool in the morning or evening. Swimming is a good project.

Swimming can directly cool off the heat, make people refreshed, and no amount of exercise will have the risk of heatstroke.

銆€銆€Swimming can clean and massage the skin well. The skin is an important organ that regulates the body’s temperature. The pores are smooth and healthy skin is an important guarantee for summer health.

Professor Ma said that there are many ways to maintain health. Maybe not everyone is suitable for drinking sour plum soup and swimming, but everyone can find one or two methods they like best.

The best way is to suit your own method and find a suitable method for your health that will be used for life.

Can 70-year-olds also lose weight and lose weight?

Can 70-year-olds also lose weight and lose weight?


Can 70-year-olds also lose weight and lose weight?

Amy is not a unique patent for young people. The old man also has a mentality of seeking beauty. Recently, a pair of seven-day sisters spent too much sarcasm because of too much physical body, and long-term plans to go to the plastic surgery hospital to do fat-slimming, butCan they really fulfill their wish?

Plastic surgeons will give them some weight loss advice?

I will tell you the answer at the beginning.

銆€銆€The two old people are sisters of rehabilitation, surnamed Yang, both 70 years old.

Every morning, they will meet in the morning exercise, but the body shape that makes them happy makes them feel “powerless”, and the coach often criticizes that they are not beautiful.

In the past few days, the three daughters of the boss Yang Qiong (pseudonym) have been fat-skinned in the beauty salon. Yang Qiong looked in his eyes and remembered it. He gradually moved his thoughts.

銆€銆€Not long ago, Yang Qiong told his sister Yang Wen (a pseudonym), and the two old ladies hit it off.

銆€銆€In a few days, it is the 70th birthday of the two old people, and their beauty plans have received full support from their families.

When the reporter saw two old people in the hospital, they were dressed casually and asked around the doctor. In addition to slimming, they also wanted to carry out multiple face-lifting and other cosmetic procedures.

Yang Qiong said: “I really want to go down and let the old sisters see me.”

Plastic surgery experts reminded: fat-soluble slimming is suitable for people aged 20-50, the elderly should not be used.

It is recommended that the two should eat properly and exercise properly.

He was 117 years old and boarded the CCTV program, and realized the secret of longevity from the Three Character Classics.

He was 117 years old and boarded the CCTV program, and realized the secret of longevity from the Three Character Classics.


He was 117 years old and boarded the CCTV program, and realized the secret of longevity from the “Three Character Classics”.

On the evening of March 30, in the sixth episode of CCTV’s “Classic Celebrity” second season, Zhang Xueli, a 117-year-old man from Pingdingshan, and the juvenile chorus “San Zi Jing”, gathered after six years of 00 years and the old grandfatherA leader revisited the Enlightenment classic.

Zhang Xueli had a special liking for the “Three Character Classics”. When he was a child, he went to school privately. He learned “Four Books” and “Five Classics”. Although many things can’t be remembered now, they can still fully recite the “Three Character Classics”.

From January 3 to 5, 2019, the Health and Longevity Branch of the Chinese Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics conducted an on-the-spot investigation. The elderly Zhang Xueli is a rare old man over the age of 110 in Syria. He is the most healthy elderly in China.

Talking about the longevity experience, Zhang Xueli said that he would also like to thank the “Three Character Classics” because he was born in accordance with the “Three Character Classics”.

Helpful, have a good attitude in the eyes of neighbors, Zhang Xueli is helpful, good and good, not reddened with anyone; in the eyes of children, my father has a good attitude and good temper.

[Health Summary]As the saying goes, “Laughter smiles for ten years, and stunned.”

An optimistic person always smiles and is full of confidence and hope in life.

A study completed by Dr. Neil Bazley of Ye Shiva University and his colleagues found that although the centenarians have different lives, they are full of confidence, optimism and positive attitude towards life.

Self-discipline of life, during the daytime nap life, Zhang Xueli has been very self-disciplined: get up at around 7 am every morning, drink a cup of tea immediately, three meals a day is normal.

