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Psychologists analyze online porn

Psychologists analyze online porn

Psychologists analyze online porn

American psychologists point out that the number of Internet porn addiction in the United States is currently increasing, and computers have become 21st-century “sex toys”, which will explode at any time like mines, destroying people’s private lives and even work.

  According to American psychologist Jim Bury-Junger, more and more people in her Internet addiction treatment center in Pennsylvania seek to heal the Internet pornography habit, and many of them are lawyersDoctor, CEO or government official, Younger pointed out: “These are those who worship in church on time on Sunday.

“According to a recent national survey, at least 200,000 people in the United States are now addicted to online pornography, and they have reached the point of addiction.

A few years ago, online porn hadn’t browsed some erotic photos on the website, and now there are countless porn chat rooms, which provide real-time sexual partners for people who are addicted here, and can display virtual sexual partner bodies, here alsoThere are contents such as live sex on the Internet.

  According to psychologist Younger, it is easy for people to fall into the trap of online pornography, and it is difficult to overcome addiction, Yanke said: “Online porn addiction is like cocaine use.

“At present, 10% of people who engage in online sex are not sexually addicts, even 20% are addicted to pornography because of the Internet, and the other 70% are” entertainment “users.Boy “online version or something.

  Psychologists do not define addiction according to the time spent on the computer. Addiction refers to the inability to control their addiction, which affects their personal life and work.

Internet porn addiction is to meet those unsatisfactory sexual needs in the daily life, and those who have other aspects of addiction in life are more likely to stop it, and middle age is the main age group that is easy to close.

  In addition, it is not all men who are addicted to internet porn, and women who are bored or dissatisfied with their lives are also prone to addiction to internet porn.

Male addiction is mainly reflected in the visual aspect, looking for pornographic sites to browse pornographic pictures, while women mainly go to pornographic chat rooms to meet their communication needs.

Flowers Health Food

Flowers Health Food

Flowers Health Food

There are many flowers in life, not fragrant and mellow, but also used as medicine.

Some minor discomforts can be fully recovered through these anthers, which is convenient and safe.

It is important to use it appropriately.

  There are records in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” for diarrhea and eyesight: wild chrysanthemum clears heat and detoxifies, diarrhea and eyesight, and phlegm and liver.

According to modern research, the reason why wild chrysanthemum can “pass the customs and stagnate qi” is mainly because it contains trace oils such as borneol, camphor and cyperone.

  Health method: go to a Chinese medicine store to buy dried wild chrysanthemum, put it in a pillowcase with hemerocallis, and replace it.

  Efficacy: Pillows made of wild chrysanthemums, when awakened, are not only clear-eyed, but also make your mood comfortable and cheerful; meanwhile, you can also make a small medicine pillow and put it in the car, which can reduce driving fatigue andMakes the fragrance of chrysanthemums in the car.

  Toothache bad breath with osmanthus fresh Osmanthus fragrans not only has a strong and sweet smell, but also has a certain medicinal value.

Osmanthus fragrans is mainly used because it has the effect of dispersing cold and breaking sputum, resolving phlegm and regenerating jin, and can be used for cough, sputum knot, toothache, bad breath and other discomforts.

  Health method: Put fresh osmanthus in the utensil and pickle some salt to make the flavor stronger.

Then use sugar “honey” for one night to finish the cinnamon flower sauce; use 3 grams of osmanthus seeds, rinse your mouth with decoction, 3 times a day to help eliminate bad breath; 50 grams of osmanthus bark, add Eucommia 20G, decoction.

After 10 minutes, the toothache will stop.

  The stomach is not suitable for jasmine and jasmine. It is warm and mild, it can help the stomach digestion and absorption, alleviate stomach pain, and has a good effect on diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Therefore, jasmine tea is known as stomach protection tea.

In addition, Jasmine also has the effect of calming the spirit, which can make people emotionally calm, soothing tension, feeling fresh and comfortable.

  Health method: If you feel poor digestive function, you can dip the flower with hot milk to make jasmine milk tea, which has a fragrant taste and good auxiliary effects. If the eyes are red and swollen, and the tears are caught in the wind, you can use the appropriate amount of jasmine frying water for fumigation;Or with 9 grams of honeysuckle, 6 grams of chrysanthemum, decoction; if the pain after the bone is broken, jasmine root can be mashed, the wine is fried, and the affected area is covered.

  The skin is dull with peach blossom. According to pharmacological analysis, peach blossom contains organic compounds such as kaempferol, coumarin, and cloverin.

These substances can clear the meridians, improve blood circulation, promote skin nutrition and oxygen supply, and nourish the skin.

And Chinese medicine believes that peach blossom is beneficial for water, laxative and blood circulation.

Therefore, peach blossom has a very good effect on nourishing the appearance, both externally and internally.

  Health method: Take 250 grams of peach blossoms, 30 grams of white peony, and soak it in 1000 ml of white wine for 30 days. Drink 15?
30 ml.

At the same time, take a small amount and put it in your hands. Rub both palms until the palms get hot. Rub the face back and forth. It has a better effect on skin pigmentation such as melasma, dark spots, and dull complexion.

  Mammary gland hyperplasia uses roses as a symbol of love. The fragrance is floral and aromatic. It has the effects of rectifying qi and stagnation and dispersing blood stasis. It can relieve hyperlipidemia, liver qi stagnation, qi and blood discord, hyperplasia of mammary glands, slight pain, and irregular menstruationTone, low levels of estrogen secretion.

