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Computer Family Judicial Computer Disease Should Follow Three Principles

Computer Family Judicial Computer Disease Should Follow Three Principles

Computer Family Judicial Computer Disease Should Follow Three Principles

Computer is almost something that cannot be shared in modern people’s life, but it brings convenience to people and also brings many diseases and hidden dangers due to improper operation and other reasons.

  Long-term irregular use of the computer will cause eye diseases, which are mainly blurred vision, burning, photophobia, diplopia, itching, foreign body sensation, decreased vision, cloudy crystals, etc., and some are accompanied by dizziness, headache and other symptoms, And even induce some other eye diseases, such as glaucoma.

Therefore, people who often operate computers should pay attention to eye health.


Avoid operating the computer continuously and pay attention to the rest.

Usually continuous operation for 1 hour, rest 5?
10 minutes.

Look at the distance or do eye exercises during breaks.


Maintain good working posture.

Maintaining the most appropriate posture, with both eyes looking up or looking down at the phosphor screen, can ease the muscles and minimize the displacement of the eyeballs exposed to the air.


Maintain proper working distance.

The distance between the eyes and the computer screen should be more than 60 cm.

Seven myths about nursing a newborn baby

Seven myths about nursing a newborn baby

Seven myths about nursing a newborn baby

Misunderstanding 1: Wipe the oral cavity with gauze after feeding. Newborn babies often have milk clumps in their mouth and jaw after feeding or overflowing.

Some new moms like to wipe with gauze dipped in water. This is wrong, because rough gauze may damage the baby’s immature oral mucosa and cause oral infection.

  Correct way: Give your baby some warm water after feeding, the milk will be washed away by the water.

  Misunderstanding 2: Less hair washing and less replacement Some parents are afraid of changing their baby’s hair and try to wash their baby’s hair as little as possible.

In fact, when you shampoo, all the aging hair that is in the replacement stage will be removed, and it will fall off without washing.

However, if the hair is not shampooed for a long time, the oil and sweat irritating the hair follicles of the baby’s scalp will cause secondary infection, which will affect the baby’s hair growth.

  Correct way: wash 1 every day in summer?
2 times hair, every other season 2?
Wash once every 3 days.

When shampooing, use baby shampoo on baby’s hair, and gently rub the baby’s scalp with the palm to promote blood circulation.

  Misunderstanding 3: The baby is fastened with a quilt for the winter. Parents are afraid that the newborn baby will be cold. They often like to wrap the baby with a quilt, and then use a cloth tape to tie the baby firmly.The area has a “candle bag” statement that the baby can sleep well).

  This is actually harmful to newborn babies.

This restricts the baby’s abdominal movement, affects lung function, and is prone to lung infections.

Second, it compresses the baby’s abdomen, affects gastrointestinal motility, and reduces digestive function.

Third, the baby’s limbs are restricted in movement, which is not conducive to the development of limbs and muscles, which delays the development of movements.

  The correct way: You can use a sleeping bag for your baby in the evening. It is advisable to replace the open under the sleeping bag and change the diaper.

During the day, put on your baby’s underwear, thin cotton jacket or sweater, and then put on a quilt.

  Myth 4: Shaving fetuses and eyebrows at the full moon. Young mothers obey the old man’s statement, shaving fetuses and eyebrows at the baby’s full moon, thinking that hair and eyebrows will grow thicker in the future.

However, the baby’s skin is thin and tender, and the baby will not cooperate. Scraping the skin can easily cause bacteria to invade and cause infection.

  Correct way: the baby’s eyebrows will be replaced and replaced by about 4 months without shaving.

After 6 months of age, parents can find an experienced hairdresser to shave their baby.

  Misunderstanding 5: Babies cannot hold more traditional belief that newborn babies should hold less, often holding the baby is easy to develop a bad habit that must be embraced in the future.

In fact, letting your baby lie all day is convenient for parents, but not good for your baby.

When lying down, the baby can only look at the ceiling, and lacks various beneficial stimuli for neurodevelopment, which is not conducive to intellectual development.

  The correct way: often hug the baby, talk to him at the same time, and look at the baby’s eyes more often, enhance emotional communication, and help his brain development.

