“If now,Really said something,Let’s everyone,But you can try it.。”

“That’s right,Now,Our primary purpose,Just at all costs,Give Shen Xuan Little color。”
“Since now,Huang family has promised our request.,So what are you waiting for??”
This,With these people,I didn’t forget to say it in front of my eyes.。
obviously,This point itself,It is obvious。
As for Shao Viohai?,When watching it here。
Shao Vohai’s face,It is even more taste and proud.。
“Since it is like this,So other things,Let’s everyone,In fact, there is no need http://www.wxruilimr.cn to think too much.。”
“Let’s everyone,Urgent,Still ready to prepare!”
This,With the words of Shao Viohai。
obviously,This point itself,In fact, it has become obvious.。
And in Shandu Sea looks,Next words,I still have this ability to deal with this thing.。
so now,For Shao Vanghai,These things itself,In fact, don’t you count?。
“Next,What are you waiting for?,Still getting ready to prepare。”
“And I think,Everything,Let’s everyone,Has been controlled。”
Thirty-two chapter is nothing,Let them come well
“Leader,According to the news we got。”
“them,Already ready to join hands。”
As the warrior around the warrior is said to Shen Xuan。
It looks at Shen Xuan.,What yourself,Instead, I didn’t take these too serious things before.。
After all, I look at Shen Xuan.,Current,all of these,Instead, I don’t think there is anything.。
And as Shen Xuan looked at the eyes。
For these,Shen Xuan is looking very lightly。
“nothing,Let them come http://www.mmyibao.cn well。”
Anyway,It looks in Shen Xuan.,Such a thing。
In fact, Shen Xuan,It’s not enough to do it.。
What is joking?,Even if you continue to tangle now。
In fact itself,Don’t help。
“Two family members start,Can you make us?”
Shen Xuan’s words exported,Those people around me。

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