  Health method: Rose flower is very suitable for bathing in hot water due to the replacement of aroma.

Put a pool of bath water and sprinkle rose petals to balance and moisturize tired skin and relieve tension.

  If you want to reduce fat, lose weight, and nourish your skin, why not treat the processed flower buds 3?
5 grams, brew with boiling water for 5 minutes, add sugar or honey, and mix into any kind of tea you like.

  Chinese folks also have secret recipes for boiling cream with rose buds and brown sugar.

  Method: Add 100 grams of rose buds and about 500 grams of water, cook for 20 minutes, filter off the flower residue, and then fry into a thick juice, add 500?
1000 grams of brown sugar can be boiled into a paste, which has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi.

  Regulating blood circulation and regulating menstruation with rose and rose has the effect of regulating blood circulation and regulating menstruation. It treats liver stagnation and discomfort, irregular menstruation caused by stasis and blood stasis, chest and abdomen pain, vomiting and other discomforts.

Can be used directly with fresh flowers, or you can pick half-open flowers in summer and autumn, and dry, shade or dry for future use.

  Health method: take 100 grams of fresh rose petals, 400 grams of flour, 3 eggs, 200 grams of milk, 100 grams of sugar, a pinch of salt, 50 grams of salad oil, and an appropriate amount of baking powder.

Add sugar and milk to the eggs, stir well, add flour, oil, salt and baking powder, stir into the noodles, soak the petals in sugar for half an hour, and noodle sauce, and fry in 50% hot oil.

  Efficacy: Long-term consumption can relieve liver stagnation, promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation, and is suitable for prolonging menstruation caused by blood stasis.

In addition, rose flowers, motherwort 9 grams each, decoction, can relieve dysmenorrhea.

9 herbal teas to help you drink good looks

9 herbal teas to help you drink good looks

9 herbal teas to help you drink good looks


The top grade of tea drinking in spring: Jasmine tea Jasmine tea can “remove the cold evil, assistant Yu”, is the top grade of tea drinking in spring.

In addition to drinking jasmine tea, it can calm the mood and invigorate the spirit, clear the heat and relieve heat, refresh the spleen, soothe the nerves, moisturize, replace gastrointestinal diseases and menstrual pain, and relieve abdominal pain; it also helps women’s physiology, reproductive function, and nourishes skinSkincare.

  How to do it: Use two teaspoons of dried jasmine, plus three teaspoons of green tea or one black tea bag, and brew with boiling water.

Smell the scent before you drink it.


The best choice for eyesight: chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum tea has the effect of nourishing the liver and clearing the liver and clearing the liver, and is especially suitable for spring use. It is especially suitable for girls who work closely with the computer.

At the same time, it can detoxify bodybuilding, dispel evil, reduce fire, evacuate wind and heat, and relieve swelling and swelling. It has resistance to harmful chemicals or interacting substances accumulated in the body, and its elimination effect can inhibit a variety of bacteria, enhance microvascular elasticity, and slow heart rate., Lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and is beneficial to qi and blood, moisturizing, hair care and beauty effects.

  What to do: If your eyes are swollen, you can use cotton to dip the tea juice of chrysanthemum tea and apply it around your eyes. It will be eliminated quickly.

Taking a cup of chrysanthemum tea daily to drink can relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue and is also a good choice for restoring vision.


Relying on heat and detoxification: Honeysuckle tea has a sweet and cold taste, has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, evacuating wind and heat, swelling and analgesics, and can avoid upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, tonsillitis, periodontitis and the like in spring.It can also relieve the pain and enteritis, help cool blood to stop diarrhea, diuretic and liver.

In particular, it should be reminded that the deficiency of cold constitution and menstruation cannot be combined twice, otherwise, adverse reactions may occur.

  How to do it: Select 10 grams of honeysuckle when making a drink and brew it with boiling water.


Nourishing and freckle is simple: rose tea has a mild temperature and is rich in vitamins. It has the effects of promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation, relieving liver and regulating qi, balancing endocrine and other effects. It has a conditioning effect on the liver and stomach, and can eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness and avoid early attacks.

In addition, it can effectively alleviate cardiovascular disease, and can beautify the skin, help to improve dry skin and remove dark spots on the skin.

  How to do it: One teaspoon of dried petals, brew with a cup of boiling water, simmer for about ten minutes; brown sugar or honey jam can be added as appropriate.


There are some clever tricks coming from spring sleep: Mint tea drinking mint tea is the most admirable way of refreshing recently.

Peppermint tastes cool, mainly contains volatile oil. The main ingredients in the oil are menthol, menthol, menthol, menthol, zentene, limonene, etc. It has the effect of dispersing wind to dissipate heat and dispel evil.

However, peppermint can reduce the amount of milk in the mother, and it is irritating. It is not suitable for breastfeeding and pregnant women and children.

  How to do it: Wash the freshly purchased Chinese herbal mint leaves with cold water and put them in a tea cup, add 200 ml of hot water, cover with 15-20 minutes until the herbal fragrance is released, and add them according to personal preference when it is coolRock sugar, honey or fruit juice can enhance the taste of tea.