  Misunderstanding 6: Wrap the navel with a diaper. The umbilical cord of a newborn baby is prone to inflammation. The mother is afraid of the baby’s umbilical infection. Wrap the belly button with a diaper. In fact, this method can easily cause bacterial growth and reproduction.

  The correct way: After bathing the baby every day or when the baby’s umbilical cord is accidentally corrected, wipe the umbilical cord with a 75% alcohol cotton ball to disinfect it. This method lasts about 10 days. If the umbilical cord is not infected, it can no longer be disinfected.
  Myth 7: Newborn babies do n’t feel. Some parents think that newborn babies are unconscious, they do n’t understand what adults say, and they do n’t understand everything they see, so they just eat and drink.

  The right way: After the baby is born, you can hear sounds, you can see colorful toys, and you have taste and touch.

Mom can make him laugh, gently touch his skin, make eye contact with him, talk, show him toys that can turn, all of which can promote the baby’s intelligent development.

Fifteen minutes walking backwards every day can exercise bones_1

Fifteen minutes walking backwards every day can exercise bones_1

Fifteen minutes of walking backwards every day can exercise bones

Fifteen minutes of walking backwards every day can exercise bones. Walking backwards can exercise bones. Walking backwards is a special type of physical therapy in orthopedics. When walking backwards, the legs cannot bend naturally as they move forward, which increases the pressure on the knee joint and surrounding tissues., So walking backwards can exercise the tissue around the knee joint, increasing the gravity and weight it bears.

  In fact, the human body’s waist will naturally straighten or lean back when walking backwards, so that the spine and lower back, which are difficult to move, will be well exercised, which can alleviate waist fatigue and enhance its disease resistance, so walking backwards is exerciseGood way for lower back.

In order to maintain balance when walking backwards, the feet resist the force. Therefore, walking backwards can also exercise the muscle tissue of the feet and stimulate the meridians of the feet.

In addition to exercising on the bones, walking backwards can also exercise the body’s cerebellum balance, clear the tail meridians, and promote qi and blood movement.

  Ways and postures of walking backwards: When walking backwards, keep your chest up and your head up, and look forward. Your hands can be on your hips or you can swing naturally through the steps.

When walking backwards, touch the ground with your toes, and then use your feet or heels to land.

  Some people are not suitable for walking backward in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, etc., are not suitable for walking backward.

This is because in order to maintain balance when going backwards, there will be a movement of turning the waist and turning the head, which may easily cause insufficient blood supply to the head and worsen the disease.

In addition, people who are too old and people with severe bone diseases are not suitable for walking backwards.

  Precautions for going backwards Before you go backwards, you must perform preparatory activities to relax your whole body muscles. You can only go backwards when the body merges and coordinates.

In addition, when walking backwards, you must choose to exercise in a clean and flat sports field, and it is best to have someone care to avoid falling down with obstacles.

It is advisable to exercise for 15-20 minutes.


The formulator teaches you to choose the most intimate facial cleanser

The formulator teaches you to choose the most intimate facial cleanser


The formulator teaches you to choose the most intimate facial cleanser

Face wash is a skin care product that we use every day.

Many friends have asked me how to choose the right facial cleanser. I think the basic cleaning mechanism must be figured out first, so that everyone can clearly understand that the facial cleanser is suitable for me.


Basic types of face wash: a.

Foaming facial cleanser-this is the most commonly used, that is, surfactant.

The cleaning effect is achieved by the emulsifying ability of the surfactant to the fat.

Various products have a stronger ability to clean water-soluble dirt.

  Soap facial cleanser is also one of them, but because of its obvious characteristics, it is generally treated differently from ordinary surfactant cleanser.


Solvent-based cleanser-type products rely on the ability of oil and oil to dissolve oily dirt. It is mainly for oily dirt, so it is generally some unloading oil, cleaning cream and so on.


Non-foaming facial cleanser-type products combine the characteristics of the above two types, using both the right amount of oil and some surfactants.


How to choose a facial cleanser: Different dosage forms have different cleaning mechanisms and different skin sensations. Combined with various skin needs, I have the following suggestions: a.

Oily skin: Because oily skin secretes more oil than the average person, you need to choose some products with strong cleaning ability.

Usually need to choose some soap cleanser.

Because soap cleansing milk has strong degreasing power and easy to rinse, the skin feels very refreshed after washing.


