I can tell,Alliance officials don’t want to bear these infamy,Because they keep changing topics,Confused。

But the group is excited,At this moment,The navy doesn’t work anymore,Justice always defeats evil,No exception this time!
Even Curry and Westbrook who are about to fight a life and death battle、Durant talked about this in the interview before the game,All against the Pacers and CavaliersG6Show disdain。
It is said that the game really has to become a referee to control,That’s really boring,Still slap,Everyone has figured out how to bribe the referee。
The outside world is disturbing。
After Xu Xuan has dealt with the highlights,,Just prepare for the next life and death battle。
at the same time,Alliance officials are under pressure,Also issued a copy of Pacers and KnightsG6War analysis and evaluation report。
In this evaluation report,Alliance representation,The referee has the problem that the penalty is not timely enough,The accuracy is slightly biased,So fine and bonus and warning。
This punishment is not painful or itchy,Fines and bonuses.This thing is optional,What’s the use?
The fans are naturally dissatisfied,Xu Xuan threw it aside when he saw it。
He actually never thought about what kind of strong penalties the league officials would impose on these three referees.,After all, they won’t shoot themselves in the foot,Otherwise, who would dare to serve them??
Xu Xuan thinks very clearly,The reason why he wants to make this matter,The ultimate goal is to get them to throw rats。
G6Still have a chance if you lose,ifG7Get fucked by them again,Then it really blows up。
So this threat is the main thing,Tell them I’m not annoying,Intimidation,Second punishment。
First smashed their reputation,Look at whether they dare to risk the world to manipulate the game。
There is still no way in the alliance environment,This is David before·Issues left over from the Stern era。
That trash just carried it forward。

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