I’m already studying here anyway,If you want to go, there are more opportunities。

“correct,Where are you from?”
“Shonan?Hey,Shonan will be famous this year,There are two stubborn students who got super perfect scores,That Wang Yufei also solved the world’s problems,Applied for our school!It is said that it is still love……and many more,Don’t say your name is Wang Yufei,Her name is Lu Yuxin?”
“Yes!I’m sorry,My girlfriend doesn’t like talking。”
“Oh,Nothing,Nothing,This is a coincidence!I just go out and stroll around,Actually met Xueshen!”
The attitude of this senior,Probably the same as the attitude they gained when they reported。
The result of the painful experience is,The two of them brushed their honor brush too hard before leaving school,Suddenly, even in a kind of Chinese university like Huaqing, it is still extremely dazzling.。
Yes,Unceremoniously, whoever can go to Huaqing was not the primary school bully in the school two months ago?
but,Xueba must be divided into three, six or nine。
Some domineering academic bully,Even in Xueba, it is an outstanding existence,When the teacher called this name,Can make other schoolmasters feel like they are nothing。
Such as Wang Yufei。
“You are Wang Yufei?!”
The teacher in charge of arranging the dormitory exclaimed,Then she looked at Lu Yuxin behind Wang Yufei and said:“You must be Lu Yuxin,She really looks like a wise girl!”
This sentence made Lu Yuxin’s little face a smile。

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