“Nothing,About to start,Let’s go in together!”

Finished saying this,Seems to remember something,Again:“correct,Do you remember Yang Zixuan, the school flower of our university??”
“remember,Why don’t you remember?
Just thatyhead,Seems to be a star,When i just came,I saw her on the road。”
“Oh,Do you remember?
I thought you didn’t remember it!Really become a star,And it’s not an ordinary star,Is a star,Awesome。”
“is it?
That’s really amazing。”
“That must be awesome,are you free tomorrow,I take the lead in bringing everyone together。
Except you,Which class of us were,There are also a few in Jianghu City。”
“Row,If you are free,Just get together,After all, I haven’t gotten together after graduation!”
While talking,The two walked into the auction。
The entire auction venue,Very big,Can hold at least three thousand people。
Lin Yu et al,Maybe because Lu Wei’s identity is not very good,Not in the front rows,But in the countdown rows,But you can come in,As for before or after,All the same。
But in the whole auction,The most attractive,It’s not something that is about to start bidding。
But a woman who suddenly appeared surrounded by a group of people。
This woman,No matter the face,what is this else,It’s a must。

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