Let these several fierce people in the stadium,In an instant, it became a few downtime.。

I don’t know who is swallowing a sight.,Let the team that is nervous,I am tightly in the moment.。
“Who……Who is……”
UziGonggyang asked,Several people were very close because they were afraid,His sentence is as if it is the same in everyone’s ear。
“nest……Can’t afford to……”
theshyThe sound of the shrinkage,Obvious,His resistance to this situation,Nothing is better than Liu Qingsong。
Get a sure answer,Team headUziSlightly put some heart in the air。
A breath,Team continues to advance。
Uziafter this,It seems to be strong,Another topic is forcibly。
“I said to you.,Although this store is my open。But experience,I am also the first……what!!!!!!!”
I haven’t finished it yet.,Go to the cornerUziI suddenly screamed.,The high decibels make people can’t help but doubt,Does he really hit a ghost?。
Palace Qingwen was scared by his scream.,He is in the final,Want to see the situation in front is a bit difficult。
But seeing three people running up.,He is also guided by this scary atmosphere,Follow up。
Some crazy run,Palace Qingwen runs the corner,After seeing a figure。
A little bit,The palace is unfortunately,He also understood why it was in an instant.UziWill call it to heartbreak。
Oh shit……Really horrible。
A tall white dress,At this time, the corner of the corner is staring at the team.。
And her white dress,At this time, it is full of blind blood.。
Blood http://www.cqidcsys.cn shape,It is also the most shocking injection,It seems that everyone is slashing a knife.,Then blood sprayed on a white dress.。
This is not the most horrible,The most horrible thing is。
The head of the white dress,At this time, a strange curvature is,Even her forehead,I have encountered my shoulders.。
This kind of pose,Absolutely not normal people can make。
The palace Qingwen is fearful and curious two kinds of emotions,Fear is naturally a very horror in front of the picture.,Curious is curious like this effect,How is it made?。
Several people flustered,Even the original task is forgotten,Directly ran into a room with a large room。
Go on the door,Several people can not breathe。One time,There is only a heavy breath in the room.。
Palace Qing Wen Hand holds his own knees,I don’t know if it is very sudden,Still http://www.weiyijiu.cn because I haven’t exercised it for a long time.。
In short,I ran such a small meeting.,His heart began to sudden jump。
Feel your own heart jump,Palace clearing,After going back this time, you must pay attention to your physical exercise.。
Several people are the same posture,After holding a knee, a small will,So slowly recovering the state。

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