“Naruto should be back soon。”

Shuyu looked at the sunflower and said。
Outside the burger shop,I glanced at the sunflower that was still a little peaceful in the shop,Chuanmucai looked at Zoranna and said:“and so,Seven generations did not come back with you?”Nine zero look
Zolena nodded。
“hateful!”It was the first time Chuanmu missed himself so much when he still had a wedge,now,The self who has lost the wedge is no different from ordinary people,“Zoriana,Do you remember the location of the different space?。”
“Although I still remember,but,The shell tissue is likely to lay an ambush there.”
“So what!Zoriana,If the person left in a different space is your father,Will you go to help Sasuke!”Chuanmu said to Zorana,“My father has been committing domestic violence to me since I was born,Even sold me to Cixian,Until I met seven generations,I know how my father feels,and,If Sunflower knew,Will be sad.”
Zuo Liang Na who was still hesitating just wanted to say something,Was interrupted by Chuanmu:“Zoriana,If you don’t go,Just tell me the coordinates,I go by my own。”
“But there is no wedge,You don’t have the ability to travel through space。”
“I will figure it out by myself!Zoriana,Tell me the coordinates of the different space!”
Looking at Kawaki’s scary expression,Zoryana can only shrug and say:“I know,Kawaki,I will go with you。”
“Zoriana.But this kind of thing cannot be known by too many,Otherwise, those adults will stop us。”

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