Mixed skin: This type of skin is mainly oily, and the cheek area is generally neutral, and may be dry.

Therefore, this kind of skin should be balanced between the T-position and the face. You can’t just consider the T-position to be clean and choose some products with strong degreasing power, especially in autumn and winter.

I myself have this skin, but my cheeks are neutral.

  The formulator advises: Generally use some soap cleanser in summer.

In the autumn and winter seasons, because the secretion of fat is not so strong, it is replaced by ordinary foam facial cleanser.

  Personally, I think that the map type in the foaming facial cleanser is the most suitable for Chinese skin.

Because it is clean enough and easy to rinse, it is much milder than soap products.

So it is recommended that you can choose this type of product for combination skin.


Normal skin: This type of skin is the easiest to care for.

Generally choose some foam-type facial cleanser on it.

For example, dove facial cleanser is very suitable, because it feels moisturized after washing and does not collapse.

Of course, if you feel that your skin is dry in autumn and winter, you can switch to a non-foaming facial cleanser.

Because now some non-foaming facial cleansers are not as difficult to rinse as before.


Dry skin: Typical skin is best not to use a foaming facial cleanser.

You can use some cleansing oil, cleansing cream or a non-foaming facial cleanser.

At present, clean oil products are found in some high-end products, because compared to cleansing creams, these products have a fresher skin feel.


How to avoid misunderstandings: a.It is very difficult for facial cleansers to achieve so-called whitening effects: because facial cleansing products stay in shells for a short period of time, usually only a few minutes, and in the end they must be clean, so in fact some effective ingredients are difficult to remain in the body.

So it is difficult to rely on facial cleanser to achieve the so-called whitening effect.


Price: In fact, the biggest effect of facial cleanser is cleaning, so we don’t need to spend too much money.

Generally speaking, I only need to buy some products from the supermarket, there is no need to buy more expensive products.


Dove scent is not soap: Many mm think that dove’s scent is soap. In fact, dove’s scent and soap are completely different, because the raw materials it uses are surfactants, but they look like soap.


Unloading: mm always knows to unload after makeup, and generally the first step is to clean the skin with unloading oil and then cleanser.

But many people don’t pay attention: if you apply sunscreen, you need to use the way of uninstalling.

  Many mm have asked me why, now I will talk about my opinion.

Because the sunscreen in sunscreen has inorganic and organic two.

Organic sunscreens are organic oil solubles that react with UV rays.

I think organic sunscreen is more difficult to wash off with surfactants, and it will definitely increase the burden on the skin if left over.

For sunscreen cleaning, I usually use a cleansing oil first, and then choose a milder facial cleanser (MAP type).

Some mm asked if it would wash too much fat.

I do n’t think it ‘s a concern because the cleansing oil removes oily dirt, but it does n’t skim.

Of course, adjustments need to be made according to the season and skin.

For example, in the autumn and winter season and for some dry skin, you can directly use a non-foaming facial cleanser.

Because non-foaming facial cleanser has the efficacy of two products, cleansing oil and foaming facial cleanser, and relative to the color, the uninstalling capacity of sunscreen is not very high, non-foaming facial cleanser is sufficient.

  Many mm will use Johnson’s baby lotion to uninstall, I think this is not desirable.

Because although baby oil and unloading oil generally contain more white oil, there are still many differences in the choice of some other oils.

The disassembling ability of different greases is different, and the oil that is disassembled will choose the oil that has strong toner dissolving ability.

In addition, on the skin, the emollient oil will require a more moisturizing, and the refreshing route is taken on top of the unloading oil.

Therefore, in general, special unloading oil is used for unloading.

  After unloading the oil, it can be washed with paper towels or clean water. The final method depends on the selected product.

First of all, if it is some cleaning cream, then it is better to wipe it off with paper towels and cotton pads.

Some cleaning oils and cleaning gels can be washed with water because some water-soluble oils are used.

  After editing: The most basic skin care step every day is to wash your face. The level of face washing is directly related to your skin quality. Maybe you often refuse to “use expensive skin care products yourself, why the skin is still not good”Are you ready for the first step?

