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Do n’t mix and match cold medicine

Do n’t mix and match cold medicine

Do n’t mix and match cold medicine

[Introduction]Over-the-counter cold medicines commonly found in regular pharmacies are generally safer, unless very few people are very allergic to the drug.
But whether you are buying Chinese patent medicine, western medicine, or compound cold medicine, you must read the instructions carefully before taking it to find out the indications, contraindications, and clear doses. In addition, do not seek more and more, and take various colds yourself.药”混搭”着吃,导致在不知不觉中超量引发感冒切忌叠加吃药  大多数感冒药,不管是西药、中成药还是复方药,都是OTC(非处方)药物,很多人买药就像Just like buying daily-used consumer goods in the supermarket of your choice, you can go directly to the front cabinet to check out. It is the main product with a large sales volume in the pharmacy.
I couldn’t find the variety I used often, and the purchaser simply exchanged a few words with the staff to discuss an idea.
Moreover, many people often buy more than one cold medicine at a time, and some buy both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.
  People who have prescribed a certain type of cold medicine can continue to use the medicine. If they don’t feel good, they can try different cold medicines of other brands, but it is better to consult a doctor and take it as prescribed.
  It is important to remind that cold medicine should not be superimposed.
Many people, in pursuit of normal work the next day, increase the dose or take two or three cold medicines at the same time. Excessive medication will not only shorten the course of the cold, but also increase the side effects of the medicine.
Blind drug treatment will enhance bacterial resistance, and it is not conducive to the normal functioning of the human immune system.
  Some people think that a combination of Chinese and Western medicine will be more effective in treating colds, so after taking Baifu Ning, add a few more Vitamin C Yinqiao tablets.
  But Victoria C Yinqiao Tablet is actually a compound medicine. In addition to Yinqiao and other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, it also contains paracetamol and chlorpheniramine maleate like Baifuning.
In addition to pure western medicine and pure traditional Chinese medicine, commonly used cold medicines in the market are a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. This type of medicine is often mistaken for patients who lack common knowledge as pure traditional Chinese medicine.Often, it is easy to unknowingly ingest excessive amounts, and rashes, liver and kidney damage may occur, and severe allergic reactions may even occur. Unconsciously, you will be placed in dangerous situations such as anaphylactic shock and dyspnea.
  慢性病患者最好在医生指导下用药  正规药店常见的非处方西药总体来说都较安全,吃出问题乃至夺命的可能性极小,当然,不排除有极少数人对药物十分过敏,用药后Shock appeared immediately.
Although oral cold medicines are relatively mature and stable and have been shown to have no significant side effects, they should be used with caution.
  For example, pediatrics are a high-risk group of colds. Pediatric cold medicines must be prepared at home, and the dosage must be well controlled. It can not be said that adult medicines are used to reduce the top of the share. This is a risk of medication.
  In addition, many people think that proprietary Chinese medicines treat colds more mildly and have less side effects. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, colds are divided into cold and fever. If the traditional Chinese medicines used are not right, they often aggravate the disease and prolong the course of the disease.
  As for the death of cold medicine, it is very unlikely.
But for people with basic diseases, it is possible to choose the wrong cold medicine for a long time and eat the body.
Such as: people with liver and kidney dysfunction, if often take acetaminophen cold medicines, it will damage the liver and kidneys.
Therefore, it is recommended that patients with chronic diseases must carefully read the instructions when purchasing cold medicines. It is best to understand the indications, contraindications and safe doses of the medicines under the guidance of a doctor and their own physical conditions.
  A cold is a self-healing disease. In fact, a cold is a self-healing disease.
Modern medicine believes that colds are generally divided into two types: common colds and epidemic colds.
At present, the common cold in Guangzhou is a common respiratory disease caused by many viruses. Although it is common in winter, the incidence is not low in any season, including spring and summer.
Of course, the flu is divided into peak seasons and low seasons every year, like the current high incidence period each year.
  If it is a simple cold, no other complications are caused. The course of a cold is about 3 to 7 days.
“Experts say that because the virus lives in human cells, there is no drug in the world that can directly kill the cold virus. Therefore, treating colds with drugs is actually” treating the symptoms but not the root cause. ”
  If you have a cold, the best way to avoid fever is to drink orange juice or add vitamin C to help the body improve immunity.
And bed rest is by no means empty talk.
No matter what kind of medicine you take, you can only alleviate the symptoms that occurred at the time. If you can combine bed rest and drink warm water at the same time, this simple “oldest three” can help you pass the cold period safely and quickly.

