“Why don’t I bring you here?,go,Go in and stroll。”

Get off Qin Shi,Drag Lin Yun into the store。
Hey,Even if you can’t afford it,Come in and have a look,Just walk around,Some faceless。
Lin Yun thought,Nothing,I never cared about face,Since I am so happy today,Then just take a look。
Just entered the store,Lin Yun’s eyes fell on the new cars in the booth。
Lin Yun never thought of changing cars,As for Mercedes?,I didn’t even think about it,Have nothing to do with me。
A Mercedes-Benz car in front of you,Such an elegant appearance,Although Lin Yun likes it,But carefully watching from a distance,Dare not even touch。
Broken,She can’t afford it!
Because of working days,It’s morning again,The guests in the shop are in twos and threes,Very deserted。
Several saleswomen leaned against the wall and chatted lazily,See Qin Shi,But didn’t move。
A girl in her twenties is a lie,A man a few years older than himself,Take two walks4Sshop,Braggingb,It’s easy to coax into bed。
This kind of people,The salesperson watched a lot。

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