I saw a dozen men in dark blue uniforms standing downstairs,The security guards of several pharmaceutical factories nearby handed them cigarettes,They all waved,No answer。

“Captain Fu,Sun Deputy Bureau,Smoke a cigarette。”The security captain bowed his waist and handed them cigarettes。
“Lao Tzu is here for office work,Not here to smoke。”Captain Fu knocked out the cigarette in his hand,Cold voice,“Why hasn’t your factory manager rolled over??Is there no approval at all?,Scared away?”
Mo Xiaosheng recognized Captain Fu at a glance,It was his own doctor qualification certificate that he tore by himself!
Mo Xiaosheng thought it was not that simple,It seems that Lu Xiaojin got the news,Ask someone to fix yourself。
“Yoha,Mo Xiaosheng,What a coincidence,how,This factory is yours?”
Captain Fu deliberately pretended to be surprised after seeing Mo Xiaosheng。
First0258Zhang You call treason
“Captain Fu,Good acting。”Mo Xiaosheng said with a smile,“You were here for me?”
“What are you,Why should I rush you?!”Captain Fu’s face sank,Cold voice,“Nonsense,Get out the approval from your pharmaceutical factory!”
“You are from the Health Bureau,I don’t seem to have the right to control the approval of our pharmaceutical company?”Mo Xiaosheng frowned and said coldly。
“I have the right to control it?”
Deputy Director Sun stood up with his hands behind his back,Looked up and down Mo Xiaosheng,Cold voice,“You are the director of this pharmaceutical factory?Could you please show your approval?。”
“you are……”
“Deputy Bureau of Food and Drug Administration。”Sun deputy bureau back hand,Proudly。
“Here is the approval,This。”
Manager Sui knows him too,Hurriedly took out the red approval letter given by Cen Jun,Handed over。
Deputy Bureau Sun glanced at,Slightly startled,I don’t know what Manager Sui handed him。

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