Peng Changyi just praised Shen Fang in his heart,I don’t want to go, that Shen Fang is back again,Peng Changyi said angrily and with a smile:“Why did you connect me?Does your divorce have anything to do with me??”

“Of course there is,The surname Kang says that Nana has never accepted him,You instigated,He also said,You never saw him with your right eyes,Also said……”
“Is he holding it right?,I don’t look at him,What does it have to do with your divorce,He is covering up the fact that he is unruly。You shouldn’t let him go out dancing every day!”
Hear here,Shen Fang was stunned,Said:“You know he is wrong?”
Peng Changyi startled,Bit the bullet and said:“Many people know,Just you don’t know。”
“Peng Changyi,You bastard,You know why don’t you tell me earlier?Seeing my joke intentionally?”
Peng Changyi regrets herself,Obviously know Shen Fang’s temper,Why are you telling him this?,Just said:“Don’t blame me,I, Peng Changyi, was never a good person in front of you,Dare you say what’s going on with the surname Kang,do not you know?If you want to scold me,You scold,As long as you feel good、It’s easy,But don’t buckle all non-stick shit bowls on my head,good or not?”
Say here,Shen Fang is silent,long time,She never choked:“Sorry,you’re right,Even though he married me,But I haven’t stopped dealing with some stubborn women,I didn’t want to spend time with her,I want to wait for Nana to finish her exams before getting a divorce,On the day of Nana’s exam,He actually took the woman home,He thought I went to work after sending Nana off,I didn’t expect me to come back again,that’s it,I persisted for two days,Then left with him……”
Peng Changyi said:“I heard before,He won’t leave you,Let you give him a sum of money,Is that right?”
“Yes,In order to get relief as soon as possible,I gave ten thousand yuan……”
“You stupid?What did he bring to this family,Why do you give him money?I should have beaten him with a stick long ago,Pay him back,His nickname is Bai Tang,Look sweet!I think,You Shen Fang is what I can do,So you can’t afford to offend anyone。”
Shen Fang said:“Just,Just,You killed me……”
Peng Changyi is very angry,Said:“Did you give the money??”

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