“Weak question,Little princess, are you not married yet??My son this year10Years old,have house, have car,There is also a factory to inherit,Why don’t you think about it?”

“The one upstairs really laughed at me,Don’t you want to face?……Little princess,Actually my son is in junior high school this year,People praise him for being‘Xiao Su Mo’,I think he is pretty good!”
Yang Shu got“Best Actress in a Drama Series”,Yes《Gift in Room 7》Second award。
The first one is naturally“Best Screenplay Award”。
However the next“Best Actor in a Drama Series”But lost。
The best actor faces the American superstar Kettleson,Very popular in the U.S.,It’s basically at the level of Chen Hao。
Considering that Americans can’t make a movie stand out,Kettleson was selected on the actor,It is also a trade-off。
After all, Yang Shu’s performance is too strong,One9Year old girls can do this,Compared to those in their twenties who are also nominated、Actors in their thirties,Really too strong,No way to compare。
So the best actress cannot be given to others。
But the penultimate jackpot“Best director”,Zhu Mei got it。
Literary films are easy to get rewards,Zhu Meizai《Gift in Room 7》Fine tuning.Teach and bother to make,Everyone can see。
Generally speaking,The best director and the best film are not separated。
So the final jackpot“Best Picture in a Drama”,also been《Gift in Room 7》Smoothly received。
This night,《Gift in Room 7》Became the biggest winner。
It has also become the top of the Academy Awards,The most rewarding Chinese movie。
News comes,The national entertainment circle is boiling again。
Even the honor of the Academy Award is not as good as the Oscar,But it is definitely on par with the three major European awards,The grade is higher than other film awards。
《Gift in Room 7》Can be the biggest winner of the Golden Globes,Added previous results,I’m afraid there won’t be another movie for a long time in the future,Can have it so bright。

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