“Good you brat!You dare to play us!Courageous, you!”

Qin Liang said tangledly!He didn’t expect such a large group of people like himself,Was actually fooled by this kid!And it even includes Liu Xiaoyun……
“court death!”
really,Liu Xiaoyun unceremoniously punched Bai Tao directly on the chest!
Bai Tao immediately pretended to cough,Then he still had a pained expression on his face。
Yang Shiyun and others immediately laughed!
“Help!Killed someone!”
After Bai Tao pretended to cough,,Yelled immediately!“Deserve it,You kid should be beaten,You dare to play with your boss,I deserve it,She didn’t kill you, it’s cheaper for you!I told you frankly;Your boss is now a master of kung fu,Her master is a worldly expert,Is a female Taoist leader who lives in the Taoist temple in Dashan,look
Martial arts?The kung fu of the female leader,Not to exaggerate,Just as written!”
Qin Liang deliberately exaggerated。
“I rely on!real or fake?Boss?”
Bai Tao’s eyes widened,I couldn’t believe it and looked at Liu Xiaoyun and asked。
“Yep,it is true,My master is also your sister Shiyun,Master Yanzi and your sister Xiaoxue,The kung fu of her old man,It’s so magical that you can’t even imagine!Ugh,I’m afraid I won’t be able to reach the level of her old man in my life。”
Liu Xiaoyun stretched out his hand and pointed at Yang Shiyun.,Yanzi and Shen Ruoxue,One side sighs with infinite yearning。
“Boss!Didn’t see you in the past two years,You went to the mountains to learn kung fu with your master?”
Bai Tao asked curiously。
“Not all,We also fought a war abroad……”
Liu Xiaoyun hesitated for a moment,I still told the truth to Bai Tao,She doesn’t want to lie to him。

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