Chaos under the ring,Two guards ran over from the bar,The fourth sergeant major drink Zhi Huang Yunlin,Several non-commissioned officers ran to the ring and poured mineral water on Wu Heng’s head。

Gan Yifan was actually the first person to jump into the ring,But the Pandaren dragged him down again,Wait until a few non-commissioned officers rushed to the ring to rescue,Panda talent did not pester him,And when he ran to Wu Heng,The fire is out,Dark face,I don’t know if the injury is serious。
“I’m fine。”Wu Heng suddenly sat up and said,And when he speaks,A bunch of bubbles came out of his mouth。
“Don’t be aggressive,Foamed and said it was okay,Hurry up to see the infirmary。”A non-commissioned officer helped him up,Going to carry him to the infirmary,But suddenly staggered,Puzzled:“What smell?Smell dizzy。”
Wu Heng feels embarrassed,Of course he knows what it smells like,Push away the sergeant who supported him,Stand firm and say:“I’m fine,No need to go to the infirmary。”Talking,Rubbed my face,That bunch of bubbles disappeared,The face is also washed with water,All black,Reveal the original complexion,Except for the eyebrows and the hair is burned out,The skin really doesn’t burn。
“Okay,Angkor,Worry for nothing,Ignore your water movement ability。”The sergeant laughed,Lower your voice and say:“But don’t fight,Brother Monkey’s fire abilities are much more than this,You are not his opponent now,forget it。”
After this fight,Wu Heng has a lot of depression,The amount of abnormal power in the body has also stabilized,He doesn’t want to fight anymore,but,The original intention of this time is for Gan Yifan,Instead, I was burnt off my eyebrows and hair,Get upset,Not feeling in my heart。
Gan Yifan was relieved to see that Wu Heng was not burned,Look at Wu Heng’s expression again,I roughly guessed what Wu Heng thought,Said with a chuckle:“do not fight,Just got stepped on,I am not angry。”
Gan Yifan said so,Wu Heng no longer insists。A few people come down from the ring,The guard turned around,See the situation is not serious,It belongs to the category of ability versus normal,Back to the bar。
Wu Heng said something to some non-commissioned officers,Drink water,When I turned around, I suddenly saw Gan Yifan running up the ring again,Holding a bamboo in his hand。
Wu Heng was shocked,Spit out,Ran back quickly,“Yifan,What are you doing?Hurry down!”
Gan Yifan looked back at him,Finger pop,Fire at fingertips,Said with a chuckle:“He stepped on me,I want to step back。He burns you with fire,I burned him with fire。”
“Isn’t it not angry?……”Wu Heng is depressed,Only then did I remember how careful this fellow Gan Yifan was。Yan Hongjun punched him,I remembered it for a few months,Have to get it back,Now I was stepped on for no reason,How can I not get revenge!
What makes Wu Heng even more depressed is,The bamboo in Gan Yifan’s hand。
When did you take it?He has no idea。
“You come down first,If you want to fight, wait until next time.。”

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