Sore throat 10 ways to help you soothe

Sore throat 10 ways to help you soothe

Sore throat 10 ways to help you soothe

Causes of Sore Throat Sore throat is the first symptom of a cold, and it is a concomitant adverse reaction associated with tight vocal cords or severe streptococcal laryngitis.

Regardless of the cause, sore throat needs to be supplemented by you. You must find ways to make the pain symptoms quickly relieve.

Dr. Jeffrey Linder from Boston Hospital said: You may be tempted to see your doctor in pain, but the best treatments are actually family secrets and over-the-counter medicines.

  1. One of the most effective ways to treat sore throats with anti-inflammatory drugs may be hiding in your medicine box, an over-the-counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), such as Edwell or Naproxen.

  Dr. Linder said, “These drugs have both pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, so while they make you feel better, they can also reduce the redness and swelling caused by sore throat.

If you have fever, you can also get relief from these medications.

“2. A saltwater mouthwash doctor advises: Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water.

If you don’t particularly like the taste of salt, you can add a little honey to the salt water to make the salt taste sweet.

(Remember: Spit out water instead of swallowing.

) The study found that rinsing mouth with “warm saline” multiple times a day can effectively relieve throat swelling and release mucus and expel irritants and bacteria.

  3. Dr. Linder, throat lozenges and sprays, said: “Drinking a few bites of cough syrup will stimulate the production of saliva and keep your throat moist.

But cough syrup is no more effective than throat hard candy.

“In addition, it is better to choose a laryngeal sugar that contains a cooling or anesthetic.

For example: mint or eucalyptus flavors.

  Over-the-counter sprays like Chloraseptic have similar effects to cool throat moisturizers.

Although it does not cure sore throats or underlying cold symptoms, it can temporarily reduce pain.

The active ingredient of chlorine fungicide is phenol, which is a topical preservative with antibacterial effect.

  4. Cough Syrup Even if you have not had symptoms of cough, over-the-counter cough syrup will definitely make you suffer from respiratory pain.

Similar to drops and sprays, it covers the surface of the throat and temporarily relieves pain.

  If you have difficulty sleeping through the night due to sore throat, you can choose to use night medications such as Nyquil (containing pain relief and antihistamines) or Huifening (containing glycerol and codeine).Relieve pain and assist sleep.

  5. Dr. Liquid Lind said: “It’s very important to keep your body hydrated!

Especially when you are sick or have an uncomfortable throat, inflammation or redness, you need enough water to keep your urine light yellow or colorless.

This will keep the mucous membrane moist and allow it to better fight “bacteria and allergens,” while also helping the body overcome other symptoms of the cold.

“In addition, you choose what to drink.

But water is always preferred (and so is ice)!

You can also use slightly sweeter wines, such as fruit juices replaced with water, or try salty ones, such as chicken soup.

  6, tea does not like to drink water?

Then come with a cup of warm herbal tea to help you relieve your sore throat immediately.

  In addition, non-flower tea, whether it is black tea, green tea or white tea, has antioxidants that enhance immunity and fight infection.

If you want to make an enhanced tea, add a teaspoon of honey to it.

This will help the “drug” deepen the reasoning, make the tea’s antibacterial recovery work, and help you recover quickly.

  7, chicken soup chicken soup, as an ancient family recipe for treating colds, it still causes relief of sore throat.

  Dr. Linder said: “Sodium (Na) in the broth does have an anti-inflammatory effect.

When it interferes with the esophagus, it immediately gives you a soothing feeling.

“When you are ill, another benefit of soup is that there is no chewing, pain caused by swallowing food, and no difficulty in swallowing or sore throat. After drinking, it can help you get the nutrients you need while helping you.Fight against disease!

  8. Although marshmallow lacks strong evidence that marshmallow is effective!

But the sap in marshmallow, the precursor of marshmallow, has been used in the form of “tea” to treat coughs, colds, and sore throats for hundreds of years.

Although the name marshmallow has nothing to do with sore throat by its name, it does have a sore throat effect.  According to the “Anecdotal Report”, modern marshmallows help relieve sore throats, probably because of its gelatin coat and soothing ingredients.

Dr Linder said: “It’s not weird. If your throat is really red and swollen, it will hurt to swallow anything, but something sweet and slippery like marshmallow may really make you feel better.
9, rest may not be the most effective, but it is really the best thing you can do when you “throat sore, fight against bacteria tearing life”.

