“Do not worry,He can’t hurt me!”

Watching the back left,The woman suddenly feels lost,This man is obviously not that handsome,But his face always exists in his mind。
A Bentley is coming,The man in white before appeared:“Big sister,Are you okay!”
“Nothing,You go and deal with it,Don’t let the other party make trouble!”
Wu Family,Han Rui’s eyes showed a cruel look,I hope the other party will not do anything out of line,Otherwise she won’t be soft。
As for Xia Chenglong,Got in a taxi after turning,Continuous running around is a little tired,He needs to find a place to rest first。
It is indeed a big city that can squeeze into the second-tier Beihai District,Most people can’t detect,But in their practitioners can clearly perceive,The aura here is much stronger than Bincheng。
It is very possible that there is a big spiritual vein under this city,That’s why I have such abundant aura of heaven and earth。
Average mid-range hotel,Xia Chenglong washed after going back,Just go to bed,Take a note from the pocket,Zhao Shaojiu called him,Hope to help her sister。
If we can get Bincheng closer to this side through this matter,Is a good choice。
Follow the number to get through,There is a woman’s voice,Due to the development of technology,The voice of their call will undergo subtle processing and change,Of course you don’t need to do this。
“who are you looking for?”
“Oh,That one,I’m looking for Zhao Shaojiu’s good friend。”
I heard Zhao Shaojiu over the phone,Already know something,“Mr. Xia?,Very excited to see you。”

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