Take a nap in the morning and afternoon.

[Health Summary]A 15-year follow-up study by Swedish researchers found that sleeping too long or too short increases the risk of premature death.

The results of the study showed that those who slept for 7 hours lived longer than those who slept more than 8 hours and sleep 6 hours.

One of the researchers, sleep and stress specialist Torbj?rn Oksett, reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology that those who cannot guarantee a 7-hour sleep every day may face a slightly higher risk of premature death.

I like to be busy, love labor Zhang Xueli loves labor, and I don’t do heavy physical work when I am nearly a hundred years old.

He likes to be busy. In the early years, he often went to teahouses near his home to drink tea. Later, he was inconvenient to move, and the son-in-law took him to the teahouse with a tricycle to talk with the acquaintances.

[Health Summary]Researchers at the National Institute on Ageing in Bethesda, Maryland, conducted a survey of 302 elderly people between the ages of 70 and 82.

After 6 years of follow-up investigation, 18.2% of the elderly have passed away.

Among them, the mortality rate of elderly people who love activities is 12.1%, and the mortality rate of the oldest people who do not like sports is 24.7%.

The analysis also shows that the more exercise, the more energy is consumed, the more beneficial it is to the elderly with a variety of diseases.

Exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and death.

Extended reading: Millennium County, the hometown of China’s longevity, Jixian County, Jixian County has a long history of human history, and Fushou has a profound cultural heritage. It is known as the “Hometown of Longevity in China” and has been selected as “the Millennium County” and “National Top 100 Rural Tourism Destinations”.””.
Yangshao Culture, Longshan Culture and Sansu Culture have a strong cultural atmosphere and good cultural resources.

There are 67 elderly people over the age of 90 in Jixian County, and 256 elderly people over 80 years old. Many senior citizens are infiltrated in the deep classic culture. They write their own history with kindness and optimism, and show the elegance of China’s longevity old people.


Should not be late

Should not be late


Should not be late

The purpose of TCM nutrition and health care is not simply to cure diseases, no disease prevention.

To a deeper level, it is to use the natural diet to keep the human body in an optimal state or even in an abnormal state.

He believes that the two characteristics of food performance supplement and diarrhea can best reflect the main theme of Chinese medicine nutrition.

He said that the food supplements qi, nourish blood, fill the essence; diarrhea is to solve the table, under the fire, to poison.

He has developed thousands of Chinese health foods (shou shou) and health food (medicine) recipes.

The medicated diet introduced by Mr. Weng’s drug metabolism spectrum is not a food containing food, but a drug-like effect on natural foods, which is harmless to the human body.

Medicine, diet and food, reflecting the expected structure, a fundamental change in eating habits.

In the past, it only pays attention to color, taste, fragrance, and shape. This is not comprehensive, but also adds “quality”. This quality is nutritious and has health effects.

銆€銆€Professor Weng Weijian’s military health work for 20 years, from the “eat, pull, sleep, urine, line”, summed up a set of health experience: “To longevity, the stomach is clear; not partial eclipse, not eccentric, eat omnivorous.”

Eat more than 30 kinds of foods every day, and eat breakfast carefully; have enough stool every day, preferably 2 times, eat as much fiber as possible, and moreDrink boiled water, drink at least 8 cups of ordinary water every day; the elderly go to bed early and get up early, sleep time is zero, should go with the flow, sleep can sleep at any time; the moment of urine must bite the teeth, do not speakIt can make the teeth strong. Once long-term persistence, other diseases such as poor urination will recover or even disappear. People have old feet and more than 20 acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. It is a good way to walk for 1 hour every day.

Regardless of the season, you must insist on hot water for 15 minutes before going to bed. You can break one or two Chinese medicine rhubarb and wrap it in gauze. After cooking for 15 minutes, wash your feet with this water. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, blood circulation and phlegm.effect.
銆€銆€He also said: Health should not be late.

