Have she born??

He can’t give her any pressure。
Ou Jing wants to think,I have a decision in my heart.,When I was busy with Ning Feifei,Turn around。
He stands at the door for http://www.asszero.cn a while,Leaving。
He took out the phone,Send a WeChat to Lu Haozheng。
I am in the love sea,Will not come back in the past two months,Workshop things you handle。
Lu Haoheng and Blue Xin have already got off work.,Blue Xin bat out,Lu Haozheng is holding her Qing Qing, I don’t put it.。
Until I heard the WeChat tone,He is unhappy to let go of Blue Xin,Hold Lan Xin in the arms,I only picked up the phone asked.。
“Blue,A尧 suddenly went to the sea,Said to stay there for two months there,What happened to you??
Did you find Phi Fe??”
Blue Xin is thinking about WeChat,I want to take a moment.,Looking at him nodded:“A 尧 is a work mad,If there is no special thing,He won’t go so long.,Only Feifei’s things will make him so strong。”
Lu Haozheng slightly,Deep black eye is long mascara hood on a layer of shadow。
“Let me ask。”
http://www.ncets.cn Find Fifi?
Ou Jing wants to think,found it,I may be a father.。
Lu Haozheng,What is called“May be a father。”
I listened to some people who are inexplicably.。
Blue Xin looked at Lu Haozheng,“It is Fifi pregnant.?”
Lu Haozheng shook his head,“have no idea。”
Lu Hao Cheng:What is it possible?,Dad is also a possibility??
European:That means。
Blue Xin thought about it,If the child is a 尧,Time to leave Ning Feifei,It’s almost the expected date of delivery.。
She took her mobile phone from Lu Haocheng.,Directed the mobile phone。
Soon,Euclite dull voice。
“Aura,it’s me,Time to leave with Philippi,She may be born.。
”“Um!Three days later,Caesarean section。”
“You have seen Fifi。”
Blue Xin asked excitedly。
Ou Jingzhen hesitated for a while,Low head looks at your own,Sparkling colorful http://www.qqhld.cn lights on the sea cabin,I shine in his handsome,“Not yet,I am afraid that she scares her again.,I am going to see her when she goes to the hospital.。”
Blue Xin understands his mood,Now Ning Feifei will always be the most precious in his heart.,The clean place in the messy world,Only this person’s existence。
“it is good,I came over after three days.。”
“thank you,Blue,Fifi will be very happy to see you.。”
Ning Feifei friends are very few,Blue Xin is the most intimate.。
“What is you with me??
You look at Fifi,Three days later。”
“it is good!”
Hang up the phone,Ou Jingyi looked back and looked back at the noodles.。

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