  Dr. Linder said that various types of sore throats may be caused by cold germs.

We also know that there is nothing to do once you have a cold, and ensuring extra rest can at least help you fight off the virus and restore your body.

  10. Antibiotics. About 10% of sore throats in adults are caused by a brewed Streptococcus-like bacterial infection.

If your test result is positive, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics for you. Even if you feel better after a few days, be sure to take a full course of medication.

For viral infections, antibiotics are not effective.

Experts announce 12 common dreams

Experts announce 12 common dreams

Experts announce 12 common dreams

Billions of people see almost the same scenes in both nightmares and beautiful dreams, and their contents are mainly divided into the following 12 types: 1. Being chased. When evil dreams are always chasing us-Beasts, atrocities or monsters, they always try to catch, eat or kill us.

  When dreaming, you may be chasing others-maybe your neighbors, or maybe movie stars.

You may catch up with him or her later.

  2. Someone shot at you and you were injured; you want to fight back, but the gun is not good enough; someone wants to kill you or your loved ones; you cry in your dreams; you even have a tooth in your mouthIt fell out.

  Sometimes things get better, you get a new life at the beginning of a serious illness, or you successfully retaliate against others.

  3. In distress, you will dream that your car (ship or airplane) has failed. You are sitting on it and galloping on the brakes, but you ca n’t stop it . In this case, dreams rarely occur.

  4. Lost important items. It’s very important for you to lose your lost things. Maybe it’s a passport, a valuable ring, a bill, or a house fire and collapse.

Sometimes we can’t remember where we parked the car in our dreams.

  The sweet dream in this case is that you get something valuable, perhaps a home or truck car.

  5. It seems that you are back to school to take the test, but you cannot answer the questions.

Another scene is to sing on stage, but silently . Another scene is that you have achieved great success on these occasions.

  6, falling at high altitude, you dreamed that you fell off the cliff, was pressed by the huge waves below, and was swept into the sea by the rapids.

  In the dream, you can feel yourself soaring in the sky, or feel the gravity of the earth on your body.

  7. When you are ugly, you dream that you are partially or completely naked under the large court, and even walked the street barefoot.

  If it is a dream, the clothes are suddenly found, or wearing gorgeous clothes is stink.

  8. Late, you dream that you are running towards the station, but the train (car, or other alternative) has already started.

  In the dream, you will dream of catching the train, very happy and relaxed.

  9, the phone is disconnected Sometimes you dream of talking on the phone with a dead relative, but the phone is suddenly disconnected.

  If the situation is good, you will dream to hear the voice of a dead relative, but after waking up, you forget his or her words completely.

  10. Disaster You dream of seeing a plane crash with your own eyes, or watching other terrible disasters, or an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

  In the dream, you will dream of yourself in a wonderland, but you don’t know where it is.

  11. Lost You dreamed that you were lost in a strange city. You need to find something there, but you did n’t find it. Or you ca n’t walk, your legs and feet are as weak as cotton. Or you struggle in the dirt, but in the endStill not enough; maybe you won’t run away again, as if paralyzed.

  In the dream, you will find more new rooms or new things in your home.

  12, the dream of the dead is difficult to distinguish between good and bad.

People sometimes meet their dead relatives in their dreams. After waking up, people would rather believe that the dead relatives would indeed see themselves from another world.

Talking about how to use incentive mechanism to motivate people

Talking about how to use incentive mechanism to motivate people

Talking about how to use incentive mechanism to motivate people

The so-called incentive refers to stimulating people’s motivation through a certain stimulus, so that people become the inherent motivation of the stock, and move towards the desired goal.

How to use the incentive mechanism to motivate people to do things well is not only the essence of the rise and fall of the enterprise, but also the main responsibility and necessary management quality of an effective leader or manager.

  First, to understand the ability of motivation objects, temperament and personality are the basis for mobilizing people’s enthusiasm. Arranging appropriate work is the substitute and basis for mobilizing enthusiasm.

As a leader or manager, if you want to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to complete the necessary work tasks, you must first understand the ability, temperament and personality of employees, and assign tasks to different situations.

There is no doubt that there are differences in human abilities, both general ability differences (observation, imagination, attention, memory and thinking ability, etc.) and special ability differences (organization ability, etc.).

If the leader or manager can’t make the best use of his talents, he will make the best use of it, which will have an impact or even a loss on the work, and more serious is a waste of talent.

  In essence, mastering the temperament of human beings enables managers to know that they are good people.

