After all, he earns only three to fifty thousand a month,But there is no money left to do it。

But it is precisely because Fang Xigao is fighting alone,In the past few years, I have accumulated a group of young fans,So instead, many people will automatically do some promotion for him。
Only compared to the previous three,It’s not as good as shooting a horse。
In such a strong and weak situation,《Song god》This final,Slowly opened the curtain。
Fang Xigao first appeared。
As the last one to enter the finals4Strong player,Dressed upTFang Xi Gao in shirt and jeans,It satisfies everyone’s image of a campus singer。
He sang a song《Youth Hostel》,He also wrote the lyrics and music by himself。
“Left campus,I suddenly remembered my dormitory……”
Campus songs have a certain pattern,That is basically the feeling of ups and downs and ups and downs is not enough,Represents the beautiful feeling of campus,Should be more gentle,Similar to mumbling。
Fang Xigao playing guitar,The song is like this。
Although the tune is not too complicated,But the lyrics inside are very clean,It reminds people of their school days。
This is why Fangxi High Energy is20Reasons why young people like it。
Which is why he published it online15Single,The reason why it can bring him three to fifty thousand benefits every month。
Sing a song,Present50Music judges,Unconsciously, with the ordinary audience,Applauded with satisfaction。
Today they are an audience,Does not have the right to vote,Just enjoy music。
No more picky,Just for appreciation,It really doesn’t take much effort to consider,Just sit and listen。
The voting channel was opened at the beginning of the game。
After Fang Xigao finished singing,《Song god》The ace host Lu Zhen invited fans and musicians to interact。
This is also necessary for the show,Otherwise, the four of them will sing,At most a dozen songs,The final is definitely over in less than two hours。

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