Youth warrior of “comediness acne”: After honeysuckle tea enters puberty, many young people unknowingly produce “beautiful acne”, sometimes some capsules are long, and some acne are blocked on the edge for a long time, affecting appearanceIt even affects the mood, and the puberty of “Zero Acne” is upset.

Honeysuckle has a slightly cold nature, sweetness, the lung meridian, the heart meridian, the stomach meridian, and the large intestine meridian, which can clear heat and detoxify, and evacuate wind and heat, so the effect of acne is better, and it will not hurt the stomach.

  How to do it: Use 10 grams of honeysuckle and soak in water.

If you want to improve your taste, you can also put 10 grams of raw licorice.

But not everyone is suitable, it must be based on their own conditions.

For example, some people are greedy, especially in Shenzhen, which is located in the subtropics and the climate is hot and humid. Many people are accustomed to putting ice water and cold beer, they are not suitable for drinking honeysuckle tea, because honeysuckle is cold, this can only lead to coldOn the cold.


Women who nourish qi and blood: Women from safflower tea are from about 14 to about 49 years old. One of the homework to do every month is menstruation. Therefore, women’s health must first consider nourishing qi and blood.

Whether it is menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum breastfeeding, women rely on blood, so blood is related to the health of a woman’s life.

Safflower is the first choice for women to maintain health with flowers.

Safflower mainly refers to “saffron”, also known as “saffron”, rather than the general “grass flower”. Although the price is very expensive, it is not “worthy” and the benefits are great.

The saffron enters the heart meridian, the liver meridian, and the heart is the main blood, the liver hides the blood, so its main role is in the blood, its color is dark and it feels a little oily (the actual soaking water is not greasy), so it has nourishing and activating blood, Blood, blood, blood and other functions.

On the contrary, saffron has a two-way regulating effect on women’s blood. What to do: Because saffron is expensive, do not take a large amount when taken orally, 0.

5 grams can be used, brew with boiling water.
You can decide the dosage according to your own economic situation. If possible, use it daily.
Drink 5 grams of water, drink for 1 week, then stop for 1 week, and then drink for another week; if you have limited financial ability, you can drink for 1 day and stop for 3 days.

When using saffron to soak water, do not mix it with other scented tea. You can add an appropriate amount of honey to improve the taste. After drinking the water, eat the saffron.

Although safflower is good, it is not suitable for everyone. Sometimes pregnant women should not take it to avoid the effect of activating blood to cause miscarriage.


The first choice for cultivating the heart: Lily Tea Lily has sweet taste, bitterness, flatness, return to the lung meridian, and heart meridian.

Busy urban people want to eat more lilies. We usually eat sweet lilies. The pharmacy sells bitter lilies, which have similar effects.

The main effect of lily flower is to calm the mind and calm the lungs and relieve cough.

Lily flowers are slightly bitter. According to Chinese medicine, bitter things enter the Heart Sutra and have the effect of relieving heart fire. When you go to heart fire, you feel at ease. Therefore, lily flowers are very good for emotional irritability, restlessness, and improving sleepEffect.

Because the lily flowers return to the lung meridian, the lungs have the main qi, and the main fur, so the lilies can lead the lungs and cough, and can also supplement the qi, and it is also good for the spleen and stomach.

  How to do it: The usage is also very simple: drink 10 grams of water a day.


Natural sacred product for purifying the skin: chamomile tea chamomile can help sleep, moisturize the skin, and can also improve women’s premenstrual discomfort.

It can eliminate the soreness caused by various ills, retreat liver fire, and eliminate eye fatigue.

It treats eczema, facial blister, herpes, and common skin allergies.

At the same time, it can improve the swelling of the body and is a natural holy product for purifying the skin.

  Drinking chamomile often can also improve the dull complexion and make the skin beautiful and shiny; at the same time relax the restless body, approaching at night with insomnia or nightmares, can have a soothing effect.

It can basically relieve eye fatigue. Applying cold tea to your eyes can also help remove dark circles.

It can also be used as a calming mask, which is especially effective for sensitive skin!

  How to do it: Brew about 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile in boiling water, simmer for about 30 minutes, and add honey as needed, very sweet and delicious.

  How to buy herbal tea If you want to buy herbal tea, you should pay attention to the following aspects: first of all, understand the place of production, it is best to understand the situation of the production enterprise, whether safety and health are the most important.

The first is to choose a distinctive herbal tea, which has both appearance and nutritional effects, and choose the one that suits you best.

Finally, the dryness should be selected, and the moisture is preferably below 4%, so that it can be stored for a long time.

Generally, herbal tea can be stored for one year, and its nutritional effects and pigments will be affected after one year.

Because herbs are susceptible to oxidation, natural pigments degrade under high water conditions.

After buying herbal tea, you can store it in a ventilated and dry place, or put it in the refrigerator, but be careful not to smell.

  Although herbal tea is good, don’t be greedy.

Be sure to go to a pharmacy or a pharmacy to buy flowers.

Because most of the flowers are sizable and edible, the flowers sold in pharmacies are edible and should be distinguished.


Most of these health care flowers refer to flower buds, because flower buds are most nutritious when they are ready to be released.


When using flowers for health care, you must remember that no matter how good the flower is, it must be different from person to person. You must use it symptomatically according to your own situation.


For people without professional knowledge, it is best not to mix and match different flowers. Mixing is difficult to master.


