Summer picking your eyebrows,Follow the direction,See the Maserati,“What happened?Meet acquaintances?Heap……Is it here??I remember that her car is not this color.,License plate is not right……”

Liu Qingqing。
Then look at the summer with a strange eye。
“Heap……What happened?”
Liu Qingqing,“If I remember the wrong words,That car is the moon,That license plate number is still my and Qinling helped her.,At first she moved to Qinghai……”
Listen to her,Summer face is now awkward。
He remembers,I haven’t seen the moon for a long time.。
Sometimes I am doubtful in the summer.,Wand out of foreign countries,I haven’t really feeling myself.。
In the heart,On the problem of treating women,He has some unreasonable。
Even with Liu Qingqing live under a roof,His performance is also very general。
Seeing summer silence,Liu Qingqing will obviously be wrong,Solve the show arm,Whisper,“Summer,In fact, I have some words.,I want to tell you very much.。”
Summer is awkward。
Liu Qingqing’s eyebrows are slightly complex,“Since I know,My mentality is also transitioning a day a day.,If you change it before,Is it impossible to have this idea,Sometimes I will doubt what I have?。”
She looks straight to the summer,Whisper,“Later I wanted to understand,I want to be with you.,Don’t want to lose you,So,I can only choose to ignore,Then try to accept this。”
Her words have some implications。
But summer understands。
Then say no words。
He didn’t expect,Liu Qingqing will under this occasion,Tell the like。
“I even gave myself a small plan.,If I choose to accept,Then start from Qinling,All,She is my best sister……Remember the first day we know?,You said to say goodbye to the past,That day, you should meet Qinling in the bar.,And you……”
Merely,Liu Qingqing complex,Sigh,“I sometimes don’t dare to face Qinling.,Feeling yourself is a despicable woman……Actually,I have already talked many times with Qinling.。”
I heard her,I don’t know what kind of emotion is in the heart in the summer.。
Just,Not equal to what he said,Liu Qingqing came out of breath,The face is blooming,“I have been in my heart for a long time.,Now say it now,A lot of relaxation,Let’s go。”
After the end,Take the lead to walk to the restaurant。
Summer slowly spitting a sigh,Looking at her back,It is quite complicated between eyes。
Get along with Liu Qingqing every day,He can naturally feel the transformation of each other。
Learn cooking and roast,And often do housework with Tianxi……It is the real got hall,Kitchen。
And all this,Because of him。
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First1801Chapter Death
Mi Luo Sunshine Western Restaurant。
The moon and Zheng Shengxian are relatively。
Two bottles of red wine have been finished。
The exquisite face of the moon is already infected with a layer of pink,More delicate。
But her eyes are very clear,No silk drunk。
For her,Drink a bottle of red wine alone is not a problem。
And she is more clear about what the guy is playing.。

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