It should be eaten in the fall, health and health

It should be eaten in the fall, health and health

It should be eaten in the fall, health and health

Lotus root is rich in vitamins, trace elements and plant fiber. It tastes fragrant and crisp, and it has a good effect on the loss of appetite. Today, Gan Xiaoxin shares the practice of several lotus roots. Come and try it!

Image zoom network, aggression and shrinking squid?

1, shallots, parsley, ginger, garlic and pepper cut into the end; 2, lotus roots washed and peeled, cut into pieces, pour the water in the pot to boil, add a little salt, then add the batter, the water in the pot is burned againBoil for 2-4 minutes after opening; 3. Remove the bracts and place them in the cool white sauce prepared before; 4. Filter the water, put the ingredients in step 1 and add the chili oil.Pump, sugar, vinegar and salt, mix well and serve.

Is it fried?

Image grading network, invasive reduction 1, cockroach cleaning, peeling slices, fungus hair, carrots, green pepper slices, chopped green onion; 2, the oil in the pot is 80% hot, put the green onion, saute, add carrot slices, green pepper stir fry;Add the batter, stir fry the salt; 4, add the abalone sauce in the pot, color and season; 5, finally put the fungus and stir the fungus and stir it evenly for a while, add some MSG to the pan.

Picture of lotus root ribs soup inserted into the network, the aggression is reduced by 1, the ribs are cleaned, cut into pieces, drowning, and then rinsed; 2, add appropriate amount of water in the pot, and put into the ribs; 3. Add ginger slices,4, a small amount of cooking wine; 4, carrot cutting blade, lotus root cut large pieces; 5, first big fire boil, simmer floating foam, then turn to small fire slow stew; 6, smashed to the ribs soft rotten, add lotus root pieces and carrot pieces;7, continue to squat for an hour or so, transfer the right amount of salt, you can.

The size of the image of the meat scented box, the invasion is reduced by 1, fresh simmered and peeled, cut into a knife-like shape; 2, pork stuffing with green onion, ginger, soy sauce, chicken essence, a small amount of vegetable oil, a small amount of pepper, mix well3, will gently pick up a piece of knife, use chopsticks to stuff the meat, and then press the upper and lower pieces; 4, put half of the ordinary flour in the big bowl, half of the raw powder, with the right amount of waterMix the two kinds of flour, then pour in an egg, continue to stir evenly. If the batter is too thick, add a little more water. 5. Prepare a plate of dry flour. 6. Add the meat to the clam.Roll the dry flour on it, then add it to the batter that has just been cooked, so that the whole clam is smeared with the paste; 7. Put the vegetable oil in the pan to 6, 7 into the heat, and pour the flour into the clam box and fry until both sides.Yellow can be.

Honey lotus roots picture source and network, aggression 1, lotus root wash, cut one end of the lotus root, a small point can be; 2, cut the two ends of the lotus root into small pieces, poured into the soaked glutinous rice (bubble for about 3 hours)Chopsticks can be used to assist irrigation; 3, after filling, use a toothpick to insert, no toothpick can also be used to put on the line; 4, into the pot, it is best to be able to fill the lotus root with 2 fingers so high5, cook for 40 minutes, just like this; 6, cut into pieces, a little thicker, put the plate for spare; 7, this step is to make rock sugar, put the rock sugar into the pot, add half a bowl of water, such a small fireWhen the ice sugar melts, 8 and then the fine rock sugar water is poured on it, it is ok.

Autumn is the season to eat lotus root, so your dinner will be lotus root tonight?

7 delicious nutritional soups to help you sleep before bedtime

7 delicious nutritional soups to help you sleep before bedtime

7 delicious nutritional soups to help you sleep before bedtime

Core Tips: Sleeping is the best way for women to keep their eyes clean. If you suffer from insomnia for a long time, it will cause serious damage to your skin and health.

In order to soothe and have a good sleep quality, let’s talk about 7 delicious nutritional soups that women help to sleep before going to bed, so you can sleep well all night.

  1. Sour jujube decoction, mashed, decocted, and dehydrated. Take one hour before bed each night.

Sour jujube kernel can inhibit the central nervous system and has a more constant sedative effect.

It has a good effect on upset or palpitations caused by blood deficiency.

  Second, meditation soup longan meat, Chuan Danshen three dollars each, fried with two bowls of water into half a bowl, take 30 minutes before bedtime.

