The narcissistic man saw Mo Xiaosheng drank it and immediately burst into tears,Remorse,I hate myself for believing Baixue’s words,Mo Xiaosheng stumbled on such a dead end。

“Hurry up!True ink,Is it man!”A few popular gangsters took a cigarette and threw a narcissistic man。
Narcissistic man shivered in fright,Hurry up and endure the pungent smell of alcohol,Speed up。
But this strong smell of alcohol is really choking,And also has a spicy voice,Narcissistic man pours in,I choked my throat,“Wow”Spit on the table,The wine in the basin was also spilled on the ground。
“Whoops fucking,Disgusting!”
The crowd exclaimed,Immediately fall back,But a few people were still splashed on、On shoes,Give them disgusting not light。
Several punks have also been affected,Rushed over and slapped the narcissistic man twice on the head,Angry voice:“Fuck you Oh shit Is it fraudulent??You have to lick it back if it comes out,Hold fast,Lick it clean!”
“Correct,Lick clean!”
The crowd suddenly yelled,Strongly request narcissistic men to lick the wine and dirt on the ground。
The narcissistic man couldn’t help crying,Chongmo Xiaosheng and Bai Xue pleaded:“Grandpa,Grandma,I’m wrong,You forgive me,You win!”
Baixue only asked him to call her grandma,Unexpectedly, he took the initiative to call Grandpa Auntie too,Mo Xiaosheng and Bai Xue could not help but feel embarrassed.。
“okay,Everyone, don’t make things difficult for him,It’s really uncomfortable to drink this wine……belch!”
Mo Xiaosheng said he hiccuped,Everyone laughed suddenly。
The narcissistic man ran away while everyone was not paying attention。
“go,We go dancing,Help you digest the wine in your belly!”
Bai Xue was very excited,Seeing Mo Xiaosheng’s drink is nothing,I couldn’t help but took his hand and ran onto the stage。
Ear-shatteringDJResounded throughout the audience,The people on the stage jumped frantically。
Mo Xiaosheng has never seen such a posture?,He grows up,This is the first time to come to this kind of crazy hi.,Can only follow others awkwardly。

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