Health education is not an old age.

People’s aging has already begun before the arrival of old age, and health and longevity activities should be carried out in many aspects of life as early as possible.

In the health and longevity activities, dietary factors play an important part, which can be said to be the material basis of human beings.

The weather is getting colder and cooler, soaking the lungs and preventing autumn dryness. Please eat like this.

The weather is getting colder and cooler, soaking the lungs and preventing autumn dryness. Please eat like this.


The weather is getting colder and cooler, soaking the lungs and preventing autumn dryness. Please eat like this.

How to maintain health 1 spleen, heat, dampness to eat more vegetables and fruits, drink boiled water, eat some foods with spleen, heat, dampness, such as yam, melon, cucumber, spinach, medlar, fresh lotus seedsWait.

Generally greasy, fried, spicy food, and sticky and fatty things, all belong to hot and cold flakes.

If the seaweed is eaten unrestrained, the food in the stomach cannot be treated in time, and there will be hot and humid expressions such as heavy breath and sore throat.

After dampness and heat, you should cure the disease through spleen, and you can eat longan with porridge to supplement and transform.

Longan is warm, beneficial to the spleen, qi and blood, nourishing the role of nourishing.

The way to eat is to peel a bowl of longan, eat together with porridge.

2 three changes coincident with the autumn of events?


Eat stomach foods in the fall, high levels of digestive tract diseases, repeated eating fat and thick food will give the fragile stomach “to add to the snow.”

You may wish to eat more stomach foods such as pumpkin, millet, cabbage, papaya and so on.

Yoghurt, soybean meal and other fermented foods are nutritious and easy to digest, and are also suitable for consumption at this time.



Using potato instead of some white rice noodles to supplement B vitamins and potassium, magnesium and other minerals, supplemented fiber is also rich, and studies have shown that they as a staple food is conducive to the prevention of chronic diseases such as hypertension.

Autumn is the peak season for potato production. It can be replaced with yam, taro, bean, sweet potato, etc.



Eat a small amount of nuts every day, saying, “Spring to eat buds, summer to eat melons, autumn to eat fruit, winter to eat roots.

“Autumn is also a good time to eat peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and other nuts.

Eat often can care for heart health, get vitamin E and a variety of trace elements.

However, after the fall, the climate will increase dryness. It will be uncomfortable to eat more fried nuts. It is recommended to choose the original raw food, spiced or slightly roasted.

3, go to bed early, get up early, get more and more lazy, and the autumn is getting thicker. The metabolism of the human body is slower and slower. The body begins to enter the rest stage, and often feels sleepy, which is 鈥渁utumn lacking鈥?

Relieve the “autumn lack”, in addition to ensuring adequate sleep, go to bed early and get up early, but also start from diet conditioning.

Eat less greasy meat, eat more tomatoes, grapes, pears and other oxides and vitamins.

Usually more stretched, but also the effect of solving the lack of autumn.

Stretching can increase the compression of the heart and lungs, promote blood pumping, and increase oxygen supply throughout the body.

At the summer, you can choose jogging, mountain climbing, walking, tai chi and other sports, which can consume excess water in the body and excrete excess water to achieve the purpose of heat and dehumidification.

4 Press the 鎻?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?鍔?

It is recommended to press 鎻?or toggle twice a day, each time over 36.

2 The calf’s Chengshan point, located at the tip of the toe, the sharp corner depression of the back muscle of the lower leg, can support the wall with one hand, slender one leg, kick the Chengshan point with the foot of the other leg, each time 5?
10 minutes.

The middle hole of the 3 knees is located at the center point of the leg, once it is swung or beated more than 36 times.

What to eat at the summer 1 solution to the lack of heart – Lily Tremella porridge ingredients: white fungus, lily, rice, rock sugar.

Practice: Tremella 10g, lily 50g, rice 100g, crystal sugar, porridge can be.

Efficacy: Lily: Qingxin Runfei, nourishing Yin and Ningshen, can relieve heart palpitations, irritability and insomnia.