It can achieve sedative effects, especially for insomniacs with heart failure.

  Third, Anshen Soup steamed raw lily and five dollars, added an egg yolk, stirred with 200 ml of water, added rock sugar, boiled and then mixed with 50 ml of water, one hour before going to bed.

Lily has the effect of refreshing, calming, calming, often interrupted, and can have immediate results.

  Four, Sanwei Anmian Tang Suan Zao Ren San Qian, Ophiopogon japonicus and Polygala chinensis, each with one dollar, fried into 500 ml with 500 ml of water and taken before bedtime.

The above three herbs have been calming and calming, and have a hypnotic effect.

  Fifth, longan lotus seed soup takes longan and boiled lotus seeds each to make soup. It has the effects of nourishing the heart, calming the mind, strengthening the spleen, and nourishing the kidney. It is most suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and long-term insomnia.

  Six, Yangxin porridge takes 35 grams of Codonopsis, 10 seeds of red jujube, 10 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, and decoction of God, and fry them with 2000 ml of water to 500 ml. After removing the residue, cook with washed rice and water.Add brown sugar after cooking.

It has the effect of nourishing qi, blood, and soothe the nerves, and has a significant improvement effect on palpitations (accelerated heartbeat), forgetfulness, insomnia, and dreamers.

  Seven, lily, mung bean milk, lily, 25 grams each of mung bean, a small amount of rock sugar, after cooking, add some milk when taking, for people who can not sleep in the summer, it has the effect of clearing and annoying and calming, milk contains tryptophan can be in the brainConverts into serotonin to promote sleep.

  Recommendation: There are countermeasures for insomnia, old Chinese medicine can increase the amount of equipment and always can’t sleep. Helping sleep and soothe the tea bag.


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Patients with vitiligo should eat more grains for health

Patients with vitiligo should eat more grains for health

Patients with vitiligo should eat more grains for health

The health of our body is inextricably linked to the health of certain parts of our body.

First of all, liver health is a substitute to ensure good health. The Yellow Emperor’s Canon has the cloud “night lying blood is attributed to the liver”. Modern research shows that people return to the liver more than 5 times more blood during the day than during the day.”The liver must decompose and detoxify the waste products metabolized by the human body in one day, and synthesize various nutrients at night. This is” liver blood “.

The liver plays an important role in the human body.

If liver function does not work properly, it may cause a variety of diseases.

  In addition, our seemingly casual diet is also related to our health.

The function of liver detoxification is poor, the eye circles will be blue, and the face will be yellow and yellow; the liver blood function will be poor, and the blood will be insufficient.

I can’t drink porridge for a month in a long-term diet. How can I get refined without eating grains?

How can you lose energy without eating grains?

Without eating grains and five internal organs, nutrition is inadequate, and the kidney collects the essence of the five internal organs and hides it.

Over time, how can the body be healthy and not get sick?

Therefore, we must pay attention to reasonable diet.

So, what food is good for the five internal organs of the body?

Only when we have a better understanding of this knowledge can we make a better addition.

  For the sake of health, we need to eat grains and grains reasonably. Then, what kind of grains are good for the five internal organs?

In fact, grains such as rice, wheat, and beans support people.

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about “five grains and five internal organs”. It mainly focuses on nourishing the liver, spleen, and kidney. Mung beans are the valley of liver, millet is the valley of spleen, and black beans are the valley of kidney.

Especially millet porridge should be eaten often in order to support the day after tomorrow.

And often eat millet porridge, it is “raising” for people with stomach problems, and insisting on eating can even raise stomach problems.

Therefore, the five internal organs are the most healthy for human consumption.

These foods are also some very good foods for patients with vitiligo, and the patients do not prevent them from eating more often.

Eating more coarse grains is harmful to your health!

Eating more coarse grains is harmful to your health!

Eating more coarse grains is harmful to your health!

Based on the propaganda of many media, because eating coarse grains has become a certain fashion, for a time, coarse grains have become a panacea for all diseases, and many people think it is a treasure.

However, there are also reports that “eating more coarse grains is harmful.”

Some specific people who are similar to these can only look forward to the “coarse grain” and are at a loss.

What exactly is a coarse grain?

