Who is this guy?bodyguard?

Their home,Also hired a bodyguard?
and……This car seems to be not the same as last time!
Zhang Man’s house,How many cars did you buy?!
It seems,Her family is really rich。
“Miss Meng Ke,I will help you。”
Jing Chu saw Zhang Mengke turn around to take the luggage,Quickly keep up。
Carrying big bags,Plus two suitcases,So many things,Zhang Mengke and father Zhang Cheng both got them back in three trips。
And look at Jingchu,Hold a pile in one hand,Mentioned it once,And it doesn’t seem to be strenuous,This makes Zhang Mengke a little admired。
“You are amazing!”
Zhang Mengke couldn’t help sighing。
Jing Chu was taken aback,Didn’t take it seriously,Got in the driving seat。
“Get in the car。”
Jing Chu didn’t even smile politely,Still said with a cold face。
Zhang Mengke curled his lips,This man,Pretty handsome,Strong,But it’s too boring!
So I got in the co-pilot of Mercedes-Benz。
Chapter One Hundred and Forty One look for a job
Mercedes Benz drove away,The Zhang family and his party were left looking at each other。

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