Tremella: sweet and light, flat, return to the lungs, stomach, have the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach and promoting fluid, and eating together just against the autumn lack of good.

2 绁?鎶?鎶?鎶?- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?闈?

Ingredients: 1 tofu, 3 green peppers, 10 grams of coriander, sesame oil, salt, MSG.
Practice: tofu tofu with boiling water, remove and let cool, cut small pieces; green pepper with boiling water, chopped, parsley, minced; tofu, green pepper, parsley and sesame oil, salt, MSG, etc. can be evenly mixed.
Efficacy: Yiqi wide, Shengjin Runzao, Qingrejiedu, especially suitable for people with loss of appetite.

3 Runfei spleen – Lily duck raw materials: duck, a small amount of lily, sturdy style, 8 slices of ginger, salt added according to personal taste.

Practice: Wash the lily and scorpion, cut the slaughtered duck, and pick it up; pour the water into the stew and boil it, put all the ingredients; stew for two hours, season with salt and finish.

Efficacy: Lily: sweet and bitter, clearing the fire and moistening the lungs, clearing the heart and soothe the nerves, but also have a certain effect on the various diseases caused by the dry climate in autumn; duck meat: can nourish the filth of the five internal organs, clear and laborHeat, but also both blood and water, nourishing the stomach and sputum, cough and other effects; Lily stewed duck, mellow and moist, but also clear the body, very convenient to eat at this time.

“How about circle friends, light and delicious summer health food, have you learned?”

Hurry to learn to show your hand?
What other things should be noted in the small compilation?
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Oral ulcer C is good?

Oral ulcer C is good?


You must not know these.

Oral ulcer C is good?
You must not know these.

Every time a mouth ulcer is bleeding, I can’t help but lick it with my tongue.

Oral ulcers, how much torture?

How hard is it to repeat oral ulcers?

It hurts to doubt life and hurts to greet the whole world.

1, there is a kind of pain, called the mouth ulcer pain is serious, basically can not eat well, talk, drink a water all pain for a long time.

Most hate to grow on the tip of the tongue!

Saying. talking. is unfavorable.

My mouth ulcers and big aunt are good Jiyou, come together every month, 555. a few long ones, with intensive phobias.

. (It hurts to say no words, the mouth is no longer in the service area) Who are we?

Oral ulcers!

What are we going to do?

Do things!

When did you get it?

depend on mood!

2, Heaven, looking for me for oral ulcers?

Here mainly discusses recurrent oral ulcers, called 鈥渕outh sores鈥?by the people, and medically called 鈥渞ecurrent aphthous ulcers鈥?

The etiology and pathogenesis of this oral ulcer have not yet been clarified. At present, it is believed that it may be affected by the following factors: immune factors: To put it bluntly, your immunity is not strong enough; genetic factors: ancestral, hiding and hidingSystemic disease factors: diabetic gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, hepatobiliary disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, diabetes, etc. may have mouth sores; environmental factors: imbalance of diet leads to lack of vitamins and trace elements; stay up all night, nervous, stress; endocrine effects: elevated levels of progesterone in the body, decreased estrogen levels, manifested as oral ulcers are always synchronized with the big aunt God.

There is also a kind of herpes-like aphthous ulcer, which can reach dozens. It is simply “like a spring breeze, thousands of trees and pears bloom”, the pain is heavier, the saliva secretion is increased, and it can be accompanied by headache, low fever, general malaise, etc.Symptoms are also good abuse.

Can you avoid mouth ulcers?

Getting a mouth ulcer should be a necessary survival skill for every food.

When you come up, use watermelon cream, vitamins, ulcers, and use it?

not necessarily.

1, a lot of remedies, do you want to be a mouse?

Spray watermelon cream, gargle with salt water, apply white sugar to the mouth ulcers, eat a few kiwis, grind the vitamin B2 and apply it to the wound. These remedies have no effect, it doesn’t matter if you use it on your body, or you have to look at it.Specific causes of the disease, they are not necessarily a cure.