The most important point is: No matter how good anything is, it cannot be used for a long time.

Chinese medicine believes that the human yin and yang are always in a dynamic imbalance process. If a certain health product is used for a long time, it may cause a large change in the dynamic imbalance of the yin and yang, and it will be hurt.

Therefore, if you want to place scented tea in large quantities or at random for a long period of time, it is best to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner before replacing to see if you belong to your body constitution, and kill according to your constitution to choose the right flower.

Rub your legs every day to ninety-nine

Rub your legs every day to ninety-nine

Rub your legs every day to ninety-nine

Lead: Massage can keep you healthy and prevent aging.

Today, Xiaobian recommends a very simple way of health for everyone. As long as you rub your legs every day, you can delay aging and strengthen your body to prevent disease.

People usually massage their limbs and body, and are accustomed to pat and knead back and forth from top to bottom.

In fact, proper reverse massage is more beneficial to health and can achieve more results with less effort.

Sticking to mine and legs from bottom to top can better relieve muscles and relieve fatigue.

When people are most or sitting, blood is easy to accumulate in the lower limbs, the circulation is not smooth, and over time, symptoms such as fatigue, swelling and pain will inevitably occur.

Especially in middle-aged and elderly people, weakness in legs and feet can lead to decreased balance.

Reversely massaging the legs every day can dredge the meridians of the entire legs and feet, promote blood circulation, promote blood circulation and stasis, effectively enhance leg strength and flexibility of joint ligaments, enhance coordination of limbs, and reduce the risk of elderly injuries.

Reverse massage method: After getting up every morning, do some proper exercises, move your limbs, sit on a stool, hold your right ankle with both hands, and then rub it up at the same time. Massage 20 times and then massage the leftleg.
You can also use one hand to rub the arm in the opposite direction, and rub it slowly from the wrist to the shoulder for 20 times.

Precautions The pressure on the palm of the massager should be even and moderate. It is advisable not to fold the skin when rubbing. Move the limbs before the massage to prepare the body. Pneumonia, severe hypertension, liver disease, kidney disease and lung diseaseNo one is suitable for reverse massage.

The face is also suitable for bottom-up reverse massage, which can resist gravity and delay aging; forward reverse massage can widen chest and regulate qi, promote local and whole body blood circulation, increase endocrine and digestive functions, and improve the body’s immunityAnd disease resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of health care.

Herbal supplements should avoid the poison of Chinese medicine

Herbal supplements should avoid the poison of Chinese medicine

Herbal supplements should avoid the poison of Chinese medicine

“Evil supplement” means “dragon supplement”.

Most people use its extended meaning-crazy remedy.

However, the use of the term in Chinese medicine is too common.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, tonic and tonic, everyone is tonic, without paying attention, but entered the strange circle of “evil tonic”.

And slowly, your stomach is not a “boiler” for tonics.


hzh{display:none;}  养生不是滥用药物,过度治疗  随着人们生活水平的提高,大家开始越来越重视健康了,养生的呼声非常高。Objectively speaking, this is a good thing.

However, gradually, more and more people began to pay too much attention to supplements and health supplements, and “did not change their minds” about medicine supplements, which became a misunderstanding.

  Some patients came to me and said that he did not particularly want to eat every day.

I asked, “What did you eat all day?”

“The response I heard was nothing more than what medicine he took in the morning, what medicine he took at noon, what medicine he took in the evening, and the name of the medicine was a lot.Eat?

People grow up by eating whole grains, not by taking medicine!

  In fact, these patients’ frail physiques have not improved because of such “tonic”.

For people who are disease-free and not in need of medicine, their health should be based on non-drugs.

For those who are weak, they may need to take health products or even medicines to regulate the yin, yang, and blood in the body. This is called medicine tonic.

Traditional Chinese medicine supplements health, focusing on tonicity.

  Where is the “triple poison” of Chinese medicine?

This “poison” in Western medicine refers to the damage caused by its chemical composition to the structure or function of certain tissues and organs.

For example, aspirin has gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, and epigastric discomfort, and gastrointestinal ulcers, skin allergies, liver and kidney damage, and so on.

These western medicines are mainly batch-produced chemical drugs. The instructions will clearly tell you the possible side effects.

  However, due to the influence of factors such as production place, climate, soil, processing and other factors, the properties of Chinese medicine will be different.

Therefore, there is no standard manual appendix with all its side effects.

The “poison” of traditional Chinese medicine is easier to refer to its strong bias.

Chinese medicine grasps their medicinal properties from this aspect.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that medicine and food are of the same origin, and “things have the world’s partiality.”

Anything that is more biased and corrects the bias (pathological state) of human function can be used as medicine.

Such as ephedral Xin Wen, can be used to diffuse cold sweats, cough and swelling.

Another example is rhubarb, which has a bitter cold taste, and Chinese medicine is used to treat dry stool and hyperthermia. According to this classification principle, the ingredients in ginger, jujube, and Sichuan pepper also include internal ingredients.

Relatively speaking, foods such as wheat, rice, etc. are flat (the properties are relatively mild).

  The medicine supplement also avoids partiality-when avoiding the “toxic” Chinese medicine pairing of traditional Chinese medicine, it can use its bias to correct the imbalance of your body functions, but if you eat these and make the body unbalanced, it is “Poisoned “.

  Give an expected example.

