So I don’t need him to introduce himself,Most of the people present knew him。

See hulai,Someone will involuntarily think of him tumbling on the ground with his hands behind his back,I couldn’t help but a smile appeared on my face。
But Hu Lai’s next sentence solidified everyone’s smiles on their faces。
“Chen Xingyi is right,I am better than him。”This person has his hands behind his back,Look indifferent,Said in a calm tone。
As soon as this remark comes out,There was an uproar at the scene。
Even Mao Xiao, who has always been good at boasting, couldn’t help but cast a surprised look at Hu Lai,And Meng Xi, who was standing behind Hu Lai, gave a thumbs up.。
This kid is full of talent points, right??Awesome!
And Chen Xingyi himself,After hearing what Hu Lai said,The faint smile on his face solidified with the others。
of course,Only solidified for a short time,Then he smiled even more。
The three people at the entrance of the cafeteria came suddenly,But it’s also fast。
It’s time to go back when you are full,The hungry people have also entered the cafeteria to eat。
Sun Yonggang is standing outside the gate,I am asking the three photographers I brought:“how is it going?Have you taken all the photos??”
The photographers watched the playback in their respective machines,And said to Sun Yonggang:“All recorded。”
“That’s good……Ugh,Unfortunately we only have three cameras,Only three seats……If more,Even if it’s one more aerial shot。Down from the air,So many teams gathered at the entrance of the Asian Games Village canteen,Three teenagers separated in a triangle,Has become the most eye-catching existence,Confront each other……What a great picture!”Sun Yonggang sighed regretfully。
He used to take the photographers routinely to take some shots,How can I expect to encounter such a wonderful play。
That Zhou Zijing is certainly a stunner,Suddenly hit Chen Xingyi by surprise。
But Chen Xingyi and Hu Lai’s next performance made him want to take a shot.——It’s a pity that there are not a few cases nearby for him to shoot,So in the end he can only pat his thigh。

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