2 chestnuts: vitamin C supplement, vitamin B2: generally antibacterial disinfection, sedative, enhance immunity, inhibit bacterial growth; eat vegetables, fruits, may also cause oral ulcers: diet is not equal to a balanced diet, nutrient deficiency may alsoCauses oral ulcers.

Therefore, the key is to ask the doctor to determine the cause of the lower mouth ulcer, and do less useless work.

2. Is there any distance therapy?


The current thinking is mostly around calming and pain relief; because the cause is not clear, the clinical effect varies from person to person: anti-inflammatory: mouthwash, watermelon cream, diatom iodine (Huasu tablets); painkillers: gargle,Compound benzocaine gel, etc., can quickly anesthetize pain, pain is unbearable or affect the appropriate amount when eating; severe oral ulcers, can be used properly.

If the ulcer surface is yellow and you wake up, you can try watermelon cream. However, if the ulcer surface is light red or white and lasts for more than ten days, it is not recommended to use watermelon cream.

3, repeated oral ulcers, it is recommended to see a doctor to find out that it is just a small disease.

Repeated oral ulcers may also be associated with other diseases. In severe cases, be alert to Behcet’s disease and oral cancer; ask your doctor to find out more peace of mind.

Seeing if I want to cry here, it seems that there is no universal cure. I have to worry about other ills. Xiao Bian is also desperate!

What should I pay attention to during oral ulcers?

Try to get along with it peacefully.

Didn’t die, didn’t die, have you gotten rid of it?What to eat to pull black?

Spicy and heavy spicy, stringy, sour and fruity, it is best to eat less.

Unless you are shaking M, otherwise it is so refreshing.

Grinding powdery foods, smashed cereals, minced bread, sticky soymilk, etc., also try to avoid opening, so as not to cause bacteria on the wounds and gargle in time, affecting healing.

Of course, if you have to take a mouth ulcer and chin acne, and put a sizzling hot stomach to poison the poison, then Xiaobian about tonight you are allergic.

PS: There is a kind of oral ulcer gel. If you wipe it, you can eat hot pot.

Xiaobian will help you here, remember to read the instructions before use.

2. Can these things be done?

1 shared tableware?

During oral ulcers, it is recommended to try to divide the meal as much as possible, and reduce the risk of infecting individual infectious diseases to zero.

2 Does cleaning your teeth have an effect?

It is recommended to wash your teeth after healing to prevent intrusion or infection.

In particular, it is not recommended to perform sandblasting and cleaning. Sandblasting will stimulate the ulcer surface and is not conducive to the healing of ulcers.

3 kissing?

Will it infect oral ulcers?

Oral ulcers themselves are not contagious, but wet kisses may increase the risk of contracting individual infectious diseases, some certain sexually transmitted diseases.

What should I do if I suffer from dysmenorrhea during the oral ulcer and the pain of the three-in-one hemorrhoids?

Eat healthy beans in the summer, 6 kinds of beans help you spleen, dampness, humidity, cool summer

Eat healthy beans in the summer, 6 kinds of beans help you spleen, dampness, humidity, cool summer


Eat healthy beans in the summer, 6 kinds of beans help you spleen, dampness, humidity, cool summer

In the hot summer, do you feel that the spleen and stomach are uncomfortable and have no appetite?

Don’t be embarrassed, Xiaobian recommends that everyone eat beans for summer, the following six kinds of beans have their own merits.

Take a look at it, there are 6 kinds of beans that can help us to get healthy and healthy.

. Summer 6 kinds of beans each have extra long green beans, clear heat and heat mung bean taste sweet, cold, can clear away heat, relieve swelling and ventilation.

Mung bean skin contains a large number of antioxidant components, such as flavonoids, tannins, saponins, etc.; mung beans also have alkaloids, soy sterols and a large number of filled fibers.