Temperament refers to “the speed intensity of a person’s typical psychological process and the directional characteristics of psychological activity”.

Generally can be divided into: bloody and active type, people with this temperament are lively, active, full of vigor, quick and smart, adaptable, and communicative.

The mucous type is also called quiet type. People with this temperament have strong perception and are emotional, but their personality is lonely and concealed, and cowardly.

The type of bile is also known as irritable. This temperament person is straightforward, sees the blood, has weak control, and can be abundant.

It can be seen that people with the first temperament are suitable for marketing and public relations work, and financial and accounting personnel should choose to work carefully, quietly, calmly, patiently, and with a slime temperament.

Practice has proved that when a person’s temperament characteristics meet the requirements of the job, the person is easier to adapt and work more easily, otherwise it is not adapted, and the task is difficult to complete.

So it’s important to understand one’s temperament.

  Second, meeting the basic needs of people is to ensure the mobilization of people’s enthusiasm. Hierarchical theory is required to divide the basic needs of people from low to high levels into five levels.

That is: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect needs, self-actualization needs.

Among them, the physiological needs, that is, the needs for the material intake to ensure people’s survival, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, medical needs, etc., only this most basic need is met to the extent necessary to maintain life, and the remaining fewThis demand can become a new motivating factor.

The requirements of safety, that is, personal safety, labor safety, occupational safety, property safety, etc.

After the above-mentioned physiological requirements are relatively satisfied, safety requirements will be manifested.

Social needs are that people are willing to build friendships, long for support and love, and want to belong to some people and be accepted by them.

The need for respect refers to the need for people to have self-esteem and respect. They want to gain reputation or prestige, and when they have achieved results, they want to be recognized.

The need for self-actualization is the highest level of human needs.

This demand means that people want to complete work commensurate with their own capabilities, so that their potential capabilities can be realized.

From the perspective of managers or leaders, only by grasping the needs of people can we actively create conditions to meet people’s needs, guide our needs in a targeted manner, and do targeted management work in a targeted manner to achieve the purpose of motivating people.

  Third, the degree of motivation is a way to motivate people. Motivation methods must be different from person to person, flexible and diverse, and adapted to the needs and pursuits of people of different ages, different hobbies, different departments, and different positions. This is an effective way to motivate people.

  The first is to adopt different reward methods.

Managers should adopt different reward methods according to the similarity and difference between the advantages and needs of people, and strive to make rewards and rewards suitable for the needs of different people and improve the effectiveness of incentives.

  The second is to be flexible and diverse.

The strength of the incentive method on employees ‘psychology does not depend entirely on its economic value or level of spiritual encouragement, but on individual differences and group atmosphere of employees, and whether a certain incentive method meets the employees’ needs.
Therefore, enterprises can adopt different incentive mechanisms according to their own characteristics.

For example, you can use job incentives, try to put employees in the positions they are suitable for, and rotate the work as possible to increase the novelty of the employees, so that the work is feasible and challenging, and cultivate the employees’ enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work.Secondly, participation incentives can be used to form employees’ sense of belonging and identification with the enterprise through participation, which can further meet the needs of self-esteem and self-realization, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and further develop the enterprise.

  Third, managers must organically combine material incentives and image incentives.

Granting advanced model people bonuses, items, promotion, and promotion can certainly play a role, but visualized incentives can make the incentive effect lasting and strengthen.

  All in all, in the tide of the market economy, in-depth research and discussion on how to use incentive mechanisms to motivate people is a new issue that needs to be addressed before leaders and managers.

Only by making full use of the incentive mechanism can we better promote the efficient operation of enterprises, improve their competitiveness and even survive, and they can realize the potential of rewarding, lazy and lazy.

Only by making full use of the incentive mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of the workers, so that the quality of enterprise members is continuously improved, and the business is constantly proficient, so as to maintain a strong work enthusiasm, can the enterprise be healthy and rapid development.

