Dream soft, want to close the door。

That soft face,The fine broken silk rocks with her fierce movements.,Her small face is nervous to wrinkle a group。
“boom”The door was hit by men,Evil laughed at her。
After the dream soft wolf, I retired a few steps.,Falling on the cold floor。
“what”She pains。
“boom”The door was closed.。
Dream is quickly looked up,I saw her family standing two people.。
The previous strange man and Dream。
“Dream,why you?”
I didn’t expect her courage to be so big.,Going directly to her home。
Dreams take down the duckling cap on the head,Looking at the dream of dreams,She smiled happily。
Dream soft also looks at her,I haven’t seen it for two months.,Dreams have a lot of thin,Face is also very poor,It’s just that the eyes look at her eyes full of killing.。 “Fierce,It is really difficult to find your home.。”
Dreams are not impressive to count the big flat layer of dreams.,Very large,She wants to live such a house in this life.。
pity,Her dream is broken,She thought that Dad will take her abroad.,But her father is more dreaming mom.。
Not late now,Sell this house,Enough, she doesn’t say it.,Can you make her a while。
This house is a dream soft mother to buy full。
That woman is quite a matter,No wonder Dad will never forget her,One I heard that there is an opportunity to go abroad,Just hurry with my mother.。
Dream is softly frowning,Looking at the strange man vying for her.,She instantly knows what the poisonous dream paste is.。
“Dream,Here is my home,You will leave me immediately,I don’t welcome you at my family. 。”
Dream is not a circle with her,Directly。
“hehe”Dream is watching her laughing,Laugh:“your home?
I bother。”
She was broken toward the ground.。
Watching dreams:“Fierce,You have heard it.,Cry out real estate certificate,I sold the house.,You are now with Le Yuxi,Still here??”
Ambienced,Struggle climbed from the ground。
“Dream,Don’t be deeply open,People don’t want to do this extent without your face.,Where did you come to the face to sell my house?。”
Dream is free to hate this woman who is not face。
she knows,When I walked around, I will come to her when I go.,She has been in progress and is very careful.。
did not expect,She will find her home directly.。
Dreams, pushing a dream soft,Dream is soft,I’m going back a few steps.。
“your house?
I tell you,If you don’t meet with Dad, you will not happen.,I will not be wanted by the police now.,Will not lose your father,Not homeless,Don’t be a child who has no parents love.。”
“Fierce,All this is caused by you,You have got a big president now.,With anything I want to be in the dark, people are unreasonable.。”

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