銆€銆€Therefore, mung beans are especially suitable for summer consumption, you can cook soup or porridge, you can also put in the green bean paste ice town; mung bean lotus leaf porridge or heat sore, go red and swollen, stop the scorpion.

銆€銆€Red bean, potassium supplementation study shows that red beans supplement dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, B vitamins and other nutrients, especially to supplement potassium lost in summer sweating, people with poor heart and kidney function are especially suitable for eating red beans.

Chinese medicine believes that red beans can clear away heat and detoxification, spleen and stomach, diuretic swelling, ventilation and trouble-free effect, which is conducive to summer edema.

And the relatives of red beans – red bean, diuretic swelling, detoxification and drainage effect is stronger.

銆€銆€First of all, red bean soup, porridge seasoning, can also be cooked with mung beans.

Red beans can also be cooked with rice to cook red bean rice, which can increase the intake of coarse grains.

In the middle of summer, the temperature gradually rises, mainly to the spleen, suitable for eating red beans, red kidney beans.

銆€銆€Edamame, relieve fatigue In the summer, the northern food stalls are indispensable for peanuts and edamame.

Soybean pigment plant protein, B vitamins, phytic acid, low decomposition and trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, iron, etc., and high fiber content.

It helps control blood sugar and blood lipids, relieves fatigue in summer, replenishes strength, and prevents anemia.

銆€銆€The edamame is boiled with pepper, aniseed and other seasonings. It tastes delicious and is a good appetizer.

But be careful, don’t cook too much at a time, so as not to deteriorate, the boiled edamame that can’t be eaten should be put into the refrigerator in time; eat edamame in the food stalls to pay attention to whether it is fresh and has no smell.

銆€銆€Peas, to improve the mood of summer sweating, the body’s B-vitamin loss is accelerated, the boots are upset, the mood is not good, and the peas can become the summer’s “happy beans.”

People in the summer are prone to spleen and stomach dysfunction, loss of appetite, diarrhea.

Chinese medicine believes that peas return to the spleen, stomach, with diarrhea, phlegm, spleen and stomach and other therapeutic effects.

銆€銆€It is recommended that peas should be eaten with foods with higher calcium content. Some mushrooms are fried with peas, peas and mushrooms are fried, and peas and beef are good.

銆€銆€Broad bean, Yiqi Jiannao summer is the time when broad bean is marketed. It not only supplements protein, dietary fiber, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, B vitamins, carotene and other nutrients, but also contains phospholipids and choline, which has certain memory andBrain function.

Broad beans can be used for stir-fry, boiled soup with eggs, porridge and so on.

銆€銆€Lentils, spleen and dampness lentils spleen and dampness, nourishing the stomach, can detoxify, eliminate edema, just “symptoms” under the eyes of high temperature, heavy weather.

Lentils are also the “big family” of precipitated fibers. Modern people who eat more white rice noodles usually have symptoms of constipation and do not prevent proper eating of some lentils.

銆€銆€Lentil noodles, dried lentils, and lentils are good gradients.

It should be noted that if the lentils are not cooked properly, it is easy to be poisoned by food. Everyone should cook for a while.

Chinese medicine prescription for treating folliculitis

Chinese medicine prescription for treating folliculitis


Chinese medicine prescription for treating folliculitis

Chinese medicine prescription (a)[name]hair follicle prescription one.

銆€銆€[composition]even 6 grams of astragalus 10 grams of Danpi 10 grams of red peony 10 grams of silver flower 10 grams of sputum 10 grams of forsythia 10 grams of three needles 15 grams of raw licorice 6 grams.

銆€銆€[Usage]Soak the appropriate amount of medicinal water for 30 minutes, then decoct for 30 minutes, and fry twice for each dose.

1 dose per day, 1 time each morning and evening.

銆€銆€[娌绘不]Clearing heat and detoxification.

銆€銆€[Indications]Sitting on the board sores, hair sores.

銆€銆€[Addition and subtraction]hair sore plus schizonepeta 10 grams, 5 grams of platycodon; seat plate sores plus achyranthes, sputum each 10 grams; stool dry plus rhubarb (after 10 grams).

