Lu Lanran:“……”Big baby,True custom!Yan Zi Shu said that after everyone said, sorry,Get up and answer the phone。

Lu Qiran looked at the scorpion,Only asked Jiang Xiao:“When did you editor there is a big baby??”
Jiang Xiao smiled,Say:“Two less,I do not know either,We are just something to deal with work,We don’t know if you have a family family.,And the summary never said something at home,We only know that she is the daughter of Na.,She is very low,It’s very followed,Everyone likes her very much.。
Lu Qiran is thinking。
Ginger is shocked,Take it back to the mobile phone and search for the hotel.,Almost the same existence,Zhi Shu is actually such an identity。
Jiang Wei let Song Jians look at mobile phone,Song Jiansheng later,Face is pale,子 舒 家 家,She cannot be compared,What should she do?,Can get Lu Zaran。
For Lu Yuli,The two are simply,It’s hard to wonder that the lady will like her.,I will invite the blind to her family to eat.。
She and the Blue Xin have not retired.,Always keep the same relationship?,Alienate,I will smile and say hello to each other.。
Blue Xin is always very busy,Sometimes she wants to add the feelings of the two people.,She always has something to go.。
This is also very helpless。
She came back to God,When When I left the seat, she didn’t know.,I only heard the battle of the director.。
No food yet,Song Jiaru and the assistant said a few words,Leave。
The assistant immediately sent a WeChat for the broker of Song Jiandi.。
Xiao Ping and she contracted the contract with Song Jia Ding.。
In the past few days, Xiao Ping can’t come over.。
In their eyes of two people,As long as Song Jia is coiding the bed of Lu Yuliu,Then,They can also follow a glory。
Suddenly there was a blind,The identity is still so simple ,They also have to be vigilant。
Xiao Ping:“I will return to the play tomorrow.。”
Lu Yuli chased the scorpion,Looking far away, I am very happy.。
She stands in front of a door to sell milk tea,Looking at the distance,The shining light on the door shines on her,I am more like a smile.。 Lu Yuli has never seen such a happy blush.,In front of him,She is always a vigilance and angry look.,Tonight,She is not the same。
Lu Lanran saw a while,Turn around。
Just got a few steps ,Is my mother cares about whether he has dinner?。
”Lu Qiran smiled very happy。
“Ran Ran ,Have you eaten dinner??”
Blue Xin smiles。
“Not,Mom,Just eat it??
Did you eat my mother??”
Lu Lanran stopped from the door,It is very noisy inside。
“I have already eaten it.,Is there a time in May Day??
I want to take ink ink to play for a few days.,are you going?”

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