“be cheated,Little ghosts!”

Although because of age,Its own strength has declined severely,But so many years of experience as a ninja will not disappear with the passage of time。
Gatling turned again。
“Blogger!”Konohamaru struggles to protect the blogger,But because of his serious injury, he staggered and then fell to the ground。
At the moment when Danshu is about to hit Bo Ren,The nine-tailed coat was instantly approved by Bo Ren,Although helping bloggers block most of the damage,But the impact on the body still made the blogger groan in pain。
The other side,Shuyushun walked behind Zorina,Put your right hand on Zolena’s shoulder。
Zoryana turned her head and looked up at Mouse You’s slightly mediocre face。
After all, Uchiha Itachi used the appearance of Shunhuo when he was a child.
The three-gou jade writing wheel eyes in the mouse’s eyes instantly change into a kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes,The red Gundam hung over the bodies of Toyu and Zorana,Blocked the bullet attack。
“Tailed beast coat and.Susanoh!”
In a moment of shock,Bo Ren seized this opportunity,Rubbed the golden yellow and joined the Jinke La,wrong,Nine-tailed Chakra’s spiral pill hit Gatling on the green hand。
The moment Gatling was broken in his hand,Qing opened the distance。
Hiding behind the stone, looking at the blogger and mouse in front of you,Konohamaru gave a bitter smile:“Let three kids protect me,As an adult, I really failed,But Bo Ren and Mouse You.It looks a bit like Naruto and Sasuke。”

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