Mo Xiaobi nodded naturally,“I was born in China,Longer than Huaxia,My ancestors, ancestors and ancestors have been Chinese people for generations,Of course I love this hot land,Of course I love my motherland!”

His words stem from pride in his bones,He is indeed proud of his country,Also with a long history of China、Proud of a broad and profound culture,After all, all the abilities he inherited from his ancestors came from this,It was China that breastfeeded him and his grandparents。
The camera in the wall keeps facing Mo Xiaosheng’s bracelet,See that the infrared rays emitted from the bracelet are not the slightest strange,Chief No. 3 then continued to ask with satisfaction:“As a member of the Military Intelligence Department,Must shoulder the responsibility of defending the safety of the motherland and the safety of the people’s personal and property,Will you betray your country and people because of the temptation of huge profits or other reasons??”
“will not!”
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Said firmly with a face。
If he is a person who is easily moved by interests,Before I competed with Korean medical saint Park Sangyu,,He has long been instigated by the huge interests of South Korea。
He finished saying this,The infrared rays on the hands are still not the slightest strange,Chief No. 3 was very satisfied,Keep asking:“That necessary moment,Will you dedicate your life for your country and people?”
“will not!”
Mo Xiaosheng said firmly。
Chief No. 3 suddenly fell silent,This Mo Xiaosheng is not playing cards according to the routine, right??For anyone,Even if it’s a pretender,Will say yes?
Originally, he was satisfied with Mo Xiaosheng’s two previous answers,I thought he was quite enlightened,I didn’t expect him to be so honest……
And the infrared rays on his wristband have not changed at all,It can be seen that this is indeed what he said in his heart。
“I think life is precious,I can’t do everything I want to die!”

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