Life and health of the grass – glutinous rice

Life and health of the grass – glutinous rice

Life and health of the grass – glutinous rice

A comprehensive understanding of the mystery of glutinous rice is the best ingredient in the summer.
  Glutinous rice – the most healthy food in summer. Raw material alias: Coix seed, coix seed, six rice, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, coix seed.
hzh {display: none; }  使用提示:每餐50-100克  原料介绍  薏米为禾本科植物薏苡的成熟种仁,为一年或多年生草本.When the fruit is ripe in autumn, the plants are harvested, dried, and the fruits are dried, dried, and the outer shell, yellow-brown seed coat and impurities are removed, and the kernels are collected.
Glutinous rice is easy to digest and absorb, and it is very effective for nourishing or medical treatment.
  Glutinous rice has a long history of cultivation in China, and it is one of the ancient foods of China.
It is produced in most parts of the country, mainly in Fujian and Hebei provinces. Due to its high nutritional value, glutinous rice is known as the “king of the world’s grasses” and the “health of life”. It has recently been listed in Japan asAnti-cancer food, so the value doubled.
  Nutritional analysis
Because glutinous rice contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, it has the function of promoting metabolism and reducing gastrointestinal burden. It can be used as a tonic food for patients with frail or sick patients;
Regular consumption of glutinous rice food also has effects on chronic enteritis and indigestion.
Glutinous rice can enhance kidney function, and has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis, so it is also effective for patients with edema;
It has been proved by modern pharmacological research that glutinous rice has anti-cancer effect, and its anti-cancer active ingredient includes selenium element, which can effectively inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, and can be used for adjuvant treatment of gastric cancer and cervical cancer;
Healthy people often eat glutinous rice, which can make the body lighter and reduce the incidence of cancer;
Glutinous rice contains a certain amount of vitamin E. It is a kind of beauty food. It can keep the skin of the human body shiny and delicate, eliminate acne, pigmentation and improve skin tone, and it has certain therapeutic effects on sputum caused by viral infection.
Glutinous rice is rich in vitamin B, which is very beneficial for the prevention and treatment of beriberi.
  Related groups The general population can be eaten 1.
Suitable for a variety of cancer patients, arthritis, acute and chronic nephritis edema, cancerous ascites, face floating limb swollen, beriberi edema, sputum, beauty, youth flat warts, vulgaris vulgaris, contagious soft palate, youthAcne mites and other rough skin malnutrition, suitable for pulmonary sputum, pulmonary sputum; 2.

According to previous experience, women do not eat early in pregnancy; other people with less sweat and constipation should not eat.
  Production guidance
Raw glutinous rice soup to take food, is conducive to dehumidification and wind removal; used for spleen and stomach, cure spleen diarrhea and diarrhea must be fried food.
  2. Glutinous rice is used for food, porridge and soup.
Summer and autumn and winter melon soup, can be eaten with food, but also clear summer heat and dampness.
Bring the fresh milk to a boil, add the appropriate amount of hazelnut powder, stir well and serve.
Regular food can keep the skin shiny and delicate, eliminate acne, freckles, age spots, pregnancy spots, butterfly spots.
Coix seed is hard to cook. It needs to be soaked in warm water for 2-3 hours before cooking, so that it can fully absorb water. After absorbing the water, it can be easily cooked with other rice.
  食疗作用  薏米味甘、淡、性微寒、归脾、胃、肺经;  有健脾利水、利湿除痹、清热排脓、清利湿热之功效;  可用于治疗泄泻、筋脉拘挛、Unfavorable flexion and extension, edema, athlete’s foot, intestinal fistula, turbidity, leucorrhea and other symptoms.
  Other related “Compendium of Materia Medica” records glutinous rice “spleen and stomach, lungs and heat, wind and moisture”.
  ”Materia Medica” records that “the main ribs are urgently restrained, not stretched, and the rheumatism is smashed”.
  Remarks 1.
The root function is basically the same as that of the coix seed. It is clearing heat, diuresis and deworming, and can cure abdominal pain. 2.
It is used for the syndrome of dampness and heat, which is similar to talc and turf. It can be used in combination with almond, coix seed, bamboo leaf and wood pass.。

6 foods that are born to relieve aging

6 foods that are born to relieve aging

6 foods that are born to relieve aging

Antioxidants help protect the immune system, effectively fight diseases, fight free radicals and ease aging.

Eating more food can effectively fight aging and keep you old?

  Beans and legumes are a great source of fiber and antioxidants, with red and black beans having the most antioxidants.

Beans can be cooked, stewed or pasta added.

  Improving blueberries can help improve cognitive ability and strengthen immunity.

In addition, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and cranberries also contain a lot of antioxidants.

It can be added to yogurt or oatmeal for better health effects.

  Dark chocolate Dark chocolate may be a strong flavonoid antioxidant that helps lower blood pressure.

The higher the content of cocoa in dark chocolate, the better. Pay attention to the label when choosing.

  Apples Apples contain many basic vitamins and strong antioxidants, and red apples have the most antioxidants.

