Song Min found out that he had missed a good sister。

“Wakayu,The time I lost it for you,I’ll do it three times,I can’t finish it once anyway,There is no difference between three times and once。”
Murong Shan said boldly。
Daochang Bai said nothing,I just smiled and looked at the four girls in front of each other,Helping each other,Go through adversity together,She admired the strong sisterhood between them,Actually unabated,Isn’t it just a word from her as a master?,Besides, she wouldn’t really embarrass the four of them,Exhausted the apprentices,It’s not good for her master。
So after Shen Ruoxi,Song Min did this terrible second“game”,Same as Shen Ruoxi,Song Min was also in the last two steps,There is no way to go any further。
So in the end Daochang Bai had to secretly release the water again,So Song Min barely passed the test,Once the game is over,Song Min immediately got down……
Then Murong Shan and Chen Hao are third,Fourth, I did this waist training game one after another,Without exception,Both of them rely on Daochang Bai“Release water”Just passed the pass,Then there are four girls lying side by side on the grass。
“how are you feeling?”
Daochang Bai smiled and asked the four girls。
“Life is better than death。”
Shen Ruoxi blurted out without even thinking about it。
“and so,As long as you can survive this level,Then everything will be easier to handle in the future,Come on,Girls,Training for the four of you today,That’s it,Take a hot bath at night,Go to bed early,Ha ha。”
Daochang Bai finished his explanation,Turned around to inspect the other girls……
“Damn,It turns out that the master didn’t plan to let us do it three times!She frightened us on purpose!”
After Daochang Bai left,Shen Ruoxi said something in a low voice, thinking she was smart。

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