And what is the “magic” effect of coarse grains?

Let’s take a look at the work and experience of coarse grains.

  Coarse grains are relative to the fine grains such as polished rice and white noodles that we usually eat. They mainly include corn, millet, sorghum, oats, buckwheat, wheat bran, and various beans such as soybeans, green beans, red beans, and mung beans.

Due to the simplicity of processing, coarse grains retain many nutrients not found in fine grains.


Precipitated fiber coarse grains contain excess precipitated fiber.

Supplementary fiber is known as the seventh type of nutrient in the human body. The role of soluble supplementary fiber is mainly to regulate blood lipids, blood sugar and regulate the probiotic flora; the main role of insoluble fiber replacement is laxative.

For elderly friends who are struggling with diseases and those who are worried about losing weight all day, the coarse grains that replace plasma fiber are tantamount to a natural “magic panacea.”


Due to the simple processing of B-vitamin coarse grains, a large amount of vitamins B1, B2 and other vitamins in the epidermis are retained.

B vitamins play an important role in the body’s water and salt metabolism and tissue respiration.

The lack of these vitamins can cause beriberi, angular cheilitis, dermatitis and other diseases, which seriously threaten human health.


Containing higher concentrations of carbohydrates Compared to fine grains, coarse grains contain a small amount of supplements, which is good news for patients with diabetes, constipation, and especially too many patients.

  Eating coarse grains in moderation is beneficial to the human body and is worth promoting.

However, everything has its two sides. Coarse grains also have their disadvantages: eating too much reduces the immunity. Because of the substitution of cellulose and phytic acid in coarse grains, it absorbs more than 50 grams of cellulose every day, and it can be consumed for a long time.Protein supplementation is blocked, trace elements are reduced, causing damage to bones, heart, blood and other organ functions, reducing the body’s immune capacity, and even affecting fertility.

In addition, the higher phytic acid content in buckwheat, oats, and corn can hinder the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus, and affect the metabolic balance of internal minerals.

Therefore, the replacement of these minerals should be increased when eating coarse grains.

  Excessive cellulose content in coarse grains is harmful to adolescent girls, because the plasma in food will be converted into fiber in coarse grains to expel impurities.

Decreased plasma absorption will lead to reduced female hormone synthesis and affect the development of reproductive organs such as the uterus.

  After analyzing the work and experience of coarse grains, let’s not ignore them, let alone talk about coarse color changes.

With reasonable use, coarse grains are good for us.

Let me talk about some principles for eating coarse grains.


It is best to arrange coarse grains for dinner. The frequency of normal people’s eating is once every two days. If it is necessary for the “three highs”, it can be arranged twice a day.


Thickness and thinness, how much food is required, and coarse grains can be complementary.

The study found that 6 points of coarse grains and 4 points of fine grains are the most suitable in the diet.

Therefore, eating coarse and fine grains is most reasonable.

Eating coarse grains should also pay attention to methods.

From the nutritional point of view, corn, millet, and soybean alone are not as good as mixing them in the ratio of 1: 1: 2 for higher nutritional value, because this can make proteins have complementary effects.

The Laba porridge, Babao porridge, and assorted vegetables that we often eat in our daily life are all good foods.


Coarse grains are matched with non-staple foods. The content of lysine in the coarse grains is insufficient.  4.

Coarse grains are eaten carefully. Coarse grains generally have the disadvantages of poor sensory and poor absorption. You can solve this problem by cooking coarse grains or mixing them with fine grains.

In addition, the expert should also estimate the “fine, more, less” of the coarse grains.

Fine-formaldehyde poor elderly (over 60 years old) and children with poor digestive function should eat less coarse grains and eat coarse grains carefully; more-middle-aged people especially have “three high”, constipation and other symptomsSymptoms, people who have been in the office for a long time, and people who are exposed to computer complications. People with overlapping meals need to eat more coarse grains; less food for patients who initially suffer from stomach problems, gastrointestinal ulcers and acute inflammation, so try to avoid coarse grains; Avoid chronic diabetic inflammation, patients with chronic chronic inflammation should eat less coarse grains; athletes, manual workers should ask to provide energy again and eat less coarse grains.

