If he came out early,Maybe you can watch their battles。

“Long brother,Why don’t you look at your bamboo stick!”Zhang Shengyi asked curiously。
Really boring,These are the people present,So no matter how you choose, the result is the same。
He wants first,First of all assessments,This is a promise to new students,It’s just a fact everyone knows,So no need to see。
This is equivalent to a very difficult thing,But already know that the final ending is perfect,When I look at the whole process of the incident again,There will be no more ups and downs。
Ok,He still can’t understand this kind of mood,Zhang Shengyi scratched his head,Smile。
But because of the meteor,Zhang Shengyi also secretly made up his mind,I want to get a good ranking this time,You have to be in the top 50 at least。
Speaking skills,The mysterious mirror began to emit bursts of light,You can see that there are many venues inside。
“Made,A blessing not a curse,Misfortune cannot be avoided,Early death and early birth。”
A student muttered,Walk straight in,It seems that I want to break the jar。
Someone starts,Everyone started to act,To the last level,Everyone is struggling and want to fight hard。
Muye and the others went in too,It seems that I want to fight quickly,What’s interesting is that Yue Ling’er deliberately glanced here before entering,Xia Chenglong promised not to look at him,and so……
Zhang Shengyi’s face suddenly burst red:“Long,Long brother,We have nothing。”
“I didn’t ask anything!”

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