This “portable snack” meets the needs of sweets.

  Potatoes contain a lot of antioxidants, and steamed potatoes with skin are good for health.

However, eat potatoes to reduce the amount of staple foods to avoid gaining weight.

  Carrots The rich beta carotene in carrots helps the body produce the necessary vitamin A and helps prevent cancer.

In addition, eating carrots helps protect eyesight.

Carrots can be eaten freely, eaten raw, stir-fried, and stewed.

Nourishing lungs first in autumn

Nourishing lungs first in autumn

Nourishing lungs first in autumn

Sugarcane, pear clearing lungs and moistening.

Chinese medicine believes that people who have signs of Qiuzao can eat the staleness in their lungs by eating spicy food.

Qingfei moistening food substitutes loquat, pear, sugarcane, loquat, orange, radish, bamboo shoots, loofah, cabbage, laver, duck eggs, etc.

  Sugar cane has a tonic effect.

As a cool tonic, it has a certain effect on complications such as dry stool, nausea and vomiting, and deficient cough.

Pears have the functions of promoting hydration and quenching thirst, relieving cough and phlegm, clearing heat and reducing fire, nourishing blood and regenerating muscles, and moistening lungs and removing dryness. It is most suitable for patients with internal heat, especially for lung heat, cough, infantile fever, dry throat,Fecal dryness is more suitable.

However, due to the coldness of pear and sugarcane, those with spleen and stomach deficiency and stomach and abdominal pain are not suitable for consumption.

  Black and white fungus can nourish the lungs.

Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs belong to the lungs in autumn, so those with normal constitution should generally take lung nourishing and tonic in autumn.

Pingbu alternates with black fungus, white fungus, ginkgo, peanut, almond, apricot, fig, marigold, ume and other foods.

  Lily, barley tonic.

People with signs of lung qi and yin deficiency should identify the previous supplementary qi, and both yin or yin.

Available lily, barley kernel, Huai yam, honey and other tonic lung.

People with symptoms of lung yin deficiency can nourish the lung yin with walnuts, coriander, lean meat, eggs, milk and other foods.

If it hurts stomach, liver and kidney yin, you can nourish stomach yin, liver, kidney yin with sesame, pear, sorrel juice and milk, hemp kernel, sea cucumber, chicken, etc.

  Zhishi is a kind of autumn tonic that is not dry and not tired.

There are two types of concoction and stir-fry. The raw scallion is mainly tonifying kidney and astringent essence, while the fried scallion is mainly to strengthen the spleen and appetite.

The easiest tonic for edible cilantro in autumn is to make cilantro paste: 1000 grams of fried cilantro are ground into powder. When serving, take 50?
100 grams of powder is poured into water and served.

Add sesame, peanut kernel, walnut meat, etc. as you like.

Black Snake

Black Snake

Black Snake

Black snake (Zoacys dhumnades), commonly known as black snake, black wind snake.

The venomous family, broken non-venomous snake, body distance can reach more than 2.5m.

The body is brown or tan, with a yellow vertical line in the middle of the back and two black vertical lines on the side of the body, which disappear to the back of the body (some individuals are dark green throughout the body, and some of the front half look yellow.The back body is black).

Perched in low and medium mountain areas below 1600m above sea level, they often crawl under the expansion (highly raise their heads to watch around) or crawl along the paddocks arranged along the paddy fields, vegetable fields, near river ditches, and sometimes even the grass near the mountain roads.Found in (bamboo forest near mountain houses).

Quick action, quick response, good at running away.

Be gentle and don’t bite (like many snakes, only when you are overly frightened when you are in a hurry to catch your life).

Feed on frogs (staple food), lizards, fish, rats, etc. (narrow-eater snakes).

Eggs are laid between July and August, 7-14 eggs each.

It is widely distributed throughout Fujian, etc .; it is only distributed in northeastern and eastern Yunnan in Yunnan.

At present, the number of wild survivors is greatly reduced (the occupied area is destroyed, and a large number of killings) should be protected.

  Belonging to the family Snakeidae, according to statistics, the female of the black snake snake accounts for 51% of the male and female proportions, and the fertilized eggs account for 91.

4%, the natural hatching rate is 64.

6%, the natural survival rate is 30%.

  [English name]ZAOCYS[alias]black snake, black snake, sword spine, black wind snake, yellow wind snake, sword spine black snake, southern snake[source]This product is a zoology animal black head snake Zaocys dhumnades (Cantor) dry body.

