“Nothing。I am here。”Smile,Zhao Ming held Xiao Wu’s little hand。

“Ok。”I heard Zhao Ming,Xiao Wu suddenly became quiet,A strong sense of security emerged in my heart。
Soothed Xiao Wu,Zhao Ming looked at Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing:“Let’s exchange our martial arts。Convenient to wait and cooperate。”
Finished,Zhao Ming was the first to speak,“Zhao Ming,Wuhun puppet,Thirty-five level assault soul master。”
Xiao Wu watched Zhao Ming speak,The second said:“Xiao Wu,Beast Wuhun Rabbit,Thirty-one level assault war spirit master。”
“Ning Rongrong,Qibao Liuli Tower,Twenty-sixth-level auxiliary spirit master。”
“Zhu Zhuqing,Beast martial soul ghost cat,Twenty-seventh-level agile war spirit master。”
Four people introduced,Both looked at each other very surprised,Finally, Qi Qi looked at Zhao Ming。
“Zhao Ming,How old are you?”Hesitated for a while,Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help asking。Because Shrek Academy clearly stipulates that new students recruited cannot be over thirteen years old。But the thirteen-year-old thirty-fifth level soul sovereign is too scary,This made her ask Zhao Ming so abnormally。
“I,Twelve years old。”Zhao Ming smiled。
Twelve years old?
Looking at Zhao Ming’s calm and calm look,Ning Rongrong or Zhu Zhuqing are dumbfounded。
“All right,Arrange how to fight。Rongrong,Are you from the Qibao Liuli Sect?。”Zhao Mingdao。
“Ok。My martial soul is the Qibao Liuli Pagoda,Two spirit rings。Can increase the speed for everyone,Power attributes。An increase of about 30%。The spirit power lasts for a stick of incense, no problem。”
“Ning Rongrong, you just need to help。We have nothing to arrange。Xiao Wu and I are attacking frontally,Zhuqing attacked from the side。”Thought for a while,Zhao Ming said。
“Ok。”Everyone nodded。
“All right。Ready to start。”Zhao Ming shouted at Zao Wou-ki。
While talking,While holding Ning Rongrong’s gentle little hand。Ning Rongrong’s hands are very tender and soft。

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