Summer health medicated diet four kinds of medicated diet most nourishing health_1

Summer health medicated diet four kinds of medicated diet most nourishing health_1

The four medicated diets in the summer

In the hot summer, you can make medicated diet to nourish yourself and your family. Medicinal diet has always been our traditional method of health.

The following medicinal diet recommended by Xiaobian is not only simple, but also tastes good. Let’s take a look below!

  First, rice wine walnut puree soup materials: 5 walnut kernels, 50 grams of sugar, rice wine 50 mg.

  Method: Put walnut kernel and white sugar in garlic can or porcelain bowl, use a rolling pin to grind into mud, then put it into the pot, add rice wine, and cook on low heat for 10 minutes.

Consume twice daily.

  Efficacy: This product can treat neurasthenia, headache, insomnia, forgetfulness, prolonged asthma, low back pain, and habitual, senile constipation.

  Second, Guishen Yam pork loin material: 500 grams of pork loin, angelica, codonopsis, yam 10 grams each, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, minced garlic.

  Practices: 1. Cut the pork loin, remove the fascial gland, wash it, and put it in the pot.

  2. Add angelica, codonopsis, yam, add the right amount of water, and simmer until the pork loin is cooked through.

  3. Remove the pork loin, wait for the cold, cut into thin slices with a knife, place it on a flat plate, and pour it with soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, and minced garlic.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of nourishing blood, nourishing qi and nourishing kidney.

Consuming it in summer can help treat qi and blood loss, palpitations, shortness of breath, back pain, insomnia, night sweats and other symptoms.

  Three, lotus seed cake material: lotus seeds, glutinous rice 500 grams Method: 1, clean dry lotus meat, remove the core, put in an ordinary pot or pressure cooker, add an appropriate amount of water, cook and rot, cover the lotus meat with a clean drawer cloth, rub and rot.
  2. Wash the glutinous rice, stir well with the lotus residue mud, put it in a porcelain pot, add water, steam it, and cool it. Use a clean drawer cloth to flatten it, cut it, and sprinkle it with a layer of sugar.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Regular consumption can treat symptoms such as weakness after swallowing, difficulty swallowing, and qi after eating.

  Tip: Including various kinds of rice noodles in pastry, it is called the staple food in people’s diet.

The staple food of summer medicated meal is made of rice, glutinous rice, wheat flour and other basic ingredients, and is made into a staple food for snacks, snacks or table meals.

Pattern samples are generally divided into steamed food, cooked food, baked food, fried food, grilled food, cakes, etc. The production method is relatively simple.

This kind of food contains vitamin supplements or drugs with a mild taste, and is one of the medicated diets in which the amount of drug implantation is blocked.

Summer medicinal staple foods, as well as Poria cake, chestnut cake, cloud bean roll, yam dumplings, ginseng and rice.

  Fourth, mung bean porridge material: 100 grams of mung beans, 250 grams of rice previously.

  Method: 1. Soak the mung beans in water for 4 hours, remove the impurities and put them into the pot.

  2. The previous rice was washed out and put into the pot.

Add an appropriate amount of water, boil on high heat, and simmer on low heat until the green beans are cooked.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of clearing heat and relieving summer heat, detoxifying and benefiting water, and is suitable for the symptoms of heat, thirst, edema, diarrhea, dysentery, and bloating.

  Tip: To make medicated porridge, you can use edible ingredients, such as jujube, millet, walnut, etc., or cook with the grain.

“It is not necessary to add medicine to medicated diet”, which is exactly the same as that of “medicine-food homology”.

When medicinal porridge raw materials need to use medicinal materials, the method of cooking medicinal materials is usually used to remove the drug residue, and the medicinal solution is used to cook with the grain.

Summer medicated porridge, there are litchi porridge, wolfberry porridge, eight treasure porridge, black sesame porridge, Poria Poria porridge.

How to improve spring skin problems

How to improve spring skin problems


How to improve spring skin problems

Unconsciously, the beginning of spring has passed a long time ago, and spring has actually come, but the weather is still a bit cold, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. Has your little face started to dry and peel?

Maintenance work is about to start. How to deal with various skin problems in spring, we will learn today.

  1. In the sun, epidermal cells are damaged due to ultraviolet radiation, which causes irritation to the skin, capillaries expand, and melanin is produced.

Protect skin and protect from sun.