More than summer and autumn capture, cut open the belly of the snake or peel off the snake skin first and tail, remove the internal organs, disc-shaped, dry.

  [Method]Black snake meat: after removing the head and scales, suffocate with yellow wine, remove the bone and dry.

  Liquor (suffix) Wushao snake: Take the net Wushou snake section and fry it in accordance with the Jiuyi method (Appendix IID).

For every 100 kg of black snake, use 20 kg of rice wine.

  [Properties]This product is disc-shaped, with a diameter of about 16cm.

Surface dark brown or green-black, densely covered with rhombus scales; dorsal scale rows are doubled, dorsal center 2?
The 4 rows of scales are strongly ridged, forming two continuous black lines.

The head is round in the middle, flat and round, the eyes are large and sunken, and shiny.

There are 8 upper lip scales, the 4th and 5th ones enter the cobweb, 1 beak scale, 1 lower scale in front of the eyes, smaller, 2 scales behind the eyes.

The ridge is towering into a ridge shape.

The abdomen is cut open with inward bones, thick spinal muscles, yellowish white or light brown, and neatly arranged ribs.

The tail is tapering and long.

Under the tail scales double.

The skinner only has the head and tail skin scales, and the middle section is smoother.

Angry and light.

  [Sexual flavor return classics]Gan, flat.

Return to the liver.

  [Indications]Qufeng, Tongluo, cough.

It is suitable for rheumatic dysentery, numbness, crooked eyes, apoplexy, convulsive fracture, tetanus, leprosy scabies, scabies.

  [Usage and dosage]9-12g.

Or swallow flour for 1 dollar and 3 for decoction.

You can also make wine.

  [Storage]Keep in a dry place to prevent mildew and moth.

  [Remarks](1) The effect is similar to that of Baihua Snake, but the medicine is weak.
  [Excerpt]”Chinese Pharmacopoeia” Therapeutic Value The meat of the black snake of the family Ophiodidae.
Also known as Black Snake, Black Flower Snake, Black Wind Snake, Sword Back Snake, Sanlingzi.

Mainly distributed in the provinces south of the Yangtze River.

After obtaining, remove the skin, head and internal organs, and wash them for later use; or remove the head and internal organs and suffocate with yellow wine, remove and remove the skin, bone, and sun-dry.

  [Performance]Sweet, salty and flat.

Can expel wind and dehumidify, pass through the meridians, set alarm, and detoxify.

  [Reference]Contains protein, trace and other ingredients.

  [Use]It is used for rheumatic dysentery and skin unkindness; leprosy, skin rash, eyebrows; sores and scabies; tetanus.

  [Usage]Jiantang, dipping wine, ground powder, into the measurement.

  [附方]  1.Black snake wine: the right amount of black snake, the right amount of white wine, so that it can overflow the snake body, soak 10?

Take 10ml daily, twice a day.

  According to “Chao Yeyu”: “Some people in Shangzhou are suffering from cannabis wind, and their families are evil.

There is a hut in the mountain, and there are black snakes falling into the wine vessel.

I saw snake bones in the bottom of the opium, and I knew why.

“Today, snake snake clothing is made from black snakes, mixed with leprosy, which is used to remove rheumatism, pass through the meridians, and detoxify; wine can act as a blood vessel and a drug.

This prescription can also be used to treat rheumatism and pain.


Three snake wine: black snake, cobra, viper.

Liquor amount, soak 10?

25 for each serving?
50ml, 2 times a day.

  Cobra and viper are placed with venomous snakes, rheumatism is eliminated, and the meridian effect is replaced. Black snake is used with both, and its effect is particularly good.

For rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid spondylitis, etc.


Black snake soup: 1 black snake, sliced soup.

Season with pork fat, salt, and ginger.

  The black snake has the effects of removing wind and dehumidification and detoxification. It also has a certain preventive or therapeutic effect on acute measles and eczema abscess.

This recipe is used to make soup soup, which is especially suitable for eating.


Dingming San: 60g black snake, white flower snake each, 2 pieces.

Co-research into fine, 10g each time, warm wine mix.

  Derived from “The General Record of Shengji”.

White flower snakes and tadpoles can continue to expel wind and determine shock, and the role of attacking the poison, the black-snake snake and the two together can work synergistically.

Warm wine transfer can enhance the power of Xinsan Qufeng.

It is used for tetanus, wind poisoning, tetanus, and rigidity.

Should you choose to fry Chinese herbs or fry them?