Is ginseng a good medicine?


But it depends on who it is for.

Ginseng has a strong effect of nourishing and nourishing qi, and those with blood deficiency are also suitable.

But if you give it to young people with blood and blood, chances are they will get nosebleeds.

Generally speaking, tonic yin medicine is cold and cold, and it is easy to hurt yang; taking yang is hot and dry, and it is often used to hurt yin and help fire; qi is too sticky, and it will damage the spleen and stomach;Staying, multi-use will be bloating and drowsiness, these are the consequences of repeated drugs as health products.Therefore, medicine is medicine for those who need it, and it is “poison” for those who do not need it.

This is a dialectical approach.

  Therefore, before using the drug, you must identify the defect site, be familiar with the drug’s bias, substitution, and prevent possible substitutions-whether the patient is “overcorrected”.

Among the famous prescriptions of TCM tonics, in addition to tonics, a small amount of “laxatives” must be used reasonably.

For example, the use of Poria, Zexie in the Liuwei Dihuang Pills, and the addition of Chenpi and Bupleurum in the Buzhong Yiqi Pills have the effect of preventing excessive tonic.

  Of course, it is not just traditional Chinese medicine that is abused by modern people, but also Western medicine.

This not only wastes the economic resources of drugs, but also affects people’s life span.

I think it also belongs to a kind of “health barrier”.

In terms of health care, we must treat medicines with caution. Before using the medicine, read the instructions or the reference book of traditional Chinese medicine to understand the precautions for use.

If you do not understand, you should consult a doctor, pharmacist, etc.

  For reasonable medicinal supplements, first ask the spleen and stomach patients mentioned above at the beginning of this article that they have nothing to do. It is because the spleen and stomach are stuffed with drugs, and the function of the medicine is out of order.

Chinese medicine often says that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

The rise and fall of human function are closely related to the spleen and stomach.

In those days when there was no drip infusion, the body had to be absorbed by the spleen and stomach in order to be used, regardless of food or medicine.

A bad appetite will lead to a vicious cycle of weakness and inability to tonic.

  Therefore, when treating these people, the medicine should be used to “spleen the spleen”, and then in the treatment of spleen, add medicines for tonicity and righteousness. Only in this way can we not enter the strange circle of “bad tonic”.

The efficacy and role of tomatoes

The efficacy and role of tomatoes

The efficacy and role of tomatoes

Tomatoes are very familiar to us and are often eaten in life. It is a common fruit and vegetable. We may not have a clear understanding of tomatoes. So what are the effects and functions of tomatoes?

In fact, the effects of tomatoes are still quite a lot. Let ‘s take a look at the effects of tomatoes with Xiaobian!

  Tomato, also called tomato, has bright color, sweet and sour taste, and is not very expensive. It is a common fruit and vegetable.

There are also two nicknames in Europe, one is called “love fruit” and the other is called “longevity fruit”.

The reason why tomatoes are so popular with the public is that tomatoes are treasures all over the body. They are not only good for your health, but also prevent cancer.

  I remember an Italian proverb saying, “The tomato is red, and the doctor’s face is green.

“The meaning is that tomatoes are all treasures. When tomatoes are red, everyone often eats tomatoes, and they rarely get sick. The doctor’s face is green with no patient.

  Why are tomatoes all over the body?

  1, tomatoes are rich in carotene, vitamins B and C, especially vitamin P content ranks first in vegetables.

The vitamin C, sugars, and rutin contained in it contain anti-scurvy, emollient, protect blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and help digestion.

  2. Lycopene contains vitamins and minerals that have protective effects on the cardiovascular system, which can reduce hypertension too much.

  3. Lycopene contained in tomatoes is an antioxidant, which can scavenge free radicals, protect cells, prevent DNA and genes from being destroyed, and prevent cancerous processes.

It has long been listed as an anti-cancer food in the United States, which can effectively prevent and treat prostate cancer, lung cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer and other cancers.

  4. Tomato is rich in vitamin C. Chinese medicine believes that it has the functions of promoting hydration and quenching thirst, strengthening stomach and digesting food, cooling blood and reducing liver, clearing heat and detoxifying, and lowering blood pressure. It has excellent adjuvant treatment for hypertension and hypertension patients.

Eating more tomatoes has anti-aging effects and keeps the skin fair.

  5. The nicotinic acid in tomatoes can maintain the normal secretion of gastric juice and the formation of red blood cells, which is conducive to maintaining the elasticity of blood vessel walls and protecting the skin.

Eating tomatoes for cardiovascular sclerosis and hypertension.

  Tomato stewed sirloin material: sirloin, tomato, white mushroom ginger slices, scallion white, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, salt, tomato sauce, coriander, pepper practice 1. Add sirloin to the pot and add water, add ginger slices, scallion and other spices.1 hour.

  2. In a new pot, peel the tomatoes, cut into cubes, add the stir-fry and stir-fry.

  3, put the beef in tomatoes, add beef soup, no beef at all.

  4. Add mushrooms, tomato sauce and salt and simmer for 40 minutes.

  5. Sprinkle with cilantro and pepper when you cook.

  Tomato fried tofu ingredients: one tomato, one tofu, a small handful of edamame, salt, tomato sauce.

  Method 1: Take out an appropriate amount of tomato sauce and add it to a small bowl, add some water to replace.