銆€銆€[Source]Chinese medicine prescription Daquan.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine prescription (two)[name]hair follitis prescription two.

銆€銆€[Composition]Silver flower 18 grams of forsythia 15 grams of Atractylodes 18 grams of Cork 18 grams of the end of 9 grams of red peony 9 grams of piglets 9 grams of Yin Chen 30 grams of psyllium 9 grams.

銆€銆€[Usage]Decoction for temperature, serving in divided doses.

銆€銆€銆怣ethod銆?Clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

銆€銆€[Indications]hair sores, sputum, sitting on the board sores.

銆€銆€[Addition and subtraction]addicted to the heat of the dig, wild chrysanthemum, Chuanjun, bandit, scutellaria, scorpion; wet Sheng add glutinous rice, Liuyi San, Yunxiao, Atractylodes, Sophora flavescens, anti-self;Kagawa scorpion, frankincense, myrrh, safflower, Chuanxiong, Danshen.

At the same time, according to the local condition, surgical incision or external application of drugs.

銆€銆€[Source]Chinese medicine prescription Daquan

Four reasons for inducing snoring mastermind

Four reasons for inducing snoring mastermind

Four reasons for inducing snoring “mastermind”

Four reasons to induce snoring “mastermind” Medical snoring is called sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome, it is a ubiquitous sleep phenomenon, and some people see snoring as a performance of sleep.
In fact, snoring is a big enemy of health. Because of snoring, sleep breathing is repeatedly suspended, and you can’t be awakened by yourself. In the process of breathing, the vital organs such as the heart and brain are deprived of oxygen, which causes death.
So what is the reason for the occurrence of snoring?
鑲ヨ儢 鑲ヨ儢鑰呮湁澶ч噺鑴傝偑鍦ㄤ綋鍐呮矇绉紝鐗瑰埆鏄潰閮ㄣ€侀閮ㄧ瓑灞€閮ㄨ剛鑲殑娌夌Н锛屽湪澶栬〃涓婄湅鏄弻涓嬪反鐨勭壒寰侊紝浣嗗叾浣撳唴鐨勮蒋鑵拰鍜藉枆澹佷笂闄勭潃澶ч噺鐨勮剛鑲紝瀵艰嚧涓婂懠鍚搁亾鍙榥arrow.
The chief otolaryngologist of the hospital said that the tongue hypertrophy will also block the gas passage of the throat. The person with short neck and neck also has a lot of fat around the respiratory tract, which affects the airflow and creates friction to form a snoring sound.
It can be seen that obesity is one of the important causes of snoring and sleep apnea.
Family inheritance Studies from Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the United Kingdom, and Israel have found significant family aggregation in both snoring and sleep apnea.
If a person has an immediate family member who is snoring, the risk of snoring increases by a factor of three; and when his parents have time, the risk of snoring increases by a factor of four.
Incentive 3.
Systemic diseases Systemic diseases are an important aspect of the cause of snoring.
According to doctors, acromegaly causes enlargement of the tongue, mucinous edema caused by hypothyroidism, chronic lymphocytic leukasytic angina, endocrine disorders after menopause, and obesity are all likely to cause snoring.
Incentive 4.
Smoking and drinking The more you smoke, the easier it is to snoring.
Even non-smokers are prone to snoring if they have passive smoking in their home or work environment. Nearly 20% of this type of person.
The incidence of snoring among drinkers is higher than that of non-drinkers, while those who drink regularly are more obvious, and heavy drinking is harmful to sleep breathing health. Alcohol has a direct inhibitory effect on muscles, which further reduces muscle tension and further moves the tongue backwards.The narrowing of the upper airway is more obvious, which induces snoring and sleep apnea.

Understand the 22 aging time points in your life

Understand the 22 aging time points in your life

Lead: Time flies, the years are easy to die.