Should you choose to fry Chinese herbs or fry them?

Should you choose to fry Chinese herbs or fry them?

Guide: Traditional Chinese medicine is welcomed by the people because of its small toxic and side effects.

Now let ‘s understand the pros and cons of the two, and the specific situation is specifically targeted: the hospital decoction, to keep the effect of volatile medicine, the hospital decoction uses an automatic decoction machine, the cooking process is performed in a closed, high-pressure environment, set the time, Pressure and other parameters, after being fried, manually or automatically squeezed, the liquid medicine is delivered to the automatic packaging machine for packaging.

Some of the traditional Chinese medicines we commonly use, such as mint, turmeric, and iris, all contain volatile oil components. They are the effective ingredients of the medicinal materials. To reduce the loss during the decoction process, the efficacy can be guaranteed.

The fully sealed automatic decoction machine can supplement the escape of synthetic volatile oil components.

On the contrary, when the decoction is boiled, the active ingredient is in the air, and when it is boiled at high temperature, some ingredients are oxidized, which is not more concentrated.

Traditional self-frying, flexible medicine Traditionally, traditional medical practitioners have summed up a set of decoction methods in order to give full play to the efficacy of drugs.

Special requirements for decoction: some prescriptions require, some medicines should be fried first (such as turtle plate, vermiculite), some medicines should be used later (such as rhubarb, Amomum villosum), and some should be fried (such as ginseng).

In this way, self-cooking can be adjusted according to need, and the hospital can not achieve it.

Frying time is also particular about: anti-emulsifiers (such as ephedra, chrysanthemum, lisianthus) should not be fried for a long time.
10 minutes, so as not to reduce the lightness and divergence; while the tonic drugs (such as ginseng, Chinese wolfberry, and tortoise shell) are heated, they need to be simmered for more than 40 minutes.

Some ore, animal horn beetles and other small hard pieces should be fried before they can dissolve the effective ingredients; aconite, pinellia slices and other toxic ingredients also need to be fried for 30?
60 minutes to reduce toxicity.

If a recipe contains these different properties, the traditional frying method using a clay pot casserole can meet these different requirements.

Automatic decoction machines cannot.

The fact that you need to do it yourself to achieve the maximum benefit of the drug, who will cook it better?

In general, there are no special requirements for the cooking time and heat, and the hospital can directly fry them. However, if there are special medical orders such as cooking first and then lowering, it is better to do it yourself.

Because the decoction container of the automatic decoction machine mostly uses a stainless steel liner, the nickel, chrome iron, etc. sometimes chemically react with proteins, amino acids, and other active ingredients in the drug under high temperature and pressure, which affects the efficacySome decoctions, such as Liuwei Dihuang Decoction, are not suitable for automatic decoction.

In addition, the amount of fried medicine should not exceed seven days, otherwise, it will easily deteriorate even if it is placed in the refrigerator.

Before taking the liquid medicine, heat it in a microwave oven for a minute or two or burn it with hot water.

If the medicine appears swollen, it means that it has deteriorated and cannot be taken.

Highlights of the magical effects of tomatoes

Highlights of the magical effects of tomatoes

Highlights of the magical effects of tomatoes

1. Treatment of skin diseases: peel and apply fresh tomatoes to the affected area, 2-3 times a day, can cure fungi and infectious skin diseases

  2. Treatment of high blood pressure: 1-2 fresh ripe tomatoes are dipped in sugar on an empty stomach every morning to reduce blood pressure.

  3. Reduce fever: Mix and stir each half cup of tomato juice and watermelon juice and drink once every hour to reduce fever.

  4. Deodorize the plastic container: The plastic lunch box used as food is easy to skewer. You can first pour some tomato juice in the lunch box, fill it with the container, and leave it for two minutes. Then, clean it with warm water with detergent.Vanished.

  Remove odors from the refrigerator.

Long-term power failure will cause the food in the refrigerator to deteriorate, and the smell will grow. Try using Panyu juice to eliminate the spoilage in the refrigerator.

Scrub the inside wall of the refrigerator with a 100% cloth dipped in tomato juice, rinse with warm soapy water, and then dry.

  5. Relieve sore throat: Put half a cup of tomato juice and half a cup of warm water together and use mouthwash to relieve the symptoms of sore throat.

  6, beauty, anti-aging: smashed fresh and cooked tomatoes and add some sugar, use it every day to coat the surface, can make the skin delicate and smooth, beauty anti-aging effect is excellent.

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