  2. Cut the tofu into cubes and the tomato into the hob.

  4. Defrost and wash the edamame for later use. Tofu and edamame are scalded in boiling water.

  5. Pour an appropriate amount of oil in the wok, heat it up, add ginger and garlic slices to stir-fry, and fry the tomato pieces.

  6, add tofu and stir-fry, add peas and tomato sauce, salt, stir well and then pan out.

  Conclusion: Through the above article, do we have a certain understanding of the efficacy and role of tomatoes? The benefits of tomatoes are still quite many, they can fight aging and prevent cancer. There are many ways to eat tomatoesThe knowledge introduced hopes to help everyone understand tomatoes well.

Five ways for young children to learn to play

Five ways for young children to learn to play

Five ways for young children to learn to “play”

We can find everywhere that children are very engaged and happy.
Although it is playing, it is like doing things seriously.
For children, games are not just casual play in the eyes of adults, but a “serious job.”
“Children combine the purpose of” seriousness “with the happy emotions in the game. Adults tend to focus on the latter and ignore the former.
Former Soviet educator Makarenko once said, “Play is of great significance in the lives of children, and it is as important as adult activities, work, and labor.
  Although games are children’s favorite activities, there are many kinds of games, many ways, and very complicated, which requires children to “play”.
How to make children learn to play?
How to achieve the effect of education?
This also depends on the guidance of adults, but this guidance dominates and directs, but not intervention or control.
The guiding role of adults is reflected in the supporters, helpers, protectors, and game partners of children playing.
Talk from the following five aspects.
  First, create a good game environment for children specific environment to create a good game environment is a prerequisite for children to “play”.
First of all, in terms of material conditions, there should be things that children want to play, curious toys or other materials that help children participate in games; at the same time, there should be places for children to “play”, such as rooms, outdoor grass, children’s playgroundIn addition, in terms of psychological needs, a relaxed and free atmosphere, adult care for children, and giving children a good psychological environment can stimulate children’s interest in games.
But parents should not blame children for restricting their games, interfering with their children’s play, and changing the rules of children’s games because their children mess up the room.
If so, it will change the free, pleasant, natural, and exploratory nature of the game itself.
The child should be allowed to become the master of the game in a good material and psychological environment, fully express himself, and truly let the child enjoy the fun of the game.
  Second, in the process of playing, give the necessary guidance and help. For young children, play is not entirely its spontaneous activity, it also needs imitation and learning.
Especially for younger children, it is even more necessary for adults to give proper guidance to motivate children to play.
In this way, children can produce imagination and use the materials to enrich the content and plot of the game based on memory and appearance.
But not all games are good for children.
Parents should pay more attention to understand their children’s games, find problems in time, and solve problems.
If children are found to show adults drinking and fighting in the game, then the children’s bad behavior should be corrected in time, explain the truth, explain the interests, and guide the children to play from the front.
  3. Effectively cultivate children’s sense of autonomy and cooperation in “playing”. When teaching children to play, pay attention to cultivate their sense of autonomy, so that children can develop independently without relying on adults to play independently.
In western countries, it is more important to cultivate children’s independence.
Newborn babies are placed in a separate room and let the children sleep by themselves. Most children over one year old can play by themselves.
In our case, parents are always afraid that the child will not play, and they are afraid of hurting and hurting. They always stay with the child. As time goes by, they develop the habit of relying on adults and do not think about problems themselves, which affects them.Sound personality development of children.
  It is the child’s nature to like to play with peers. In early childhood, the need to interact with peers is even stronger.
At this time, parents should not refuse other children to play with their children.
Children learn how to get along with others in games with their peers.
If a child plays with an adult for a long time, the adult will unconsciously accommodate and protect the child, and it is easy for the child to breed overbearing and arrogant behaviors, which is not conducive to the growth of the child.
Therefore, adults should encourage children to play with partners, let children get exercise from games, and develop children’s cooperative consciousness in games with peers.
  Fourth, let children participate in outdoor activities and sports games. Nowadays, urban life has gradually lost the opportunity for people to get close to nature, and gradually eliminated the opportunity for children to get along with nature.
Replaced by television, video games, electric toys and the Internet.
This hinders children’s interest in exploring the natural world.
So parents and teachers should take their children to the outdoor world to play and play.
Outdoors, children can play freely, and their friends can play freely and creatively expose children to natural materials such as water, soil, animals and plants, expand children’s horizons, cultivate children’s emotions, and enrich their inner world.
At the same time, parents and teachers should also lead their children to participate in more physical activities to exercise their athletic ability and coordination ability.
Develop the sensitivity of your child’s response.In particular, they should be engaged in more military operations and sports. Parents acknowledge that they only provide children with images, electric and intellectual toys.

There should be some sports toys, such as ball, dumbbells, skipping rope, etc.

This kind of child completely gets happiness from the activities, and also exercises the coordination, adjustment, and accuracy of the child’s movements, which can better promote the development of children’s physical fitness.

  Fifth, control the number of toys, and let the child develop the habit of packing toys. Children’s games cannot be separated from toys, but not as many as possible. You should actively choose toys for your children according to their needs.

In the same file, if there are too many toys, it will affect the child’s attention, and nothing can be played, which will lead to differences in game effects.

Therefore, each time you give your child a part of the toy, put away the rest, get tired of playing and then get a new one.