Even if the beauty method is advanced, it will not resist the laws of nature.

There are 22 key points in aging time in people’s lives. Making small changes in life can keep you away from aging and disease.

First, 8 years old determines female fertility.

At this time, the hormone secretion and the level of progesterone increase, and her life has an impact. Therefore, to avoid the sports of the retina, the diet must keep up.

Second, 10-year-old women sprouted in adolescence.

40% of the bones are formed at the speed of the sprint at this time, and it is critical to replace enough calcium.

Eat more dairy products, exercise more, avoid too much.

Third, the 17-year-old wisdom tooth development.

Oral diseases occur, use mouthwash or light salt water to irrigate, relieve inflammation and analgesia, if necessary, use paracetamol and aspirin.

Four, 25-year-old bone development peaks.

To get enough calcium and vitamin D, in general, drink a bottle of milk or yogurt every day, and get more sun-dried vitamin D.

Five, 28-year-old men began to lose hair.

The change in the level of lactic acid pill hormone is the initial stage of hair follicle atrophy. Please pay attention to the protein intake in breakfast. Eating more eggs and lean meat can delay the shrinkage of hair follicles.

At the age of 30 and 30, the metabolic capacity declines and begins to gain weight.

A 200-calorie transient is consumed every day to prevent the body from going out of shape.

The best birth age for women aged seven or 34.

At this time, fertility can make the mother and the baby more healthy, and the mother is pregnant.

Taking folic acid every day is good for maternal and child health.

Eight, 35-year-old white hair began to appear.

This is caused by the inactivity of melanocytes in hair follicles. Taking B vitamins can delay the formation of white hair and also relieve mental stress.

Nine, 40-year-old male fertility declines.

Regardless of whether the mother is young or not, the babies who are pregnant at this time will have increased complications.

Keeping the retina pills at a higher temperature is the key to improving sperm survival.

More intake of zinc carbonate, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E foods can improve sperm motility.

Ten, 41 years old osteoporosis toxicity began to appear.

Strengthen your exercise and do aerobic exercise every week, such as dancing, running, etc., go four or five times.

Eleven, 42-year-old brain enters middle age, and brain cells lose 10,000 every day.

As the ability to circulate declines, oxygen supply to the brain decreases and memory is affected.

Regular reading, playing chess, and playing instruments can help us keep our minds sharp.

Twelve, 46 years old began to appear symptoms of presbyopia.

This is caused by a decrease in the eye’s ability to focus. Although presbyopia can’t resist, smoking cessation can avoid further problems, especially cataracts.

Thirteen, at the age of 50, Parkinson’s disease began to appear.

Eat more vitamin E foods such as olive oil, melon seeds and almonds.

Fourteen, 51 years old is the average age of female menopause.

Change the habit of drinking coffee, change into tea or fruit tea, and take more calcium.

Fifteen and 59 years old are vulnerable to skin diseases.

Avoid skin exposure in the sun, and use low-cost sunscreen in winter.Sixteen, 60 years old cataract problems are outstanding.

Eat more lentils, bean sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, kiwi, honeydew and other foods, pay attention to eye abnormalities.

Seventeen and 63 years old are the average age of female ovarian cancer.

It is best to eat more broccoli.

The protein contained in the cruciferous vegetables has an inhibitory effect on ovarian nanotubes.

Eighteen, 68 years old is the average age of joint replacement surgery.

Controlling weight, excessive weight will increase joint burden and cause osteoarthritis.

Nineteen, 70 years old is the average age of British bowel cancer.

Eat more blueberries, or other high-fiber foods to prevent cancer.

Most people in the 20th and 75th years will have high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can induce high blood pressure and stroke, and blood pressure should be checked regularly.

Twenty-one, 76 years old is the average life expectancy of British men.

Lowering the amount of food can continue to live, and can also reduce the incidence of diseases including cancer.

Twenty-two, 81 years old is the average life expectancy of British women.

Moderate diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat fish moderately, use olive oil, and moderately put in wine.

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