Fortunately, the bones and internal organs are not injured,Otherwise it will take a long time to cultivate,Even the value of existence is gone。

“Hey,Get up for me!”
Tang Chen kicks the giant ape chrysanthemum,When does this guy want to pretend to be dead??
Titan Great Ape’s injury relieved,Sleep well and be woken up,Naturally grumpy。
But it’s not over yet,The voice becomes a whimper of surrender。
Because Tang Chen is standing in front of me,The human who frightened him。
Ordinary soul beasts have wisdom for thousands of years,Those who can speak are even rarer。
But the Titan Great Ape is talented,The millennium level is already smart。
Began to gesture thanks,Still doing humanized actions,How the report was injured?
“Ok.You were chased by the soul beast,Kind with big claws?”
“You can’t beat,I can only hide here and dare not go down?”
“What soul beast is so fucking?”
Tang Chen finds it interesting,There were no monsters in the previous world。
See spiritual animals now,There is an urge to research。
“eat something,Then help me hunt some soul beasts back!”
“A thousand years,But I met snakes and spiders,do you understand?”
Tang Chen threw some food,Then solemnly told。

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