Playing often and new like this is also conducive to cultivating children’s attention.

  After the children have finished playing, they should get them into the habit of packing toys.

In this way, children can develop a good habit of cleaning, improve children’s aesthetic ability and self-care ability, and lay the foundation for orderly things in the future, good beginning and end, and a sense of responsibility.

However, in the development of this habit, adults should not use forced methods to force children to clean up.

And the method of applying games to tirelessly guide children to clean up.

For example, “The ragdoll is tired, she should sleep; the trolley should go to the garage to rest”. The habit becomes natural. Over time, the child will naturally consciously pack his toys.

  The game conforms to the nervous characteristics of children and can effectively meet the needs of children.

In early childhood, let children learn to “play”, let children develop imagination while playing freely, let children be full of passion in play, let children learn to do things in play, learn to be human.

Super easy-to-use skin beauty product

Super easy-to-use skin beauty product


Super easy-to-use skin beauty product

Jam, olive oil, vinegar, coarse salt . Can they be associated with beauty and skin care?

Skin care experts tell you: As long as it is effectively used, these humble things can also become a beauty recipe.

  Pineapple juice cleansing and sweet pineapple is rich in vitamin B and vitamin C, which can remove sebum and old cuticles from pores.

It contains enzymes that remove stains from the skin.

  You can take some pineapple juice with your hands or a cotton pad and massage gently on both ends.

  Olive oil lip Before bed, apply a hot towel to your lips, and then apply a cotton pad to olive oil.

This can improve the effectiveness of lips for women who apply a lot of lipstick every day.

  A lot of vitamins and antioxidants in aromatic vinegar antioxidants can promote metabolism, whiten and sterilize, dilute melanin, quickly eliminate horny keratin, supplement skin nutrients and moisture, also promote blood circulation, reduce rough pores, and resist oxidation.

  Particularly suitable for skin after sun exposure.

Rough skin, oil, yellowing, pigmentation and other problems can be effectively solved.

  Tea bag for eyes first apply cold tea bag for five minutes, then do a yoga-like movement, this movement is cross-legged, then raise your hands and then lie down, keep this position for about ten minutes.

The effect of promoting blood circulation in the eyes is really good.

  Lemon juice restores the skin After a certain component of lemon peel contacts the skin and is irradiated with infrared rays, it may cause skin pigmentation.

  When squeezing lemon juice, you must peel the skin first and then squeeze the juice, otherwise the whitening will not work and the black shift will be more.

  Iced milk + broken tofu = repair milk after sun can reduce inflammation, reduce swelling and soothe the skin.

Especially after sunburn, milk has a very good repair effect.

  Soak the cotton pad in ice milk first, then wash the face with ice milk, and then apply the cotton pad to the red and swollen areas, you can immediately get the effect of soothing and analgesics.

Then shred the tofu and put it in a gauze bag. After washing the face with ice milk, put it on the face and rub it. The skin will become white and smooth.

If the skin on your face becomes red, swollen and painful due to sunburn too much, you can rinse it with iced milk and then apply the face with a soaked cloth soaked in milk. The pain and redness will be relieved.

  Yogurt + cream Say goodbye to wrinkled yogurt, aliquots of cream, mix and mix well, apply to face, leave on for 20 minutes, then wash off with water.

This method has astringent effect, long-term adherence can eliminate wrinkles on the skin and make the skin smooth.

  Suitable for middle-aged women or pregnant women with facial wrinkle texture.

  Skin care ideas in life are everywhere, grasp the beauty secrets around you, make beauty closer.

Lung cancer diet

Lung cancer diet

Lung cancer diet

(1) Honey Runfeizhike pill: exposed honeycomb, silkworm silk aliquots, honey amount.

Grind 3 flavors of medicine and refine the honey into pills.

6 grams 2 times a day.

Efficacy: moisturizing the lungs and resolving phlegm, dispersing knots and swelling.

Applicable to those with obvious liver cough.

  (2) Licorice Sydney Porridge Lung: 10 grams of licorice, 2 Sydney, about 250 grams of pig lung.

Pears are peeled and cut into pieces, pig lungs are washed and cut into pieces, the foam is squeezed out, and placed in a casserole with licorice.

Add a pinch of rock sugar, take a small amount of water and boil for 3 hours.

Once a day, it has the effect of moistening the lungs and phlegm, and is suitable for those with more than one cough.

  (3) Rock sugar almond paste: 15 grams of sweet almonds, 3 grams of bitter almonds, 50 grams of previous rice, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Soft and peel the sweet almonds and bitter almonds with water, mash it and add the previous rice, water and rock sugar to make a thick porridge, once every other day.

With lungs and expectorants, cough and asthma, intestines and other effects.

  (4) Ginkgo jujube porridge: 25 grams of ginkgo, 20 red dates, 50 grams of glutinous rice.

Serve the porridge with ginkgo, red dates and glutinous rice together.

Warm clothes for fasting in the morning and night, detoxification and swelling.

  (5) Stewed bird’s nest with white lotus root: 9 grams of white lotus root, 9 grams with bird’s nest, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Stew white crickets and bird’s nest until they are extremely rotten, and filter to remove residue.

Add the right amount of rock sugar and season for a while.
2 times.

With lung nourishing yin, cough and hemostatic effect.

  (6) Steamed duck with ginkgo: 200 grams of ginkgo, 1 duck.

