She talked about Wu Guanqi’s heart,originally,Wu Guanqi doesn’t want to do this by himself,As she said,They are not good at dealing with ordinary people,After all, I’m not familiar with life,Even the support of county leaders is troublesome,County leaders can’t be your firefighters, right??Thought of here,Wu Guanqi said:“I can consider your suggestion,We can also hold a tender meeting at that time。”

Ye Mei sneered,Said:“Save your worry,Even if you bid,We still do it。”
Wu Guanqi feels that this woman is not easy,Just said:“I have to discuss this issue with other people in the company,I will respect your advice to me。”
that’s it,Ye Mei is gone,Next night,She knocked on Wu Guanqi’s room as usual,Wu Guanqi said very sorry:“I haven’t had time to discuss today。So i can’t give you an answer。“
Ye Mei smiled,Said:“It doesn’t matter,Mr. Wu slowly considers。”
Third day fourth day,Ye Mei will be at the same time,Knock on Wu Guanqi’s door,Finally once,Wu Guanqi promised her,That night,Wu Guanqi found the underside of Ye Mei’s abdomen,There is a small tattoo,Is a small red dragonfly,he knows,That is the mark of the gold medalist of a famous nightclub in Beijing,then,Wu Guanqi knew the origin of Ye Mei,No wonder this woman’s behavior and manners,Not like an ordinary business woman in a ravine,But with a unique style,You can’t pretend this style。
First41chapter Wine bull clerk
After finding this mark,He begged Ye Mei fiercely,At the same time forcing Yemei to tell the truth。Wu Guanqi is a person who obeys the rules,He will not reveal Ye Mei’s past identity to anyone。
This morning,Peng Changyi and relevant departments decided“Township”The project was inspected and supervised for two days。“Township” Engineering is the same as travel,Is a highlight after he came。in previous years,The county leaders are just shouting,No actual action,Most township roads are bad。Peng Changyi in the government work report at the beginning of the year,specifically defined,In one to two years,carry out“Township”engineering,In one to five years,carry out“Every village”engineering,Required cost,Shared by the county and township finance,And incorporate this work into the year-end assessment,And also distributed to various departments to help towns and villages。
When I first came to Sanyuan,Peng Changyi saw that some townships were not accessible by road,It’s still a pavement for bullock carts,What age is it,The living conditions of the folks here are still so difficult,Let alone enjoy modern transportation。to this end,He specially presided over a meeting,Developed a five-year plan,In these five years,Not only to realize,To realize。Identify the responsible person,Implement layers of responsibility。
After the inspection,A summary meeting was held at the Transportation Bureau。He once again emphasized that this work is a big issue related to people’s livelihood,Point out,Improve the towns、Traffic environment of each village,It’s imminent time,All towns and villages must play their subjective initiative,Brainstorm,Do this job well,Don’t evade for any reason。He asked,As long as people live,We are going to repair the road to the door of the house,Even if only one family lives there,Also fix it。
A township party secretary proposed,The assistance units designated by the county are not very active,Whenever I ask them for support,They always cry poor,He suggested,Is a document issued by the county?,Emphasize again。
Peng Changyi said:“The county has clearly assigned assistance targets to all departments,Almost always one-on-one assistance,How to emphasize?If it needs to be emphasized,That’s the ability of your township party secretary and township chief!”
He said here,Deliberately paused,Maybe this is too heavy,Everyone is listening carefully,The township party secretary who made the suggestion blushed。
After Peng Changyi saw that these words caught their attention,Just said:“Why do I say it is the ability of your township party committee secretary and township chief?,Think about it,This year,Whoever pays money out of his pockets,This requires you to be willing,To show the energy to beg,To soft and hard foam,Scornful,Persevere,Once not twice,Twice but not three times,You are working for the common people,Not for oneself,No big face!Not only not shabby,You will win everyone’s respect。No matter what means you use,No matter what you said,You just have to fix the road,Is the best expression of ability。To give full play to your great intelligence,Mortal wisdom,Give full play to the twists and turns in your head,anyway,Have to make these units bleed,Unless you have money in your village,No need to shame,If this is not the case,Then give up your faces,Don’t look at how precious your face is,Give up。”
his words,Made a roar of laughter。

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