Provide sufficient moisture and oil to the skin, promote skin metabolism and make the skin fresh and moisturized.

  2. Acne endocrine disorders, excessive sebum secretion, keratinous hypertrophy, increased bacterial reproduction, and parasitic pores.

Thoroughly clean the skin and keep it clean.

Cleansing products that regulate sebum secretion, cleansing power and good sterilization effect, massage creams and shrinkage water that regulate sebum secretion, special cosmetics for acne.

Pay attention to the balance between diet and exercise. Eat less sugar, oil, and a small amount of food. Do not squeeze by hand.

  3. Exfoliating the exfoliating skin First, apply a large amount of foam to the T-shaped area for deep cleaning. After a certain time difference, quickly clean the foam U-shaped area.

Rinse in warm water more than ten times.

Exfoliate daily or regularly to remove accumulated waste.

After cleansing, apply exfoliating product to T-zone.

  4. There are too many maintenance steps for large pores, excessive absorption of skin care products, direct contact with the skin and applying lotion, and the concentration of beauty liquid on the skin, there is no step to promote blood circulation.Stopping, pores are difficult to penetrate, and makeup removal is not done well.

Apply skin care products from the problematic part as the center to achieve the effect of narrowing the pores. Pay attention to lotion or cream to lock the water after applying lotion.

  5. Skin roughness varies with season, environment, and age, the amount of sebum secretion will decrease, and the formation of sebum film is more difficult.

The stratum corneum lacks water, the skin is prone to rough, and the metabolism of the epidermis.

Replenishes skin with sufficient moisture and oil, and improves skin metabolism.

Use cosmetics with good moisturizing and restoring effects, massage creams and masks that promote metabolism.

When you go out, protect your skin with a wet foundation with good UV protection.

In terms of diet, pay attention to eat foods containing vitamins A, B, and E.

  6. Imbalance of dilation and contraction of pan-red capillaries.

Adjust, massage cream that promotes blood circulation, and promotes blood circulation, a lotion with shrinkage properties, but be careful not to apply too much force when you massage, and then use shrinkage water.

Prevent cold air from invading your skin, and use a strong foundation to protect your skin.

Pay attention to eat foods containing vitamins C, E, and B2.

Avoid alcoholic cosmetics or food.

  7, facial skin peeling When the skin begins to peel, you really need to pay attention to it, do not tear the skin, the reason should often tear lips and dead skin?
At this time, use a cotton pad and moisten the water to apply on the peeling place, remove it after ten minutes, and then perform the normal nursing process. After a few days of continuous application, you will find that the dead skin will automatically replace and new skin will grow.Does not hurt and also improves peeling.

  8, skin sensitive and sensitive skin girls should be very common is the redness of both ears, in fact, non-sensitive skin girls often encountered?
This occurs very often, especially during cold and hot alternations.

This situation occurs because the skin blood vessels lose elasticity during repeated expansion and contraction, which is reflected in the double tips and nose, which will make the double tips red and tingling, and the person who transforms will therefore cause the blood vessels to appear in a dilated state.We double the familiar red bloodshots.

Try to avoid continuous entry and exit in hot and cold environments, and in the case of skin flushing, apply a layer of water film or use repair cream.

  9. The metabolism of the dark and dark skin is not smooth, the horny water is insufficient, the epidermal skin is hardened, and certain things (aging horns) remain on the skin surface. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the epidermal skin lacks water, and pigmentation causes dark skin.
Cleans the skin, replenishes the skin with excess moisture and oil, improves the skin’s metabolism, and prevents UV rays.

A mask that promotes skin metabolism, massage cream, moisturizing, restoring cosmetics, and sunscreen cosmetics.

  10. After the water on the surface of the wrinkled skin is lost, the skin loses its luster, increases in age, and the fibrous tissue that maintains the skin’s elasticity gradually weakens. The skin’s various functions are reduced, and the dermis lacks moisture.
Supplement the skin with moisture and oil, improve the skin’s metabolism, and use special cosmetics to promote the metabolism of massage creams, masks, and eye creams.

When applying makeup, use a moisturizing foundation cream and foundation cream to prevent dry skin.

In terms of diet, pay attention to eating foods containing protein, vitamins C and E.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help everyone in the spring skin care.

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