But I saw the nine days of the Lingbi Palace nine days.,Woody clear discovery,I really can’t be used to it.!

“Most of them are the poor people who have been taken before my teacher.,Hey,In fact, I am just a temporary lord.。”Chu Deiren“I just made some tiny work.”Look,Still modest。
Woody Qingqing:……
Thirty-six cave、Seventy-two island,Relationship with nine days,Chu http://www.gaoweishan.cn Deee has repeatedly,Not used“Grandmother”Call,Everyone is my own person.,especially……Sisters of nine-day nine sisters,Don’t bully them too。
certainly,No one can see,Chu Deirers still take care of nine days nine,And there is still a dependency relationship,This is called,But the main island owner,It is still very afraid of nine days,Even if it is the main、Elder,In front of the four swords of their opponents,Also atmospheric……
As for the people of Star,It is very disliked between both sides.——The number of people is not more than 36 holes、Seventy-two island,But the quality……That’s too much.!
And the star of the 36-hole seventy-two island,相互心里都觉得,是自己更有骨气。
如果不是看到Chu Deman和星宿三神女的关系,恐怕这“嫌弃”还能更加明显!
楚鹿人这时见三方已经友it is good交流了一会儿,这时也站出来说道:“诸位,楚某有些话要说。”顿时场面安静了下来,一点也不需要整理秩序。
对于结盟之事,三十六洞、七十二岛自然并无意见——算起来之前都是灵鹫宫的奴才,现在要结盟,只是做灵鹫宫在盟中的从属,This is theoretical……地位是提升了吧?
A Zi also connected“好”,After all, the Star Assistance is based on the volume.,Can also be one of the founding,这理论上……Is it not a Chu brother?,There is also the legend of the legendary moon.、The palace of the floral palace is flat?
As for the woody and Wang Yin,It was originally pulled by her.,In fact, I don’t want to be with her.,What is the Chu Deiren say?,They naturally do not have opinions。
The people of the Lingbi Palace are not more,The Chu Deiren has been mentioned in the nine days.。
Based on making everyone more participating,Chu Deirers on the name of the league,Also let everyone view。
“The Lord is the Lord of the Lingbi Palace、It is a head of Xiaoyao.,Natural should be called‘Gang’Or‘Happy’!”
“Over the big sister,Not a small person,This name is only afraid that the people of the sun and the moon and the martyrdom can’t see http://www.pintong0769.cn it.……”
“Respecting the host、Ze was born,I read……Should be called‘Too long’!”
“otherwise,Visiting the main is very important,But we must also reflect our momentum,I read‘Wanxian League’Good……”
“Be called‘罗 殿’,Waiting for the Japanese and Em Erganism and Transfer Montess League,We can also discharge the ten halls.。”
“You have no understanding of the meaning of respect,Our alliance、Alliance is the world,I think‘World meeting’Just!”
Seeing this name is increasingly biased,Chu Dee’s face is getting more and more black,What did the elder have realized what?,Take the initiative to interrupt everyone,Asked the Chu Deirers:“Respect,You always feel,Our alliance,What should the first one of the Covenant??”
Everyone hesseed,I can’t help but I am like the elderly.,At the same time, I also looked at the http://www.yuanjingjiankang.cn Chu Deirers.。
Equivice ownership,Everyone will take the name.。
“Nature is to maintain the order of the rivers and lakes,Carry forward、Highlight the spirit of chivalry!All the union,Live business must be chivalry first,Balls of the people in three knives,Rendering of alliance、Sputum!”Chu Deiren said。
Nine days、Thirty-six cave seventy-two islands、Star:……
The scene is quiet.,Then the elderly test:“That……Not as good as we call‘Zhengxiang’?”

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