crush you!!
Smart is hoarse deep inside!
For this moment,He sneakily tried to hit every day300Three points,But after discovering that I really couldn’t do it,Change to hit every day500Secondary iron!
Rajon told him,The hit rate is increased by hitting the iron,When you hit enough iron one day,Then you will succeed。
That’s what he did。
Like Kobe.
Smart believes in this,Even think of Long as a mentor on the path of life。
The first half of Rondo was Xu Xuan“Stocking”He also saw the scene,But Smart thinks it’s just under tension“Routine error”,And he won’t be nervous,Naturally won’t make mistakes!
It’s time to test the standard of truth,Smart looked at the ball flying in the air,Filled with hope.
This is a crisp sound of basketball hitting the rim。
The scene is quiet。
Xu Xuan blinked his eyes,Looked at the ball,I looked at the one who was still in place“Xiaogang”.this one??
You can do it for a long time?
Say good to blow me up?
Come come,Just say hello to my face.

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