Changed another person,I already called the police when I encountered this kind of thing。

Under police investigation,You can find Ali in two or three days。
Only Su Mo,So I can check in private,And I firmly don’t believe that Ali is a traitor。
Even now,Su Mo didn’t even have the slightest idea of sending him to the police station。
“stand up!”Su Mo glanced at Shen Huan,Just to A Li Dao lying on the ground:“Where is Xiaoxue?”
“she was,She is in the hospital……”Ali cried as he spoke,“The doctor said,Want to have surgery earlier,And pay for the surgery and medicine……20Ten thousand!Follow-up treatment should also be given in advance,At least save50Ten thousand……I don’t have this money,I can only let her wait in the hospital……”
“You are a trash!”
Su Mo angered,“It’s this time,Don’t you come beg me?You have been with me for so many years,Don’t you think I’m hard-hearted,Did you watch Xiaoxue die??”
“Don’t chirp,Get up and lead the way,Go to the hospital!”Su Modao,“Li Xiang, prepare the car……”
Between talking,Su Mo said to Shen Huan again:“Xiao Huan,Today, my brother accepts your love,Let’s have a good drink after the matter is resolved……I won’t keep you today,Go to Brother Yuan’s side!”
“it is good!”
Shen Huan smiled faintly,Turned and went downstairs。
As a master,Of course it must be so light and breezy,Such gestures reveal the demeanor of an expert!

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