Ginkgo is peeled, boiled and boiled in boiling water, mixed with boiled duck meat and boiled with boiled water.

Add clear soup and steam for 2 hours until the duck is cooked.

Can be eaten often, with tonic and asthma, diuretic swelling.

Suitable for advanced lung cancer, wheezing, weakness, general weakness, and sputum.

  (7) Schisandra stew: Schisandra 50 grams, duck or pork lean amount.

Schisandra is steamed or stewed with meat, and seasonings are added as appropriate.

Meat, medicine, and soup all serve to nourish lungs and kidneys, relieve cough and relieve asthma, and are suitable for patients with lung deficiency and kidney deficiency.

  (8) Chicken with lotus seeds: 15 grams of lotus seeds, chicken or duck, and pork.

The lotus seeds participate in the stewing of the meat, and the seasoning can be added appropriately.

Take it regularly, tonify the lungs, nourish qi, and promote fluids.

Suitable for those with insufficient blood and formaldehyde.

  (9) Winter melon peel and broad bean soup: 60 grams of winter melon peel, 60 grams of winter melon seeds, 60 grams of broad beans.

Put the above food into the pot and add 3 bowls of water to fry to 1 bowl, then add the appropriate seasoning to serve, remove the residue.

Efficacy: Dehumidification, water retention, and swelling.

Suitable for dialysis patients with pleural effusion.

  (10) Ginger beef rice: fresh beef 100?
150 grams, 50 grams of ginger, 500 grams of rice, soy sauce, peanut oil, spring onion, ginger each edible.
Method: Wash the fresh beef, chop and slice the minced meat, squeeze the ginger out of the juice for about two centimeters, and put the soy sauce, peanut oil, and green onion in the beef.

After the rice is washed, boil it with water until it is ripe and remove the drain water, mix together, and steam it for 1 hour.
  (11) Sheep bone porridge: Raw materials: two sheep bones (about 100 grams in weight).

Previously 100 grams of rice or glutinous rice, salt, ginger, light green style.

Usage: first wash the lamb bones into small pieces (such as the size of a ping pong ball), cook with water, and take the soup and cooked straight rice (or glutinous rice) together to make porridge. Add salt after the porridge is cooked.Eat it.

  One-day recipe for lung cancer (surgical recovery period) Breakfast: Milk (250 grams of fresh milk, 10 grams of sugar), 1 boiled egg (50 grams of eggs), steamed buns (50 grams of flour), mixed vegetables (70 grams of celery, 10 yuba)G) Additional meal: Fruit (250 g of Yali) Lunch: Rice (100 g of rice), Minced meat tofu (100 g of minced meat, 100 g of tofu), Green pepper radish (200 g green pepper, 50 g radish)Meal: Fresh fruit juice (fresh orange juice 200g) Dinner: millet porridge (millet 25g), hair cake (75g flour), fried bean sprouts (200g mung bean sprouts), steamed fish (75g catfish) full day cooking oil 40g

2 tips for baby’s spring pollen allergy

2 tips for baby’s spring pollen allergy

2 tips for baby’s spring pollen allergy

Spring is blooming, and early spring is in full swing. It is a suburban plan that many adults and children love!

However, the babies who are allergic to pollen allergies may suffer from allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and skin rashes, commonly known as “pollen fever”.What about hay fever?

  Understanding Spring Pollen Fever What is Pollen Fever?

Doctors said that “pollen fever”, as the name suggests, uses pollen as an allergen to cause an inflammatory allergic reaction (Traditional Chinese medicine can be regarded as a type of wind syndrome).

  Due to pollen, a series of immune responses are generated in the body, mast cells secrete a large amount of histamine, and the permeability of histamine-secreting blood vessels increases. When the permeability increases, the inflammatory mediators and white blood cells in the blood vessels rapidly concentrate, andCauses a variety of apparent clinical allergic symptoms.

  Soothing coups of hay fever 1.

Wipe the person lightly with a mint stick.


Use your fingertips to rub Yingxiang.

  As long as the health supply station is in the season and area with a lot of pollen, or the wind is strong, the climate is easy to dry, and the pollen is scattered and spread, it is a factor that is prone to pollen fever.

  Take Taiwan as an example. The main season and month of pollen fever are in spring (March-May) and autumn (September-October) when the wind is dry.

In addition to spring, autumn is also the pollination season for some flowers and trees, so there will be two peaks of pollen fever in Taiwan.

  Usually, babies over one year old, because they have the opportunity to participate in their own outing and play, so these babies are often the younger ethnic group that hay fever may occur.

In fact, most allergic diseases are mostly related to family inheritance. If the family has hereditary hay fever, parents should also pay attention to the allergy symptoms that the baby may be more prone to hay fever. If you go out to the area where the hay fever spreads, you should match it.Wear a mask.

  According to Chinese medical opinion, most of the allergic reactions caused by pollen-type foreign stimulants are a type of external wind syndrome, and there are differences in the symptoms of wind cold and wind heat according to different performances.

  Nepeta, windproof, cocklebur, peppermint, Yupingfengsan and other herbs are commonly used to cure the wind and regulate the baby’s lungs and enhance immunity. Therefore, doctors say that babies over one year of age can also use Chinese medicine to gradually adjust the condition.In order to make the baby more resistant to such allergens in the future.

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