I should have learned that the lizard water monster is running around and cannibalized.。

“You let http://www.sbkjj.cn me in,Why don’t you believe me,I never did anything to hurt everyone from start to finish。”A man in rags pleaded at the gate of the city。
The gate guards seem to recognize this person,But every face is wary,Even with a bit of disgust。
“But Master Cheng Shou is still dead,They all said you murdered him,In order not to let others expose you,You killed everyone。”The captain looked at him,Hesitated。
“Ge Zhong,Others don’t understand me,Do you think I did it?。Master Cheng Shou is so kind to me,he died,How could I just ignore it,I always wanted to find someone who killed them……”Said the ragged man。
“You come in first,We are also investigating this matter。”Ge Zhong said。
The man nodded,Drag the injured body towards the city。
Zhu Minglang is still some distance away from the city gate,But he noticed this scene。
Just don’t know what happened between them。
Just arrived at the gate of the city,When preparing to enter,Suddenly a noise rang behind the straight road,Like there are tens of thousands of wild horses running。
Everyone turned their heads,I saw a group of people in black riding on iron-armored beasts rushing towards here with murderous aura,They almost ignored the Zhu Minglang http://www.open3dnet.cn group in the middle of the road,Stepped on like that。
This arrogant behavior,As if telling you,As long as you can’t avoid you, you deserve it!
The others hurriedly stood on both sides of the road,This group of people in black clothes riding on iron-armored beasts went straight to the city gate,The head is a 30-year-old man with a long beast whip。
The iron mane hand he was riding almost rushed to the faces of the guards,I saw the lead man throw the whip heavily,Question the guard Chang Ge Zhongdao:“Can you see the fugitive?”
“Fugitive?”Ge Zhong pretended not to know。
“He can only escape here,Your Yellow Leaf City is the vassal land of our Yan clan,We should also know that the death row prisoner of our Yan clan,Can be copied!”The whip man said。

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